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VPN is the acronym for the term “Virtual Private Network.” The program that makes use of VPN will create a false IP address, which will be “tunneled” through for getting into the worldwide web or Internet. This’ll let you to easily browse the worldwide web anonymously. All you need to do is using the VPN in a special way for protecting your identity from the potential hackers / malware which try and utilize your IP for malicious purposes. Just in case you did not know, the IP is just an id number for the computer you are using. If you want to download VPN, start by downloading and installing a free program for this (there are many professional programs that give you opportunity to use free trials). The befit of this option is that, you get to try out the full fledged features before you invest into something. And many of the advanced software solution require that you also provide the details of your credit card. If you after all decide to use the software service after the trial period, it will cost you less than $10 or so. But make sure that you have chosen a software solution that comes with easy setup.

You could easily download and install a high quality VPN to cater to a program which is totally free for you to use. There are German programs will take no more than 15 seconds before the free version starts off. But usually, these programs come with certain types of restriction regarding the amount of bandwidth you could utilize every month. Some will also reward you with super fast VPN service speed for free programs. But in your quest to download VPN, you will find that there’re some free options out there that unfortunately behave painfully slow during the peak hours. Still, many people love using them as they can keep these free ones for as long as they want as there is no charge and any further restriction.

Fortunately, you can also download VPN on your Windows Mobile and the next step of configuring the VPN is not hard either. It is easy to download a Mobile VPN Software in your phone. Just get to the web site of the software vender to buy the SSL / VPN product. Or else, you could just get logged into their website to download the desired Mobile VPN using a SSL type client software solution. You will usually need to copy the End User Profile file into the C drive of your computer. You might have to contact the network administrator to deal with this file. Usually, you can proceed by double-clicking the setup file for installing the program. This’ll normally launch some kind of a Installation Wizard. Your task in hand would be to keep following the prompts for installing the software. But as you download VPN software this way, you should verify whether there’s a check box to provide you with the option of “Start PDA Installation.”

The final part of opening the program is easy as you just finish it by double-clicking a Mobile VPN WM icon, or something like that. Finally, you can finish the “Configuration” this way by following the instruction and selecting “Profile Import.” This’ll usually showcase the User Profile selection screen. You can find the desired user profile by clicking the browsing the user profile. You want to reach the Decrypt User Profile screen step by step. Here you are supposed to make the entry of the shared key in the text box. And you might have to contact the network administrator to the shared key.

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