We Help You Find The Best Private VPN Service

Everyone need Private VPN service in today’s world

As the Gov. keep monitoring our internet activities, you nearly have no privacy on the net, the Gov. knows everything you did on the net, and you can’t stop it unless you use private VPN service to hide your online footprint. you may have no idea what Private VPN service is, but trust me, you need it, you can check this post for what exactly the Private VPN service is.

Ok, now you know what VPN is, and you want know which type of VPN you need and where you can find the best VPN service provider, here is my 2 cents as a heavy VPN service user in the past 5 years.

First, if you are in China, Iran or UAE etc. you can not use PPTP and L2TP VPN service, because these are not SSL VPN service, you need SSL encrypt VPN service like OpenVPN or SSTP VPN, if you are not sure, i suggest you fire an email to ask your provider before you order.

Second, even you can use normal VPN service like PPTP and L2TP, i still recommend SSL VPN service, because it is highly encrypted .

Third, you’d better choose a VPN service provider in the country which you want use VPN service in. because the local VPN provider knows the local ISP better than other country provider, they can be very helpful when you have connection problem, and trust me, you will have connecting problem, i have it in the past 5 years, from time to time.

If your mainly purpose of using VPN service is just unblock sites in the browser, i highly recommend you try SSH service, this service only works for browsers, like Firefox and Chrome, please note that it is not working on IE, the biggest advantage of this SSH service is, you don’t need put all your traffic through the VPN server, which means you can have full speed on your non-SSH-installed browser and your software like skype, for example, you have 2 browsers in your PC, IE and Firefox, if you use VPN service, all your traffic will go through the VPN server, which means you can not have full speed, because use VPN service slow your speed. when you changed to SSH service, you can install SSH service on your Firefox, and when you want visit blocked websites like prono sites, you can use Firefox to visit , meanwhile you can use IE to visit unblocked sites and of course you can get full speed on your IE.

There are many VPN service providers in the world, you can check our homepage for some VPN reviews before you order