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Golden Frog Partners with Dashlane – Get 6 Months of Dashlane Premium for Free

We just get news from Golden Frog – the company that runs the leading private VPN service – VyprVPN, that VyprVPN customers can get 6 months of Dashlane Premium, the world’s best password manager! that is $20 free service as long as you haven’t previously been a Dashlane customer.

Here is a short introduction of Dashlane

What is a password manager, and why do I need one?

A password manger, like Dashlane, uses encryption to store your passwords in a secure password vault. Instead of using the same few passwords for every online account – which is a hacker’s dream come true – Dashlane automatically generates a unique, complex password for each account, and remembers them all for you. Without using Dashlane to protect your passwords, hackers and 3rd-party snoops can use the same few passwords you use everywhere to log in to your private accounts, putting your identity at risk.

Dashlane is a simple solution that:

  • Secures your online identity across all your devices.
  • Remembers all your passwords for you, so you can stop forgetting and resetting passwords.
  • Logs you into your websites automatically, so you can stop typing your passwords.
  • Easily creates strong, secure passwords with a single click. No more remembering complicated, unique passwords and worrying if your passwords are really secure, random or unbreakable.
  • Automatically notifies you when a data breach occurs on a site you belong to, so you can use Dashlane to change your password instantly with a single click.

If you are interested in this offer