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Did you say, ‘hide my IP?’ Well, you sure could consider using VPN service? VPNs or virtual private networks do the job of protecting the data and identities over the public networks, which is pretty much comparable with the Internet as well as with the wireless hotspots. There are different types of protocols utilized for creating encrypted tunnels which transports your data securely. As the firewall might protect the crucial data onto your computer, the VPN protects the data over the Internet. Here, the clear cult object of VPNs will be to implement just about the same degree of security that is provided by the private networks – but here it is done at a considerably lower costs.
And there are also some other easy ways to conceal your Internet Protocol address. A good way to do that is using a proxy server of some kind. Actually, proxy servers are computers offering a special computerized network service that allows the clientele to create indirect network connectivity to other networking services. The client will be able to connect the proxy server. It then requests for a connection, file and may be some other types of resources that are available with another server. These proxies provide the essential resource by connecting with the pre-specified server or just through serving it off a cache. There are some instances when the proxy might actually alter the request of the client or the response of the server for different types of purposes. For people wondering ‘how can I hide my IP,” this could be a viable solution after all. There’re more than a few performances of proxy servers, which you could make use of for hiding the IP address (this is usually don with the intent to stay anonymous on the worldwide web).
If I wanted to hide my IP address, another great way to pursue would be the web site based proxy servers. There are web sites laden proxy servers (which are special kind of web sites), which provide a form that you can use to enter a website’s URL that you intend to visit anonymously. As the user submits that form, the web site proxy server creates a request for that specific page that the user wishes to visit. This way, the machine generally doesn’t recognize by itself as a disguised proxy server. It doesn’t pass the IP address set in your request for that page. Here, there are different kinds of features of such websites that tend to vary (e.g. ad blocking or javascript blocking) as do their prices. Some happen to be free, while the others come for a small charge.
Another option could be using the Browser Configured Proxy Servers. There’re some separate and independently performing proxy servers out there, which let you to configure the browser to carefully route the browser traffic through the machine which then initiates a request for the page for you, and then delivers you the end results. They’re generally used for free to the end users. As they’re clearly accessible to the common public, they happen to be quite slow oftentimes. You need to know the clear guidelines for making the most out of the proxy servers. There are different kinds of proxy servers out there. Good examples are transparent proxy, anonymous proxy, distorting proxy and high anonymity proxy and installed software proxy servers.

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