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Why use FastVPN?

VPN technology creates a secure encrypted tunnel from your location to our servers. This means everything you do online, be it file-sharing to IM, runs through the encrypted connection, and so is free from any restrictions/blocks that may be enforced from your current location. The connection is all completely anonymous, so no more worrying that someone can see what you are doing online – the Ultimate Privacy Solution.

Why not use an SSH Proxy?

Unlike a proxy, which only secures the application with the proxy data entered into it, VPN encrypted tunnelling encrypts all your internet access, be it web browsing, FTP or file-sharing, for a much safer and secure End-To-End web experience.

For ANONYMOUS P2P Downloads, including Bittorrent

All file-sharing programs come with risk – your IP (a unique number given to your computer) is visible to other users, and so it is easy to find out you are sharing, and where you are located. A VPN encrypted tunnel stops your personal IP from ever being displayed, so you do not have to worry any longer when using these types of applications.

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Customer Reviews

6 Reviews to “FastVPN”
  1. Alex says:

    FastVPN is UK based host. Pretty fast speed, work fine with Skype and other P2P applications. Because its UK you online USA video will not work, but everything else works well. Hey they offer 3 days of free of charge trial so try it for yourself!

  2. Alan says:

    After 20 days of having the service that was supposed to be for 30 days unlimited, FastVPN put my account on inactive, because I had used too much “transmission” volume. Although FastVPN claims that the account is unlimited, each account is limited to 100 GB per monthly pay period. I got no warning and thought at first that I had a problem with my set up. I do not recommend this service.

  3. Anonymous says:

    To the last poster it seems that you didn’t notice that they do mention acceptable use policy applies. I think 100GB is a lot of badwidth for just 15$.

  4. Anonymous to Anonymous says:

    If there is a limit, it should be stated for the record so that customers would know about it. Other than this comment I can’t write a review on this company as I never subscribe to its service before.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yes I do agree that it should be stated for the record, and if you notice on their PRICING page they indeed mentioned it, i.e ** Subject To An Acceptable Usage Policy.

    I think people should evaluate the price they are paying for the service before complaining about the bandwidth i.e 15 – 20$. Like the previous to last poster is complaining even after getting 100GB of bandwith per month.

  6. Rick says:

    If the previous poster stated 100GB limit is truth then the company should state it as well. Remember be truthful, eg AceVPN stated 50GB LIMIT there is no need to keep new users in dark about it.

    Anyway look at their pricing:
    FastVPN 20GB $5.99
    FastVPN UNLIMITED $8.50

    If its not unlimited then DON’T STATE it as so.

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