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Flashvpn.com offers you a solution to access to restricted resources from your geography Internet connection. A VPN connection provides yor computer with “virtual” connection to the global network – it then behaves exactly as it would if you were actually on-home.

All your network traffic through the VPN connection is encrypted and undecipherable to anyone sniffing network traffic between your computer and the Institute’s VPN Concentrator. The VPN connection brings you inside our network and the firewall, virtually, giving you nearly the same level of access to network devices as if you were sitting at a desk in the Elvey building, and much more!

Anonymous Virtual Private Network gives you the best shield for you daily surfing and work in World Wide Web.VPN is the most secure kind of protection that provides you extreme anonymity.

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Customer Reviews

16 Reviews to “FlashVPN”
  1. Neo says:

    it is cheap and instant setup vpn. I have used it for 3 months, it feels good.

  2. Kevin says:

    Do not sign up with them. They’re a bunch of a scammers. I signed up, they gave me password that doesn’t work. I went to customer support portal and they have not respond to my case yet. Stay away from them.

  3. akirap says:

    DO NOY SIGN UP with THEM. They are definitely scammers!!!
    They were trying to hack my paypal account, since I got a call from paypal at midnight that they had limited my account due to a unauthorized action from a third party. They cracked my password and security questions.

    In regard to their services, it was a joke. Frigging slow!!! Not even faster with my free Hotshield.

  4. Chirag says:

    if you need speed 10Mbps(4.99USD) and instant setup , just choose them.

  5. Sip says:

    No support possible canceled my monthly fee but I keep on getting bills, DONT USE THEM!

  6. Chris says:

    DO NOT USE THEM!! I signed up and it did not work, tried to contact seller/provider numerous times on different emails – no answer! Even got help from PayPal, they did not manage to get in touch with them either. I got a refund from Paypal. There are other provider that are way better (and cheaper) than this one! YOU’RE WARNED!

  7. Rob says:

    I was scammed by these guys as well.

    I got the account setup, but its slow as heck and they don’t honer there 7 day trial.

    plus 6 month after I requested 6 times to close the account, they are still sending me an invoice… to pay for the service, that I have not used the day I tried it and asked for the refund that I never got…

  8. Jeff says:

    Was never able to user / authenticate. Support ticket never answered. Requested refund from Paypal.

  9. MLipe says:

    Set up my account, sent them the payment and That was it. The service ended there. No email confirmations, The client area is an obvious scam with all the aesthetics to get you to wait for Nothing to happen. Never received a login and no answers to my support tickets. You have been warned stay away from these guys.

  10. Jeff says:

    Their service kept giving me error 691 and they deleted all of my support tickets with no response to me. Plus I accidentally overpaid and they did not refund my money. Stay away from them.

  11. dean says:

    Scam from start to finish. It’s impossible to contact anyone at FlashVPN. There’s no way to cancel your account short of stopping the Paypal subscription or canceling your credit card.

  12. Phil Gerding says:

    Stopped working..Zero Customer service..Still getting billed after trying to cancel for over 6 months. DON”T USE!!

  13. UnhappyChappie says:

    I cancelled my account almost 2 years ago… they are STILL billing me after numerous attempts of sending emails to the support team – worked well while I was using it technically speaking.

  14. Laurence Evans says:

    Avoid like spam. No replies to email. Billing without ability to cancel. Did not work. Did not honour 7 day money back and keeps sending bills. A waste of time.

  15. Ryan says:

    I wish I saw this review site before getting scammed. I signed up, sent payment via paypal and nothing happened. Sent an email and opened support ticket and nothing.


  16. Kris says:

    Setup account, but it was never activated. No response from support ticket after giving them over a week, so filed a Paypal dispute, and got my money back. What a frustration. At least Paypal dispute resolution is such that I got a full refund with very little input on my side. I dread to think what would have happened if Flashvpn billed independently.


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