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GoTrusted is the fast, easy way to secure your PC’s Internet data and protect your privacy.

Makes all of your web surfing anonymous

Secures Web, email, video, IM, P2P… all automatically

Simple, one-click operation!

Uses industrial strength encryption & hides your IP

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Customer Reviews

28 Reviews to “GoTrusted”
  1. Private Joe says:

    I use this one and it’s extremely fast for VPN services. You can stream video without issue. They give you a 7-day free trial, unlimited use, and full speed as well so it’s not crippled when you try it.

  2. earslicker says:

    Terms of Service
    Fees and Payments. The fee for your subscription is either posted on GoTrusted’s website, for individual accounts, or quoted and delivered via electronic means (email, fax) to You. Your subscription will continue and renew automatically unless terminated by GoTrusted or until You notify GoTrusted of Your decision to change Your subscription renewal. For cancellation requests, please see our Support page or email your GoTrusted sales representative. If there are any annual, monthly or similar periodic fees for Your subscription, these fees will be billed automatically to the credit card designated during the registration process for GoTrusted.com, a credit card subsequently designated to GoTrusted at the start of the subscription period and at the start of each renewal period, or invoiced to You, unless You terminate Your subscription before the relevant period begins. You agree to pay or have paid all fees and charges incurred in connection with Your subscription for GoTrusted.com services (including any applicable taxes) at the rates in effect when the charges were incurred. All fees and charges are nonrefundable. GoTrusted may change the fees and charges then in effect, or add new fees or charges, by giving You notice in advance. All fees and charges incurred in connection with Your user account will be billed to the credit card designated during the registration process for GoTrusted.com, subsequently designated to GoTrusted, or invoiced to You. You also are responsible for any fees or charges incurred to access GoTrusted.com through an Internet access provider or other third party service. This Agreement is applies to You, and You may not assign Your rights or obligations to anyone.

    Hum !

  3. JohnB says:

    Highly compatible and extremely easy to use. Amazing bandwidth unlike other “free” services. Highly recommended and cheap!

  4. Sally says:

    Really cool app! I like how easy it is to use and knowing that my data is secure when I’m on traveling.

  5. Findget says:

    GoTrusted rocks! I’ve tried different programs and none of them allow you to stream HD video. GoTrusted is super fast and really reliable, unlike alot of the “free” garbage that’s out there. You can easily bypass your local network firewalls and get to any site securely and encrypted. I highly recommend it!

  6. SEO Man says:

    Great support. Incredible speed.

  7. coleas says:

    I have just jumped on board with these guys 🙂

    so far have had excellent support and the speed is out of this world.

  8. Bea says:

    I’ve tried a lot of other proxy programs and many of them limit your bandwidth or simply don’t work. GoTrusted was easy to install, required no configuration, and is a cinch to use. I use it whenever I travel to secure my data cause you never know who might be snooping on your network. You need this program! It’s really great.

  9. John says:

    Trying to connect to UK VPN server in order to watch streaming BBC Formula 1 coverage. My usual 3 Mbit bandwidth is down to 0.5 Mbit. BBC player needs a minimum of 1 Mbit or it will stutter.

    Support tried to assist and suggested a couple of things but nothing they can do when their UK server is so abysmally slow.

    Maybe their US servers are faster?

  10. John Johnson says:

    I would not recommend GoTrusted. Too many downtime issues. When you cancel your subscription you need to be prepared for them to cut off your account immediately. They don’t tell you this when you cancel your subscription so consider yourself warned.

    I personally think they should have a billing system intelligent enough to allow a subscription to continue until the next billing cycle continues, but apparently they don’t have programmers that are capable of such a difficult task.

    I give GoTrusted a 65%

  11. Habs360 says:

    Signed up here after a terrible ordeal with Blacklogic. The only thing I’ve had go wrong is once in a while I have to attempt the connection twice. The speeds are terrific. I watch allot of Netflix “watch now” shows and I get the same quality with the tunnel as I do without it. Down loads are just as fast as well. All in all this product is the best I’ve tried to date. And at only $5.99 a month…It doesn’t get any better. I rated their support a 5 even though I have not had to use them, because in my opinion the best support is the support you do not have to use…;-)

  12. ratero says:

    I had hope for this one. The price is right. It is easy to install and use. The speed is good. The support is pretty good.

    Unfortunately, I get kicked off after a few hours and have to manually reconnect, so it is unreliable for tasks that can’t tolerate interupption, like p2p.

    Oh, well, time to try another one (sigh).

  13. Butch says:

    I’ve been a user of VPN services for about 5 years. Went VPN hunting again after a stint at FindNot. Been with GoTrusted a bit over 3 months now and it is by far the fastest and most consistent/reliable VPN service I have ever used. Easy setup and works great on Linux.

    Barring an act of stupidity on their part, I’ll be here a long, long time.

  14. Tarlach says:

    Great program. Works well with Vista 64. I can play WoW with Ventrilo running with no issue.

    I ding them one star for not having a forum to discuss their product, but the guy on email is very responsive and knowledgeable.

  15. Joser says:

    @Butch – What settings are you using to get it to connect via Linux?

  16. Susie79 says:

    I was looking for a solution that was quick and easy cause I’m not a computer expert. gotrusted was easy to set up and get going, and it protects my information no matter where I am with just one click.

  17. kstep says:

    Gotrusted was easy to set up and get going. But for P2P it’s unstable. Very often disconnected 🙁

  18. Rob S says:

    I’m a customer and up til now have been very pleased with Gotrusted.

    No idea what’s going on, but as of last night, the website is offline, the vpn service is unavailable, and despite trying several remote DNS tools, no service that I’ve tried can get their domain name to resolve…

    Having all your services wrapped under the same DNS structure so that your service AND status update website go down together is NEVER a good plan and shows signs of a juvenile mistake.

  19. Mike says:

    I’ve been using GoTrusted for over three years and love how fast and easy to use it is. They really built a stupid simple app that just works. I had tried everything else, but nothing compares to the simplicity and security of GT

  20. halfgitana says:

    I have been using them for several months, and during that time, it worked well. However, it seems now that all of their servers have been discovered as being proxies. I am no longer able to log onto the sites I need.

  21. Me says:

    Not bad, i tried them for almost a year i think. Speed is good but they keep disconnecting, only give you like 4 IP addresses and if you connect or disconnect to often in a row, it gets confused and is a pain to reboot.

  22. Dennis says:

    B E W A R E!!!!They will bill you,even if you cancel within trial period.Its the scam where they get your payment info before you get to try it.You will not be able to talk to anyone.If you email them,you will not get an answer.Its not that good of a product.Dont fall for this scam.

  23. Patrick says:

    So far I’ve had it for a week in China and it unblocked everything rather nicely. Occasionally one of the IPs they give me will be blocked/banned on certain things. Had one hiccup so far in torrenting where I get disconnect, my connection dies, and I had to restart my computer. For internet browsing, it works great, on a Chinese connection streaming is abysmal still, but I was able to push decent torrent speeds out of it. Cheap and gives me access to sites I want, so I’m okay with this.

  24. esteban says:

    I have one complaint and that is being dropped with some frequency. Other than that I have had little complaints. Service has been very good. They went out of their way to assist me in the beginning.

  25. Vernon says:

    I have been using gotrusted for about 4 years now and not had many problems over the years .
    It’s easy to setup it does slow your downloads a little but I can suffer that I would recomend this to anyone.

  26. Dan says:

    Started out working really well. Hid my IP which gave me the access I needed to US based sites but had continuous disconnection issues. Tech support solved that problem immediately and has always been prompt in answer to my questions. Lately though, the connection speed to US based servers has dropped to unacceptably slow levels. Not capable of streaming video any longer. Tech support has assured me “they” are getting great speed checks from Japan to the US which is great for them but not so much for the customer. They have run out of suggestions for a remedy and I have run out of patience.

  27. Vernon Bryant says:

    I have been with gotrusted for a few years now I did have a few problems when I first took up the subscription but with the new version of the software it has stopped my disconnection problems and works 100% now I will be them for many years to come.

  28. Greg says:

    I’ve used this service for about 2 years (Mac OS X). It’s been very reliable until they started a series of “upgrades” a few months ago. Now it’s slow to connect, drops the connection frequently and returns a message there are no secure servers available.

    Support has responded fairly quickly, but the problem continues despite more “upgrades”.

    Looks like I’m going to have to look for another service.

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