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HideMyAss.com provides top VPN service in the market for over years, they have servers in 280+ locations spread across 190 countries. and all you need is 1 account to access them all, with one account , you can install HideMyAss VPN on Windows, Mac, Android , Android TV, iOS and your routers , you can even have up to 5 devices online at the same time , also they allow P2P traffic such as torrent traffic on DMCA FREE servers ( like Russia server )

HideMyAss.com has super easy to use and powerful client software for all your devices, what i like it the most is the following features
Smart Kill Switch
Kill Switch makes sure no data leaks if your connection to a VPN server drops.
You can choose which applications go through HMA VPN, while everything else connects to the web normally.

Absolutely No-Log

With our no-logging policy, you can use HMA VPN knowing that we’ll never collect, record, or see:

  • Your original IP address, which could be used to identify you. This means when you use HMA VPN, you’re anonymous even to us.
  • Any of your DNS queries. We’ll have no way to know what websites you visit, nor will anyone else.
  • Your activity, which includes sites you log into, services you try, apps you have running, streams you’re watching… basically anything you do online.

HideMyAss does not offer any trial account, but they have 30 day money back guarantee which make you zero risk to purchase. the support team at HMA is also great, live chat support and E-mail support are both available. there is a discuss forum on HMA, you can discuss with other guys who is using HMA too, this is a great.

The downside of HMA is their homepage can not be loaded in some country such as China, but their client software works fine in these countries

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Customer Reviews

90 Reviews to “HideMyAss”
  1. Thorpe D says:

    HMA VPN is very effective and easy to use. I have recommended it to many of my friends,after using the service they were all satisfied with the amount of options it offered.

    Amazing service, Thank you very much HMA team

  2. Keith D says:

    HMA VPN is a very good product. Easy to use and stable. fast speed and excellent support, they don’t charge you for switches, and the don’t charge you for OpenVPN,i know other provider do this.

    Highly recommend and it would be nice to have a discount for existing members at renewal

  3. Tirian H says:

    I am overall happy with HMA VPN. It’s easy to use, the price is reasonable, and it does what its supposed to.i use HMA to watch Hulu and it works fine.the only thing i don’t feel good is high memory usage when i use OpenVPN

  4. Alex K says:

    i just wanna say HMA is fantastic, i drop my ex-provider because their server was fast in the first 1-2 days, then it slow to hell, if i change to another server, it will back to normal. but i only have 5 free switches per month, that sucks. and i can only use PPTP VPN with my ex-provider, if i wanna use OpenVPN,i need pay extra $.

    HMA is very easy to use, i can switch to another server by just 1-click, speed is good for me, i can watch Youtube 720p videos. don’t know their support level, their pre-sale guy responded my question on live-chat in 30 seconds

    Recommend this provider!

  5. Mouje B says:

    Efficient, clear and responsive and freindly service. very easy to use, the speed is good and so is the support. price is reasonable for the service

  6. James T says:

    This was absolutely the easiest way for using secure VPN connections ever!good performance, clear UI, stable speeds which are good enough for me?great value for money

    I wouldn’t want to switch to any other VPN provider. HMA has it all. recommend to you guys

  7. Greg C says:

    Very very nice vpn. I use it all the time, it’s downside is speed but reliability, variety of IPs and options are great. I wouldn’t say excellent pricing but averagely good. I also like how you only have 1 login and it’s an username rather than e-mail login, which makes it much easier for me to type (little things that make it worthwhile).

    Great service, recommended! A++

  8. Abdullah says:

    I’m an American Military member forward deployed in Germany. I use HideMyAss to access media sites that I CANNOT WATCH DUE TO MY IP ADDRESS 🙂 . HideMyAss works great in that regard, no complaints after 2 months,very convenient, very fast and reliable

  9. Nils F. says:

    I’m new to the VPN service and have to say I’m very happy with it. Great customer service, super easy to use app, but speed is not as fast as i expected

    Overall speaking, HMA provides very good service

  10. Alejandro says:

    Awesome service,very cool VPN, never drops and logs in quickly. great product, easy to access billing and forums

    Their VPN software is the best,fast and reliable,recommend this provider

  11. Gee S says:

    Great service that is really easy to use,great speeds and excellent customer service.i love that i can connect to Hulu, Twitter, and other websites that for some reason are blocked here.

    I am very happy with this company. I have been able to use it without any problems

  12. Rasmus says:

    This is the most user-friendly VPN progream out there. love this product. I couldn’t imagine working overseas without HMA. I recommend it to all my colleagues

  13. Eugene says:

    Fantastic product,Works beautifully,Fast and efficient,I haven’t had a need for support,Thanks to HMA I can use my Netflix and Hulu account from abroad

  14. Sunily says:

    I’ve been using HMA for several months now and it was great, There are days where the network is too slow, but most of the times it was OK.

    Their support team helped me create custom configurations and always made sure I got connected with the liberty to surf wherever I want, i really appreciate it.

  15. Saqar says:

    HMA got a lot of IPs, that’s what i want,their service helped me a lot in link building campaigns for my website about poker where different ip address was necessary to achieve great results.

    Thank you HMA

  16. Sunodh K says:

    Great product… nice to be able to surf privately. Great support. I especially like that they continually update the product. I’ve been really happy with the service and have renewed month upon month as I couldn’t live without it

    Wholly recommend this company!

  17. Alvie says:

    I’m an American Military member forward deployed in Germany. I use HideMyAss to access media sites that I CANNOT WATCH DUE TO MY IP ADDRESS . HideMyAss works great in that regard, no complaints after 2 months,very convenient, very fast and reliable

  18. Joshie says:

    I’ve been using HMA for over 8 months and I haven’t had any problems so far. The speeds are great the support is rather quick and the dialer is dead easy to use. They have so many servers across North America Europe Asia and Oceania. I recommend.

  19. yizhidaolao says:

    HIDEMYASS general good, that is not smooth some videos, hope to improve the speed of the server to see the video

  20. yizhidaolao says:

    Pretty good software, I hope speed can be faster, and now look at some video cards

  21. Happy Kid says:

    Great service, the speed and application are tremendous.I have never had such service from any other VPN service company. highly recommend

  22. Franky F. says:

    Comp – Software could use some improvement but gernerally ok to use and stable
    Speed – a few months ago It was ok. Now it’s unbearable. European servers are constatly overloaded and drop connections very often. Canada and US servers are ok but still drop conncetions every 2-3 hours on average
    Support – never needed – everything is made very easy to use

    Conclusion: Ok VPN. If they invest in more capacity I’ll be back, otherwise there are enough fast VPNs on the market.

  23. zimopik says:

    HMA was one of my first ventures into VPNs- And I have to say it will most likely be my last.

    The speed I get going through any of there servers is amazingly fast and
    stable! I have to say that I’m impressed that I only get a MINIMAL speed boost without using the VPN- Which is amazing to me. So for their product, I can’t say one bad thing about it!

    There’s only one thing I can think of, and that’s that I wish they gave you the ability to manually configure OpenVPN servers- Although it might just be I missed that option. Their client is VERY useful though, and I would suggest just using it… However, I was having some problems with it, and being the lazy man I am decided to just manually use a pptp server that was close to me… Regardless, they are a great VPN Provider, and I would recommend them to anyone!

  24. Cindy T. says:

    Fantastic choice for me. Downloaded and installed software to my new mac. I am not always tech savvy, and this was the easiest program I have ever dealt with and the most amazing. I am looking forward to having it while I am overseas this year.

  25. Tracy says:

    This is an excellent VPN. The speed of any VPN is slower than your normal internet speed but this does seem to be one of the faster ones. The support is very good and the information in the forums is invaluable. The forums have excellent posts on security setup of firewalls and information on setup of email programs etc. The HMA software is very easy to install and configures tcp/ip automatically. I have not seen any network program that configured everything this easily. If you want a secure VPN at a reasonable price, that you don’t have to spend a lot of time tweaking and configuring… This Is It! Look no further, I have either tried or seen others in action and I chose HMA. The forums alone are worth a big portion of the price, just for the security information. And 31 countries! + tons of IP’s.

  26. Eric says:

    After using HMA for a couple weeks it has been very stable. I happen to have a server that is in my town and the vpn speed is close to my actual speed. Very pleased. Once my month is up, I will certainly be purchasing a year of service. I have not had to contact support (which is a good start) so I cannot comment on that.

  27. Jeffrey says:

    Very good speed, awesome instructions on how to set up OpenVPN on a dd-wrt router. Connection doesn’t drop 95% of the time. Good prices, so far best VPN service I have used.

  28. Nic says:

    I have been using HMA for almost a month and am pleased with the product so far. Lots of server options in US, UK and EU and decent speeds mean streaming US and UK TV is no problem.Great product, well worth the money.

  29. Keyi Sun says:

    A very good software, easy to connect, and it has many countries can be choose, it would be good if it adds places such as Japan, Korea and China, some Asian coutries.

  30. Princet4 says:

    very easy to use, great selection of places to choose from all over the world, gives me secure confidence while browsing the internet and is great deal for the price.

    speed is the same not to much of a difference and great to watch vudu or other streaming sites or movies.

    highly recommend for best VPN!!!!!!

  31. Carlos says:

    easy set up…easy to use…handy features… disappointed a bit in speed, especially when using UK servers…other than that, mint!

  32. Chris Bailey says:

    I did quite a bit of research to find a good VPN and I think I might have struck gold the first time. I have only been signed up for a couple of weeks but I have been very impressed.

    HideMyAss doesn’t limit the number of times you can change servers and countries which is extremely beneficial. The software is easy to use and it has really neat functionality such as changing your IP address at any time interval you choose. Also, load balancing between servers is a big plus.

    Overall I’ve been very impressed, and I can easily recommend this VPN.

  33. Ben says:

    i love HMA because it is easy to use and i will like to recommend it to those still searching for good VPN.I told my friends about it and they are happy using it.I will make sure that all my get to know it.truly you need an award from me.

  34. userman says:

    i agree there are no vpn provider can offer
    all that large number of servers, ip and ports
    but unfortunately the speed is very bad
    I tried all servers
    The same result
    i have subscribed with HMA for more than a year
    my original download speed is about 2000 kb/s
    but when i use HMA the maximum is 300 kb/s .

  35. ashok says:

    Surprised by the reviews. I differ very much.The online support for 2-3 days from the date of purchase was very good but there after there is no response at all.Regarding speed it is average for VPN but gets disconnects at time.During this period i.e. disconnection the download continues as the Secure IP Bind does not work with u Torrent. The internet connection is exposed till VPN is reconnected. I would request HMA team to come up with a HELP file specifically for configuring Secure IP Bind with different popular Browsers,Torrent Down loaders and Firewalls-Free.If this is met HMA will be fanastic.

  36. Wu Xin says:

    1, speed is good. i can get 250 kb/s using my crap 4M China Unicom

    2, a lot of IPs, i like this

    3, tried on my iPhone and Android, working.

    4, Support is ok, not 24/7 livechat

    5, price is ok if you order 6 month or more

  37. Layne Bernardo says:

    HMA has an awesome interface and decent speeds for web browsing, etc. The speeds are not as high as I needed though, which is disappointing. The large number of server locations they have is very nice, though.

  38. Phil says:

    Overall very good. Some of the servers are quite busy at times but with the advantage of being able to switch at anytime you can get round this. Most of the other VPN’s I’ve tried you are limited to a few switches a month or have to pay more. The only really downside is not being able to customise aany open vpn settings. A good one for newbies as really easy to set up and use. Impressed so far.

  39. Caleb says:

    Easy to use and set up.
    Good value for money 😀

  40. Toby says:

    Overall very impressed with ease of use, especially as this is my first time using VPN. Lots of servers and very easy to find a connection. It does seem to slow down my connection, sometimes too slow, but overall seems to work well.

  41. Goban says:

    Great service features….rich in features…. And yet simple to use. The package is also good value tfor money. I studied many service providers and this is my third service provider and hma was always been back of my mind in choosing a vpn provider…..i beleive now having tried this service for a few weeks …. Its the best choice,….. Am here to stay……

    Frankly the name hidemyass it catches ones attention but it was the only reason why i did not choose 1st time around. HMA is much better. U shuld brand as HMA. Keep it up guys at HMA !!!!!

  42. stan says:

    Brilliant what’s not to like about this product ? Great support, easy to use, just works, does what it says on the can.

  43. Duane says:

    After checking out many sites about VPN and reading views on few providers. I don’t know if it was HMA catchy name or it’s flexibility on changing IP address or it’s numerous servers to pipe into. But I took a chance and so far very impress with it. I would recommend HMA to anyone.

  44. Markib says:

    It is amazing the number of positive reviews HMA is getting, I wish I was one of them too, but in my case I am two weeks into their service and their speed and connection quality to nearly all of the servers is nothing but TERRIBLE. Connection drops every other minute and your browser sometimes just stops opening websites and you haveto keep reconnecting.

  45. Victor says:

    I was looking for a VPN service that was:
    – affordable
    – has many servers
    – does not log any information for privacy reasons
    – does not restrict what service I use
    – fast

    In my opinion, it is:
    – one of the cheapest services out there for its quality
    – has many servers
    – only logs your connect and disconnect times
    – does not restrict what service I use
    – was not fast initially.

    To elaborate on the last point, I download regularly at 3 MB/s. When
    connected to a nearby HMA server, I downloaded at 1.2 MB/s max. I
    contacted HMA to find out why and requested to cancel my 1 year
    membership because I thought the deterioration in speed was too much; it was OK if I was downloading at 10 MB/s and it went down to 8 MB/s as that’s enough for me.
    Since they didn’t want to lose me as a customer, they looked into the issue and ultimately advised me to use one of
    their UDP servers. They offered me a 1 day trial to it test out since I was adamant on cancelling the service.
    I was busy at the time and could not test out the UDP server. Two months
    later, I contacted them again to take up on their offer. They gave me
    a 2 day trial to test out UDP, and currently, I’m downloading at 2.9
    MB/s. This difference in speed with respect to my original speed is negligible in my opinion. I’m not sure if this difference in speed is due to UDP or because not many servers are on the UDP servers. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt that it’s because of the UDP technology. I hope they roll out more UDP servers in the near future.

    I will continue to evaluate their service and will most likely subscribe to them for a year or
    more. The price of privacy is quite affordable through HMA (100KB/s loss and $). If my speeds drop later on, I might cancel the service.

  46. danny bell says:

    perfect, couldn’t be easier. half the price I was paying previously, and twice the functionality. couldn’t recommend more highly.

  47. Lulzec says:

    Recently Hidemyass fully cooperated with the FBI and gave full access to Lulzec’s connection records, to include his real IP and address. I cannot recommend an service that should be called Turn-in-my-ASS!

    One of many stories here: http://torrentfreak.com/vpn-providers-mull-fraudster-database-in-wake-of-lulzec-fiasco-111006/

  48. rob frank says:

    First time user of a VPN server, and a little disappointed because altho its quite easy to use (good dashboard set up etc ) i found the lack of speed when connected to HMA to be a major turnoff. Support was reasonably quick to respond and would be helpful (perhaps if u were technically oriented)and not too scared to risk playing around with your system with the information that they provided.
    Would definately like it much better if it just performed as well (or at least almost as well) as it does not being connected to HMA.

  49. Noble Gee says:

    I have never seen any best service like this ever.. I have tried so many Not only you are the best, but i can say you are the best among all… Keep it up!

  50. vkane says:

    The service I received for one month was quite good, better than any other vpn I’ve tried. But…HMA recently turned over log information on a member of the lulzsec group a few weeks ago basically showing everyone that they DID keep logs–in spite of their stated policy that they do not. Sorry, but I’ve decided to pass on this service.

  51. ladyheather says:

    My Review of HMAVPN

    Over the years I have used many VPN providers. Sad to say there was
    something wrong with all of them.

    Almost a month ago. I was searching for a new VPN provider. I did a google
    search for VPN reviews.

    I read all about the HMAVPN services. I liked all of their features. I
    signed up for a month.

    I have not had any trouble with their service and support. Finally, I have
    found a great VPN provider.

    That provider is HMAVPN. If you are looking for a great VPN provider with
    everything you will ever need…. Then You Must try HMAVPN. You wont be

    Lady Heather

  52. Markus says:

    I found HMA through google. I took my time with it because I wasnt familiar with it yet and compared to about 10 different providers. HideMyAss just came out on top. Offered a great 1 month trial to test and I was very impressed at first. Easy purchasing of the service. Easy install with the provided HMA software. But about 3 days after purchase I started realizing that I wasnt getting the same speed anymore. Suddenly every time I connected to a Server it recommended that I should connect to XXXX2 instead of XXXX1 to obtain best possible speed. Now I do understand that that can happen, but whats weird is that I recently started getting these issues. The first days after purchase of HMA service were great and I felt like my money was spend right. But ultimately my concern would be that if it is even worth purchasing a year subscription if I cant perform like without using it. Since these issues been popping up it kind of defeated its purpose of my purchase. But overall I think its a great service for a great price. And not to forget to mention is that HMA offers alot more in their package as competitors. At HMA what you see is what you get. Thats why I chose their business because it wasnt confusing nor expensive and the best thing about it, no contract/ no commitment, add on option and upgrades? No! Because HMA gives it to you all and simple 1 – 2 – 3 for a great price! If I could promote HMA in my forums and around my work… I’ll do it!

  53. Jan Roejskjaer says:

    I recommend using HMA VPN service. Service works as advertised. I have tried Canadian, US, Latin America and UK IP addresses. All worked. Service response via email was excellent.

  54. Ezaerb says:

    I have been using their service for the last week or so and I have been happy with the ability to run my torrents anonymously. Running speediest.net shows that my download speeds are basically cut 70%, but I am running it through another server and expect the speed to be slower than normal. I have a 25 mb/s internet connecting so I still pull a decent download even though the speed is lower

    Works only my macbook seamlessly, never had to user customer support.

  55. belmontyang says:

    I´ve bought it several days ago. And it´s good. The price is ok, but they offer PPTP and OpenVPN, better than Strongvpn. Speed is good. When i use HMA for P2P download, the speed can also reach over 1M/s. So i´m satisfied with HMA.

  56. Jay says:

    So far, I have had a good experience with HMA. The interface is really intuitive and easy to acquaint yourself with. This is my first VPN service provider so I have nothing to compare the speed to. It’s not the cheapest service but I’m sure its one of the simplest. Overall I’m really happy with my decision with HMA.

  57. Icarus756 says:

    Downloaded two weeks ago in SoutheastnAsia.
    Easy setup, very happy with HMA.

  58. Martin Dickinson says:

    Having used two other VPN providers previously, this is the first which has actually done what it says and works well every time. I have been impressed with the array of available servers in different countries and is one of the reasons why I wanted to use them and the specific countries they are located.

    The choice is good although on a few occasions some servers have not been connectable, but such is the vast selection available another is always there to use as an alternate which works.

    I have not noticed that my line speed has been adversely affected so overall this has been an excellent vpn provider, good selection of servers and has proved reliable and worked every time I have used them. I would recommend them to anyone.

  59. KianYu says:

    I been using HMA for the past few days and I’m very happy with the features provided by HMA such as many servers for me to choose from. The speed from any server was also surprisingly fast even when HMA has to support so many servers. It’s definitely worth the money to purchase HMA subscription.

  60. pardakhtgar says:

    I agree with your comments
    Very good speed,The speed I get going through any of there servers is amazingly fast and stable!
    Good prices
    Excellent facilities
    Excellent Support
    Unmatched Quality
    I’m very satisfied , so far best VPN service I have used.

  61. RWSTV says:

    HMA is exactly what I wanted. The interface is super easy to use, it almost feels like I wrote the script myself. Before I purchased, I spent a good deal of time communicating with the support team, asking questions. They were very quick to respond and quite helpful, without them I would not have purchased. Thank you for giving me exactly what I wanted.

  62. Jimi says:

    Using HMA for the past few weeks to access UK sites from the USA. Some sites recognise the London IPs as being VPN, and refuse me, notably Betfair. Have to use the other UK locations, but it’s HORRIFICALLY SLOW. Can take me 10 – 15 mins sometimes to get to a page. The Connection drops every minute and the browser sometimes just stops opening websites. The HMA popup on the tool bar comes up all the time ‘checking connection’ and then ‘You are sucessfully connected!’
    I know I was connected – it just had to STAY connected. It’s very irritating that I have to keep reconnecting. If i turn off HMA, I can get the page in less than 3 seconds.
    Could not recommend – It is terrible.

  63. Will says:

    I have been using Hide My Ass! for 2 months and I’m very pleased with their service. The main reason for switching to HMA from a competitor was their all-in-one solution, whereby you pay for one price and gain access to all server locations, rather than pay for specific server locations. Because of this I am able to achieve decent download and upload speeds when abroad in various countries.

  64. Jason says:

    I use HideMyAss to bypass censorship in China, it works well and speed is acceptable. I am able to view the internet from a USA perspective.

  65. rbutterwood says:

    I was experiencing buffer issues with my existing VPN provide so based on the reviews here I signed up for 1 year.

    From my experience so far – WHAT A MISTAKE!!!

    The software is nice but on every UK server I experience server buffering issues on the BBC iPlayer.

    I’ve contacted Jovan asking for the buffering issues to be resolved or want my money back.

    I’m starting think all the reviews here are fake!!!

  66. bigdaddyd says:

    Good service unless you plan on using bittorrent. Do that, and with a us server at least, and they’ll deactivate your account.

  67. Chris says:

    Having read all these reviews I’m starting to think that most must be fake.

    Like the previous reviewer I have been completely unable to watch streaming content with any reliability. The BBC iPlayer & Hulu are both unusable due to serious buffer problems.

    The speeds offered by this services are actually slower than those offered by free services such as Expat Shield.

    I would be happy to pay twice the amount for something that actually works.

  68. PIT says:

    I bought one month subscription of this vpn provider, I don’t know how they are even entered in the list of top ten providers .customer service ,quality of servers,money back guarantee are all 180 percent contrary to what is advertised.and that is no surprise .I mean look at the name that the manager of this service has chosen for his website ,what do you think about the attitude of him?anyway I do not recommend this service .

  69. Rikiflowerz says:

    This was my first time at using private VPN and it wasn’t at all good. Initially all looked great, quick setup and a nice dashboard, the list of available servers is extensive.
    Unfortunately once I connected it all went horribly wrong! Speed wise it was over 60% worse than my normal connection. A usually stable 50Mbps connection became an incredibly shaky 15 – 20 Mbps at best.

    Support was good at first but turned into them just giving the same info over and over. I’m looking at other providers now but would not recommend HMA if you like speed!

  70. wurzel says:

    I have used these for well over 2 years and up until recently I thought they were A Number 1.
    However I have noticed that speeds dropping in the last few months, to the extent I have looked elsewhere…
    I am Glad I did as I am now getting blistering speeds I had never achieved with HMA!!!

    All in all not a bad product let down by some simply average download speeds

  71. Narly Drunkard says:

    Good selection of servers, good price, easy to use. It took a few tries to find a quick server and all is well.

  72. Jonathan Elano says:

    After going through different trials of various VPNs , I am finally able to buy Hidemyass. You can use it manually, or you can get software to use it. I have a little complaint. The moment, I have started using it, I have lost 20 percent of my internet speed. But still the good thing is I am able to open all the websites, I intended. Plus you can use it on almost all the platform, under use these days.

    Best UK VPN

  73. John says:

    I used this provider just over a year ago for their UK VPN service. I really didn’t have any complaints other than being a little slow at times.

    I recently signed up with them for their Australian VPN servers in Brisbane. I wanted to watch some of the excellent SBS Giro d’Italia coverage. Unfortunately the servers were so slow it wasn’t worth even downloading the coverage. 3 hours to download 100Mb!! Appalling. Support suggested trying their OpenVPN client but that was worse. It wouldn’t allow me to download at all! I dug around on their forums and found the speed of their Brisbane has been an issue for at least 6 months. They’ve done nothing about it.

    I thought I hadn’t lost anything since they have a 30-day money back guarantee. HAHAHA … yeah right!! They said I’d been a previous subscriber and wasn’t eligible! I asked them to explain (several times) but have heard nothing back. No refund, no explanation.

    Appalling support! I will never sign up with them again or recommend them to anyone.

  74. VPN Services says:

    After doing some search on Google I found this hidemyass review. First impression where very good. I see some people have complains about their servers functionality. So far I had nothing to do with servers, just some issues withe the app install, but that was minor. Worth giving a try!

  75. Dwezal says:

    This was absolutely the easiest way for using secure VPN connections. Great performance and very stable speeds which are great.

    great value for the money.

  76. Mats W says:

    Have tried many VPN providers and found HMA the number 1. Works fine also with my Iphone and Ipad. Always nice and quick support.

  77. Mr.blue says:

    HMA is a good vpn you get more then you expect for what you pay

  78. Jukka Palm says:

    Very easy to use. OS X support needs tuntap driver which can cause troubles. Viscosity works much better in my hands. Servers could be faster.

  79. Living123 says:

    Overall happy with the service although network performance/speed does vary. If I get 200kb/s, this is good. Without the VPN the speeds are generally 5 times faster from my location for the same sites.

  80. Mats W says:

    I have tried many different VPN providers. HMA is definitly the number one! I use HMA for both my ipad and iphone and also in my router. Always nice and competent support when needed. I give HMA my best recommendations!

  81. JT says:

    I am extremely pleased. It does what is says it does. It’s nice to surf knowing your business is your own. I fully intend to renew.

  82. Phi says:

    i’ve been using HMA for about 6 months now, i’m pretty happy with the service.
    i like the fact that they may IPs for you to choose, and have quite a
    few server locations around the world.

    their windows HMA software works ok, and is easy to setup on windows.
    I’ve used it on other platforms like android and Linux, it works fine
    too. but for these platforms you have to do a bit of work to get it
    running. its not to difficult, they do have wiki pages to show you
    I do hope their HMA software for these platforms come out of beta soon.

    Speed of service is okie, i dont have a super fast internet
    connection, but so far it is reasonable. i have had a few dropped
    connections like 3 or 4 in past 6 mths, they support openvpn ,lt2p and

    overall they are pretty decent.

  83. Jack says:

    Ever since the lulzsec fiasco that was like ages ago, they seems to be logging everything. From all your activities, connection ip history and etc. Recently in Wilders Security forum it was stated they log everything for 2 YEARS! I am sure HideMyAss makes a great Snitch for any Law Enforcement.

    I use vpn because I am paranoid, I use vpn because I want to be secure and keep my privacy. Most vpn service will log activity or ip connection for weeks at most (exception being StrongVPN & Swissvpn which logs longer period). Nobody keeps logs for a year. What HideMyAss is doing is worse than YOUR ISP is doing. Your ISP will not keep your activity logs that long.

    Other than no security then there is the speed issue, it is slow as hell. Believe me or not it is up to you just don’t let all the 5 star reviews fool you. Do your own research, use google and you will find if that I say is true or false.

  84. Peter says:

    HideMyAss is by far the best VPN I have used. It doesn’t slow your internet connection to a crawl like many others. The support is good when needed, and the number of servers worldwide is very good. I highly recommend HMA to anyone considering a VPN. Also, there is excellent information in the HMA forums that covers almost any question along with many great tips on using the service.

    Thanks, HMA for a great service at a reasonable price.

  85. Bruno says:

    HMA used to be good for me, was working great and fast when i was at my home country, i managed to connect to any server freely….. but since i came to china it was only working for 1 week. After 1 week i only had problems, Reconnection problems, unable to connect at all, program crashing when connection to servers.
    Support told me a few things to try fix it …. but didn’t work…. on my laptop, on a different computer, on mobile phone, on different wifi/hotspot… etc
    Before when things were good , reply from support was very fast, 1 or 2 hours, but now since i started getting problems, the reply take more than 48 hours on average…until now that they are not replying anymore, or are completing ignoring me…. meaning that when it is something simple to solve on the client side , they reply, if some other problem…they try but if not solved they give up and careless about the client.
    Another thing is that i made a review on there website but seems they will not publish it , since it is not so positive for them…has been about 10 day since and still not published…
    My conclusion is than HMA is great is you are not in china, if you in china , it is quite useless. Hope it gets beter in future, but now i am trying t get a refund for the remaining time left with them (Subscription ends: Sat, 20 Apr 2013 (184 days left)), and waiting for …….replies from them..
    A good thing that i have a backup vpn, or else i would be stuck and hard to get a vpn from here…

    IN SHORT: If you are in china or plan to go China, DO NOT GET HMA, if you out of china and don’t plan to come to China, then you CAN Get HMA.
    DO at your own risk if you order a plan from them.

  86. Idano says:

    They give out your IP to your provider on request. No good for torrenting.
    I got a notice from my provider after downloading a movie (tunneled through HMA)

  87. adele samantha says:

    Thanks for the article! Why using a VPN when you can use a DNS service like UnoTelly? The DNS option is much faster and easier to use.

  88. W Hard says:

    This is my 3rd year with HMA, everything is good, the only problem is i can’t get full speed on certain servers. and i saw some people in this post says HMA suspend accounts for torrent. Yes, they do, but that will only happen when you torrent via servers that not allowed to torrent. i use NL server to torrent and i don’t have any problem.

    just my 2 cents

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