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Can’t have a fast online streaming? here is the solution

Golden Frog aka VyprVPN released a infographic they called it “The Peering Problem” two days ago, this infographic answer the question why i can’t have a fast online streaming, you can read the full report here.

It is very funny that in the past we all know that use a Private VPN service will decreases your speed because your traffic have to go through an extra server – the VPN server, but now, it is a relative faster method to streaming online, because the ISP don’t like too much streaming traffic, they will detect and throttling streaming traffic and the VPN traffic is encrypted so the ISP don’t know it is a streaming traffic.

VyprVPN claim they have their own network that peers directly with major ISPs of all tiers, so if you do a lot of online streaming everyday, go with VyprVPN is a good choice.

Of course like the usual, i suggest you read VyprVPN reviews before you order