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Doch jeder Internet-Nutzer hinterlässt eine Vielzahl von Spuren im Netz. Vielfach gehören persönliche Informationen dazu, die Rückschlüsse auf berufliche, private oder sogar intime Geheimnisse zulassen. Und genau diese Informationen werden von Suchmaschinen und Portalbetreibern gesammelt und systematisch für eigene Zwecke ausgewertet.

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Customer Reviews

22 Reviews to “CyberGhost VPN”
  1. sia says:

    did not work in iran

  2. reikjavik says:

    cyberghost is really fast! works everywhere yuo need it.

  3. Seabass says:

    I´ve been trying cyberghost for quite while now. Just updated to version 2 (downloadable on their website: http://www.cyberghostvpn.com).

    I´m impressed of its speed and simpliness, best VPN service I´ve tried so far!

    Recommendation to all of you guys.


  4. Richard says:

    Installed it, configured firewall, Cyberghost not working!
    Reinstalled it, Cyberghost not working!

    Crap program!!

  5. Raven says:

    Hey guys,

    I was surprised how easy you can handle CG. Installed it, ran it and I was ready *g*. I tested my anonymity on several IP revealing sites, they had no chance 😛

    I guess I´ll switch to premium the next days, as I need some more traffic for my downloads hehe.

    Good product


  6. Newlywed says:

    Great doftware! I live in Germany and find it very useful. It is easy to handle, fast and reliable.

    Recommended to anyone!


  7. Michael Herzog says:

    Works fine … No problems!

  8. maatien says:

    High available and very fast servers.

  9. somehow says:

    lovely, really sweet,
    has everything that i need,
    easy to accsess and the speed is amazing!
    all my questions sent to the support concerning the storage of my (which equals zero by the way, nothgin about you is being saved) have been answered within a hours, never seen such a fast support!
    thumbs up!

  10. jameshowlett says:

    i can only agree with somehow on this one,
    really good software,
    in comparison to other similar clients,
    they do not paste ads on the sites you surf on,
    1 gig for a free acc is not that much
    but nowadays you have to pay for everything if you want
    it done right 😀

  11. marcoscu says:

    Works well for me in the UK: fast speeds, 100% logon success, no dropouts, easy to use and informative software. Support site needs work.

  12. scottsummers says:

    i like it,
    small, fast and easy to use 🙂
    everything you can wish for when using software,
    you definitely do not need a guide or similar to
    get this one running!
    try it!

  13. esoteric says:

    nice nice and nice again,
    fast free and i think my 5 year old sister can use it,
    5 cliks and yourre ready to go!

    thank you very much for the review!

  14. swookiee says:

    sorry me for me english it is horrible.
    cyberghost are very fast and simple in use.
    i use cyberghost vpn because big chinese firewall!
    only one that works!

  15. SwissBeats says:

    the programm provides very fast servers which are based in germany, the only thing that may concern a user is the german ip you surf whith, which i honestly do not care about!
    interface is easy to use.

  16. Pen Name says:

    What you get is an image on the screen showing encrypted connection to a server and the server’s connection to the internet. You have to take it on trust that the server doesn’t store your data, including passwords. That’s the only doubt in my mind because my IP is hidden when I do a trace.

  17. Michael says:

    Best VPN Provider ever1

  18. Anon says:

    Premium is awesome, and also gets you 2 gigabytes of extremely confidential storage.

  19. rockerboy007 says:

    probably the best VPN service ever. I just got this and using premium and wow is it fast.

    I tested my internet speed on speedtest.net and guess what the result was even higher than my connection. well a lot of credit goes to my internet service provider but I really should thank CyberGhost because by making you anonymous they don’t slow down your internet!

    I also check my IP address on whatsmyip.com and it was changed while using CyberGhost VPN.

    Highly recommended! Fastest VPN service I ever used!

  20. Kazem says:

    Been using the free version

    It does what it says on the tin, however depending on the number of free users online, it can take a while before you are given an IP address.

    Its free so not a real bother. Its funny how when active all ads on my PC turn to German and if I register on a website they suggest Germany or Switzerland as my country. It possibly won’t work in countries like Iran, China etc because the number of IP addresses are finite and these countries regimes are constantly adding IP addresses to their filters ( I may be wrong). But its good in the free world.

  21. Anon says:

    Love it. Good free Vpn. Good to use, safe to use, but is a little tricky to get started. I love it, I tried many ip sites, and none of them can find!

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