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Cienen VPN connection is an attractive option for people concerned about their security and privacy. It is not a web proxy, it is much more advanced. It’s not like proxies. You will receive a username and password for connecting to server and you will connect and use internet like a US, UK or Canada citizen. Use our high speed vpn connection and surf internet much better. Your main IP will be hide and your connection will be anonymous

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Customer Reviews

14 Reviews to “Cienen”
  1. Brain T. says:

    absolutely 5 star,there service is the best VPN service ever

  2. terry says:

    yes they where a good services till it stopped working for me and now have sent over 10 emails tried to call them no luck with helping me with my problem i managed to speak with there live chat who say they can not help me i will have to email the info help line who as i said have sent 10 emails and had no reply. when i inform them if this they keep saying we will get them to reply.
    lol still no luck two weeks on and loads of contacting live support now they see my name and put up sorry we are busy please wait for next opperater which never happens and i have waited trust me for hours and hours well a whole work day to put it bluntly.
    then i changed my name on the request for live chat and low and behold someone answers only to tell me to email info and they will get someone to answer me.

    if i was people i would use there service for no longer than 2 months then change then maybe go back after a few months as they only seem to be interested in you for the first two months then the customer services just does not happen.

    also you can not log onto there servers at least 8 days in the month why dont ask me they wont answer!

  3. Eugene says:

    They drop your account for no reason and they never reply to emails and no support on the phone.

    Even if you’re on premium (TVC) service.

    Speed was great, but lasted for only 10 days. Can’t authenticate since then.

  4. Eric Herman says:

    Service is erratic. Support is horrid! On the website it says support is available 24/7. This is a lie. I have never had anyone answer the phone. They also say that they will respod to e-mail within 4 hours. Another lie. I have sent e-mails that have never been answered.

  5. Bryan Houlihan says:

    I don’t know what is going down with these guys because I have used them for two years without a problem. NOW no one answeres the phone. NO ONE responds to emails AND the LOG ON dosn’t work all the time. THE MAJOR PROBLEM IS THAT THEY TAKE THE MONEY AND DO NOT PROVIDE THE SERVICE> I have to conclude that these guys are going out of business and that would be a sad thing. Just wish someone would ANSWER. Bad news dudes cause they have just taken my money for another year..

  6. Gavin says:

    I used this service for several months. Their service is fast, but did go offline on a couple of days. Their Customer Service is non-existent and problems are blamed on “Server Issues” which isn’t very comforting when that is their business.

  7. Steven Fisher says:

    This is not a company you will be glad you got involved. Their service is sketchy at best with constant downtime, their customer service is is non-existant and impossible to contact and if you are luck enough to eventually contact them they are useless. This is a poor service and one which you should stay away from.

  8. Richard B says:

    I just made the mistake of paying $15 for their premium service to watch TV Catchup. After connecting I receive constant buffering.

    As you can see below from my testing the iPlayer diagnostics available at http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/diagnostics their performance is pathetic.

    I have requested a full refund.

    Cienen.com VPN
    Download Speed: 1315
    Streaming Speed (1) 144
    Streaming Speed (2) 686
    Streaming Speed (3) 211

    Standard connection (No VPN)
    Download Speed: 26070
    Streaming Speed (1) 8429
    Streaming Speed (2) 9931
    Streaming Speed (3) 20571

  9. Richard says:

    It’s the best… I am using their services for more than a year now and I think I can not find any other provider that offer me such service with that low price. They offer multiple access on each account and I have shared my account with my brother and my father and all of us using the connection and pay only for one account. It’s totally great! The number of servers and speed… It rocks. By the way I also had problem with their email respond delays but I have received an email from them that they had email server problem. I give 4/5 rating for their support. But all other things are totally ok. I recommend it to others.

  10. James Long says:

    Having a terrible time with these guys. Used their service for a while. Pretty sketchy at best, speeds poor generally. Have now tried to cancel my account for more than 2 weeks and not one response from any email I’ve sent (more than 4 now) and their office number is always “out of business hours”. The support button for “18 hour per day service” is non existent and I now feel there is a scam here. Have had to take drastic measure of telling credit card issuer to stop payments as Cienen simply not responding to me. Just avoid them – does anyone know where I can file an official complaint?

  11. fellow vpn'r says:

    FAO/James Long – Complain to paypal.com or plimus.com depending on who you used to purchase the service! Seriously bad service! avoid at all cost..

  12. James Long says:

    Thank you “fellow vpn’r” – I have since logged onto Plimus and cancelled my account there. I can only assume Cienen has gone or is going bust (or doesn’t care). Any recommendations for alternatives? I’m based in Hong Kong and want to connect to UK media content – the line from Asia to the UK isn’t great so ideally need a VPN that can doesn’t make things worse! Cienen was an example of one that was USELESS – further to my last review, avoid them and just don’t even try them!

  13. Mike Johnson says:

    Going on 2 days now since I subscribed to their shared ip vpn service and sent payment via PayPal. Their web site said usually 2 to 4 hours to create account, but it could take up to 12 hours. I still have not received any account information. I have not received any response to my phone messages, emails, or ticket submitted via their web site.

    I went with them because they claim to allow up to 7 connections per account.

  14. Zakdoe says:

    Turned their customer service around completely in the past year. Never wait more than a few hours for an email reply and they really are helpful. Moved their billing in-house which has made things less confusing. Recommend.

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