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Differences between a VPN Connection and an Internet Connection

Nowadays the Internet seems to be used by everybody and nobody really knows anything about VPN. It is easy to understand why since we are in front of a world of possibilities and information that is accessible with just a computer and an Internet connection. No problems seem to appear and no such need for a VPN is advertised. The problem is that this worldwide web is also accessible to hackers that can hack into our computers and steal important data. With this premise we need to talk about the VPN service providers and the benefits that are offered by using VPN instead of a regular connection.

When you connect to the internet you are going to receive an IP address. This is basically your signature. Everything that you do online can be tracked with that IP address and there is no such thing as privacy in this case. With the VPN service this is different. A VPN is basically a new network that is created somewhere. You can log into it and then start browsing the internet. The VPN will offer you a new IP address that is anonymous. If everyone would try to find out who you are, the result would be the address of the VPN and not your regular address. This is a really important difference that has to be understood. Through the VPN service the Internet browsing becomes anonymous while through the regular ISP connection everything is public.

Another huge difference between the two can be traced to security. We are tempted to believe that Internet connections are 100% secure but this is not the case. While your computers are indeed secure in most situations thanks to the use of protection software, the same thing is not true with the information that is transmitted. People can intercept data and see exactly what you are writing or saying. By connecting through VPN this is no longer possible. This is due to the fact that the VPN service will encrypt all the data that goes through the VPN. We thus gain extra security that will make sure that no data is caught.

The differences between VPN and Internet connections might not be really visible but as you can clearly notice they are really important. The VPN service is capable of making everything secure and anonymous. This means that by using the VPN you can basically do whatever you like and you will have no real chance of being hacked or information being compromised while using the services made possible by the Internet.