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HideIPVPN is a cheap VPN service, it is cheap but not crap. HideIPVPN provide US, UK, DE and NL VPN service, you can use their VPN for video streaming .

HideIPVPN also has SmartDNS service, it is included in the VPN plans but it is also available as a separate product. you can try their SmartDNS service free for 7 days

HideipVPN has torrent VPN package and a easy to use VPN APP for windows and Mac user

HideIPVPN only sell 100 VPN accounts per month to keep their quality on the top, i think this is a great idea , many VPN provider oversell their VPN accounts , with HideIPVPN you don’t have this problem .

HideIPVPN has Instant VPN account activation (After First Payment). you get your account right after the payment is made. and they also have a 24 hours free account for testing.

The downside of HideIPVPN is they don’t have many server locations .

HideIPVPN Highlights

  • Provides a layer of security and anonymity
  • Easy to use VPN APP
  • 30 day money back
  • Protects you by hiding your real IP address
  • Secure connection between your PC and the Internet (128-2048bit)
  • Access sites restricted to US and UK residents
  • Anonymous Internet Surfing
  • Security for Hotspot Wireless Access Users
  • Anonymous US, UK, DE and NL, IP addresses! Connect to any US, UK, DE, NL servers on our network at no extra cost. More servers being added in different countries.
  • Make your traffic appear to originate from a United States, United Kingdom, Germany or Canada. Access sites like Hulu, Pandora, ABC, NBC, BBC, ITV
  • Use the same VPN account on multiple computers and devices.
  • Those who subscribe for our Premium packages get also access to our servers by proxy. This means that you will be able to use your regular connection for all applications and browse anonymously using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.
  • Unlimited & Unmetered bandwidth
  • No logs. We don’t keep any server logs.
  • Instant VPN account activation (After First Payment).

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Customer Reviews

51 Reviews to “HideIPVPN”
  1. Nick says:

    I’m lucky that I have Free UK and US VPN from hideipvpn

    fantastic service!||

    keep up the good work!

    you deserve it!

  2. JB says:

    Indeed, a great service. What I like most is that they offer both UK and US IP addresses in the same package. Thus, I can watch both Hulu and BBC.

  3. Rick says:

    I’m lucky that I found hideipvpn thanks for myvpnreviews.com

  4. Andee says:

    Thank you very much for your service.

    It is really good.

    And if you want to make it next generation I could give some ideas.

    1)Make a executable file that would automatically setup the VPN on a PC for novice users.
    2)And the most important thing is promotion.If you have enough money then I would suggest giving ads on television rather than on any website.Giving ads is also fine but now a days people do overlook a lot because there are too many ads online to concentrate.And also if you show ads on TV just don’t forget to give giveaways or offers.

  5. chetan patil says:

    Best VPN service you can ever get. Its a real 7* service.
    Great servers with a proper speed at very low prizes. just $5.
    New UK/US servers available every week.

    thank you hideIPVPN.com

  6. Mote Kabiriera says:

    Thank you for the service. I have been using it and it does work. I also notice that my bandwidth is not eaten up by your service. I will check again for anything since I have not paid much attention to other failures or successes since it worked for me and it worked well.

    Again, I thank you for the service. Quite usefull and interesting to me.

  7. Steve Hudson says:

    I live in France and I’ve been using the VPN servers for 3 weeks now. I must say that from the start of my association with HideIPVPN I have been very impressed. Excellent friendly communication, easy setup and above all a product that works. I find the UK server works best for me, with iPlayer etc in full screen with no buffering issues at all. The US server seems a bit slower and I have to leave Hulu videos minimised or they are unwatchable. This may be to do with my computer I’m not sure.
    All in all I’m very satisfied with the product, well done HideIPVPN, keep up the good work.

  8. Tery Alexa says:

    i’ve been using this since 1st nov 2009, but until i wrote this review , hideIPVPN make a failure and undermaintenance twice ( in 5 days ) and the maintenance take long period (about 23 hours – 30 hours).

  9. Paul Harris says:

    as a Brit living in Sweden id have to say this is a great service… ive found the customer support to be quick and very helpful – as a result i managed to point the support team to a few problems i was having with receiving Sky TV in Sweden and within a couple of days it was working perfectly. No issues with speed, my connection here is faster than my old ISP in Britain.

  10. Sandro says:

    I’ve been using their US server for a month, the service is perfect and the speed amazing! You can’t even feel the difference while surfing. Always available and never a downtime. Recommended!

  11. Jim Dandy says:

    Very reliable connection, but slow as molasses. I have Premium US. Without HideIPVN my speedtest.net rating is almost 10 Mb/s, and with HideIPVPN it’s just over 2 Mb/s.

  12. David says:

    Enjoyed the UK server so much I had to sign up for the UK/US/DE… great speed, great support (Walked me through speed issues)

  13. us says:

    the best VPN ,Thank you very much for hideipvpn service.

  14. psychnurse says:

    Excellent service. Fast response to tickets. No hassles at all. Money well spent.

  15. alpha says:

    I’ve been used this service for more than 8 months. Very reliable & fast connection! Their US servers ALWAYS give 0ver 98 % of the original speed (100 % useully) according to the results I get at speedtest.net. Sometimes, I get over the max speed I’ve gotten with my bare connection via their VPN(Theoretically, is is possible?) The UK servers used to give only around 50 % of the original speed but recently they begin to also give almost 100%!
    Unfortunately, like most VPN providers, they don’t tell us very much about who they are, but so don’t most VPN providers!(I think they should at least provide a support forum, though). So, it is certain that this is one of the best VPN providers you can get.

  16. Richard B says:

    I pay $6 a month for their UK service. In addition to a strong PPTP VPN connection they offer a proxy server option which increases significantly.

    Their customer support is fantastic.

  17. PostmanPat says:

    I’m very happy I can use this service that makes me feel connected to the UK. The service is great, support excellent and has been reliable..

  18. Sam says:

    Fast and easy to use. Lets me watch Hulu and BBC iplayer from abroad.

  19. Bill Gates says:

    I signed on to this service and it has been a fiasco since the first minute. The configuration was easy; I am using a mac and I actually use viscosity as an openvpn. I like the idea of being able to switch without limitation from one server to the other; however I was not able to get any type of speed connecting to either US or UK servers. Impossible to watch BBC iplayer on UK server or hulu on US server. A waste of $10; not a lot of money in compare to strongvpn but at least their service works flawlessly.
    So I do not recommend hidevpn. I don’t understand the raving reviews from others ?? it puzzle me and I did sign because of these reviews. I have one month to check this service. I will be flying, so I will use it in other countries; however there is no reason why other vpn service works flawlessly where I am right now and not this one

  20. Aussie Bob says:

    Seamless, easy setup. TVCatchup no problems.Paypal has fits and limits your account because of change but I can only assume that its a Paypal problem with all VPN.
    Good value, works for me.
    Can’t comment about supprt, haven’t needed it

  21. BlindLemon says:

    Can’t comment on speed as i have a slow connection anyway. Service was pretty reliable, but connection failed on occasion … usually when I was winning! LOL.

  22. Tom says:

    I usually do not do this kind of thing as to write reviews or recommend things to others but HideIPVPN made such an impression on me that I had to do it as a thank you for an excellent service!
    I am using HideIPVPN since January 2010 and never, ever I have been disappointed with this service both form technical and customer service point of view. Before I trusted them I was quite afraid since usually good quality comes only with price. Not in this case. You get for your money exactly what they promise and even more. The other day I was setting up an account for a friend of mine (Sunday evening) and had some difficulties (on my side) with payment. Contacted HidieIPVPN to check about payment,account and service (expecting to get reply on Monday) to my surprise I have had an answer and full help within 5 min! Not even BIG companies (like my laptop manufacturer) are that good. Thank you guys for an superb service! And to all of you who have not decided yet… if you wish to watch hulu form wherever you are, have access to bbc or have a bit more privacy and do not want to pay for it as for gold this service is The ONE. What made me try (and stay) beside price. I have not foaund any other company of this kind helping people from countries with high censorship (and low income) with give away of free accounts. This way I have a feeling that in a way my money maybe do help someone from Chine or Iran. They are constantly improving their service. Only recently new server was added on the east coast of USA to improve speed and quality even more.
    Plus (if you’re Polish) you can easily read all necessary information in Polish – go to hideipvpn.com and click hideipvpn.pl at the bottom of their site. Now for Poles who might find this review in the internet. Jesli potrzebujesz informacji o HideIpVPN.com po polsku alby lepiej poznac oferte, wejdz na http://www.HideIPVPN.pl gdzie znajdziesz wszystkie potrzebne informacje o tej usludze.
    Again, thank you for best VPN service I had, keep up the good work guys!

  23. tveith says:

    Excellent – very affordable and fast. I tested speed and their was very little lag (if any). I use this on two computers and my iPhone. I am able to access all USA networks and Hulu. I also use this with Netflix USA – they provide a much better selection than they do in Canada 😉

    Thank you for the excellent service and support. All answers responded to within minutes. I liked the service so much that I paid for an extra six months in advance. If you are worried about subscribing to this type of service – as I was – you don’t need to be any longer. These guys are the real deal and they make sign-up easy and painless. Highly recommended.

  24. Amelie says:

    A fait un moment que j’utiise le service hideipvpn.com et j’ai pas des objections. J’ai commencé par le paquet avec des adresses IP du Royaume-Uni (pour regarder les programmes BBC).
    VPN marche si bien (le prix aussi est très concurrentiel), que j’ai décidé d’acheter aussi l’accès aux serveurs aux Etats-Unis.. je regrette pas – Hulu marche très bien!
    En raison de changements de lois francais, j’ai achété maintenant l’accès aux serveurs de Pays-Bas.
    De temps en temps, j’utilise le rèseau P2P, et mieux le faire par VPN (hideipvpn.com permet d’utiliser de rèseau P2P et le torrent sur une partie de ses serveurs) et de ne pas avoir des problèmes.
    Je suis très satisfait de ce service et je le recommande à tout le monde!
    Les connexions sont très rapides et le prix très intéressant.
    Si vous voulez, comme moi, regarder la télévision britannique et americains et vous utilisez parfois le torrent, hideipvppn.com est un service pour vous! Vérifiez-le !

  25. Anna says:

    Por fin hay un paquete de servicios para mí.

    Finalmente, gracias a los recientes cambios en los servicios y paquetes hideipvpn.com, tengo acceso transversal a varios servidores por todas partes.
    He elegido el paquete US/UK/NL/DE y tengo que admitir que estoy muy encantada! Puedo ver todo lo que quiero, descargar lo que me gusta y no me pongo nerviosa que estoy visible en la red.
    Sus servidores garantizan una conexión rápida y estable. Si usted necesita cualquier ayuda el servicio al cliente responde casi inmediatamente.

    Realmente funciona muy bien! Gracias!

  26. Max Morlen says:


    Fair speed, some deconnections in the beginning, but no more deconnections during the few last months. Unable to use the L2TP to crypt the connection but the PPTP works for the same purpose. The support responds quickly but I have used it only once.


  27. SteveH says:

    Speed is good, my bottleneck is my ISP – only have 1.5Mbps down. I have 2 problems related to security: First of all, they use a shared secret for their IPSEC authentication, and apparently everybody gets the same secret. So how secure can your encrypted traffic be if the bad guys know your encryption key? Second, when you establish a connection, it does not reset your DNS servers to use their DNS servers. SO, everywhere you go on the internet, whenever you type in an URL, that URL gets sent to your ISP to lookup the IP address. Try this: type in an invalid URL and see who sends you back a web page saying you were trying to go to a non-existent address. Bottom line, the service is fast, but it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of keeping a low profile.

  28. FairDinkum says:

    I’ve been using this VPN on & off for about a year(mid-2010 to mid-2011). A year ago it was pretty good, then it got slow & they added new US servers(US2 option) which brought it back, but the last few months it has been terribly slow. They claim to limit user numbers but I think this is untrue.

    At the end of the day, it’s only $6 which was a great price for a reasonable service a year ago & is now just a small enough amount to not bother topo much now that it’s crap. Here’s hoping someone else comes along with the speed they used to have for a similar price.

  29. Peter says:

    I’ve been testing the Hide IP VPN service (www.hideipvpn.com). My aim was to get an actually working access to UK based live web TV contents from another country. The results were immediately very positive.
    • Very easy installation and setup
    • Fast and effective connection to the IP VPN service
    • IPs for various different countries available (US, UK, Germany, Canada etc). I was using the UK option.
    • Very good performance and bandwidth. No break-up of TV streams even after several hours of viewing. In fact I could run several different web streams simultaneously without any visible degradation of service.
    • Works with applications such as Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera etc.
    • Provides total internet anonymity for you.
    • No logs are kept by the service.
    • Read more about their services on the home page http://www.hideipvpn.com
    In the past I’ve tried other VPN and proxy services. However, there have usually been various drawbacks. For example Hide My IP has a good flexibility and good features, but it’s quite expensive and the IPs do normally have very slow performance.
    Another one, Easy Hide IP have quite OK performance when actually working, however I could not get UK web TV contents to work at all. It has also required a couple of re-installations in order to work properly together with programs like Firefox, IE etc.

    No such problems with Hide IP VPN and all I can say is:
    Hide IP VPN can be highly recommended!

  30. Ricky S. says:

    Their new VPN manager software is the best one I’ve ever used at any VPN service.
    Now it’s easy to save username and password also it’s easy to connect using PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN connection.

    P.S. New website design is awesome!

  31. Lee G says:

    AMAZING SERVICE. Even their FREE service is comparable to any other out there. I tried (literally) 50 different “services” that were free, read plenty of reviews and realized that this company really takes care of it’s customers.

    When you seek a VPN Provider, go with Hide IP VPN. They conduct their business professionally, they answer your questions (within 20 – 30 minutes usually) and won’t disappoint. Every interaction I had, from sales to support, they exceeded my expectations for a service based company.

    I recently ran into a bit of fuss with my finances, being the holiday season and all and contacted the billing dept. to ensure that my account was not suspended for latent payment. They reassured me that my account would not be suspended and to pay as soon as I could. That kind of customer service just doesn’t exist anywhere else. I would recommend this service to EVERY computer user I know as they really do, truly take care of their customer like a person, not a number.

    Thank you Hide IP VPN! You truly are my favorite VPN service and I will be a loyal customer for YEARS to come!

  32. Mike C says:

    I have been workng abroad for a few months and used Hide IP VPN to access UK coverage, and I have to say the service has been excellent. I have been able to download programs from the BBC and other sites without any problems which made being abroad that much easier. Overall an excllent product, definitely wirth the $5.99 a month, highly recommend them.

  33. Tim says:

    Hi, I use their p2p / bittorrent package with NL servers – got to say it is an exclellent choice for someone who like torrents. Finally I can sleep sound – no one will come knocking at my door! Thanks Guys!

  34. Syed Khawar says:

    Just move from StrongVPN(because of 3 month billing issue) to hideipVPN a bit cheaper than StrongVPN and monthly billing available, but seems works well I am using it since last three days until no disconnection noticed and without any difference in speed(didn’t test through any tool). Don’t know about support not needed till now.

    Until now highly recommended 4+.

    Syed Khawar

  35. Ed Brown says:

    Low price, easy configuration, reliable service. US server is fast enough for video streaming and downloading, at the same time. UK server is not as fast (probably because I am in the US), but the speed is still okay for watching British shows. Another plus is that it’s possible to use their service on a Linux machine.

    Perhaps I am lucky, or more likely because their service is good, I never need to use their support. So, no comment about it.

  36. Iuri says:

    the BEST VPN service!!! :*

  37. Raji says:

    Hey, I am living in KSA middle east and i use HideIPVPN to open blocked websites. It is really great; for my part at least it has done all that i wanted to do without any problems… and since i am not a lot into Tech stuff I love hideIPVPN because it is soooo simple to establish and use.
    And best of all is their instant tech support which helped me quickly and efficient ! and a big big plus, was their very ethical treatment and understanding even when i committed a mistake in my subscriptions and fees. i recommend it for all those reasons.

  38. Aaron says:

    The cheapest and safest VPN that money can buy. It’s easy to setup and configure. I feel safe when surfing the net and download my file when ISP is monitoring me.

  39. Cris G says:

    First of all, the cost is reasonable, and provides multiple VPN protocols SSTP, PPTP, OpenVPN,
    L2TP/IPsec and Proxy, which includes dedicated P2P servers depending on what plans you purchase across all major operating system. Whilst I do not use Windows (except as a virtual OS), I found their set up instructions easy on OSX and IOS devices. You are allowed simultaneous connections and on your portable device, you can use the VPN on your standard 3G/4G/LTE connection in addition to WIFI.

    The service is fast and reliable, and customer service is good, either via their live chat, or email (and waiting up to a business day, which is the maximum wait is standard) If you can’t wait, use their chat or send them a message via Facebook. No logs are kept beyond the standard 3 days connection logs.

    The customer service is efficient and friendly, and whilst they offer free trial accounts, feel free to ask as many questions like I did to fully understand how VPN’s work.

    Whilst their country server listing is average, more servers countries are in the process of being added in the near future.

    Also, they have very frequent competitions (translate – a heck of a lot more than their competition) that gives away free monthly and half yearly competitions which are advertised on Facebook and other social media. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page or blog and you have a realistic chance of winning. I won one month premium access on my first attempt.

    I recommend giving them a go. I’m a very satisfied customer.

  40. Jacqui says:

    As a relative newbie regarding computers, and just grasping the concept of VPN, I’ve found HideIPVPN, to be friendly when I queried them about their services and cost, and having a friend using them, the best recommendation is word of mouth as far as I’m concerned. Their service is fast and provides anonymity and provides an additional layer of protection on my mobile phone in public areas. It’s easy to set up using their guides, reliable and the multiple connections is a bonus as it’s important that my teenage children are protected as well.

  41. Pip says:

    The servers are there, the speed is there, the customer support is second to none, add to that the most competative pricing. What more do you want.

    Whatever your VPN needs HideIPVPN has a package to suit you what’s more it’s still evolving and getting better and better.

    I would recommend them to anyone as the best VPN provider around.

  42. Tom says:

    Been using VPN from HideIPVPN for about a year and always found the servers to be reliable and fast. Recently upgraded my package to provide US and NL servers for an extra couple of $’s

    The ability connect up to 3 multiple computers at the same time is great.

    Never needed to contact support but did contact accounts when upgrading and got a instant responce, never left the site.

    If I didn’t have this service I would miss it.

    Fantastic service great value for money, Totally Recommended!

  43. chevysnow says:

    Thanks for the article.Why using a VPN when you can use a DNS service like UnoTelly? The DNS option is much faster and easier to use.

  44. Patricia says:

    The person who seseugtgd logmein (or whatever that remote control service is) needs to read the question again that’s a fine solution for ONE USER at a time. This person needs SEVEN users.Server 2003 is a little cheaper but you have to think about what you are doing with it and if there will be any growth. A terminal server should have LOTS of RAM I like as an absolute MINIMUM 512 MB per user prefer 1 GB per user. BUT 32 bit versions of Windows Server Standard only support 4 GB of RAM TOTAL. You could go with Enterprise but that’s $3000+. So you’re left with 64bit Versions of Windows which you need to check your software on MOST 32bit software will work fine under x64, but NOT ALL. (64 bit versions of Windows go at least to 32 GB of RAM Enterprise 64bit, I believe, goes to 2TB).As for parallels or another virtual platform, you still need windows licenses AND licenses for parallels In the end, for 7 users, the total cost may be SLIGHTLY more expensive for a Windows solution instead of parallels, but if you ever need to add more stations, it will rapidly become cheaper with Windows. The exception to this is if you end up with software that is not compatible with Windows Server 64bit versions. Then parallels will likely be worth the cost.By the way 2003 and 2008 have the same 4 GB limit for 32 bit versions of Server standard. I’d go wtih 2008, as it will last you longer and offers some advanced RDP (Terminal Services) features, like Terminal Services Gateway.

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