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Blacklogic VPN has over 80 servers in 6 countries, this company start selling VPN accounts since 2006.

Blacklogic is a Canada based company, you can use their service to unblock any websites , including adult and poker sites . their service compatible to mobile device such as iPhone,ipad,Windows phone and Android .

Their best sell package only $100 per year,that is $8.3 per month,which let you access over 20 servers around the world. it is a great deal.

The downside of blacklogic is they don’t have OpenVPN and they don’t have  instant account activation

Blacklogic Highlights

  • Unrestrictered Internet Access in China
  • We Unblock Skype
  • Anonymous Surfing
  • VPN privacy
  • Encrypted IPSEC VPN Service
  • We make your IP address unlisted!
  • We offer you Double VPN
  • Anonymizes you at work or at school even behind restrictive firewalls!
  • 128bit Strong Encryption prevents even your ISP from spying on you!
  • Paid VPN service to Surf anonymous
  • Anonymous surfing
  • Unrestricted access to the Internet in Middle East. VPN in UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain gives you an opportunity to surf the Internet without any control.
  • You no longer need to use a proxy site. You can Bypass and use skype if it is blocked in your region, bypass all blocked web sites, such as poker, adult, blog sites, watch American TV, access Flickr, YouTube and more.

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Customer Reviews

53 Reviews to “Blacklogic”
  1. Ann T. says:

    Blacklogic is Good,everything is fine,but i believe they do store logs

  2. Ann T. says:

    sorry,forgot rate,i will give them 4.

  3. GEROF says:

    Easy to setup, prompt communications, overall easy website to navigate. I liked being able to call the company toll-free and actually talk to a live human being.Thanks Guys

  4. mania says:

    before i use Blacklogic,i have some bad experince with other VPN providers,i use blacklogic for watch some XXX videos in UAE,im happy with them

  5. sasha says:

    im happy with blacklogic,their service is reliable

  6. Jakey says:

    Blacklogic is OK,not that bad,i’ll give them 4 out of 5

  7. The Giggler says:

    I give this service thumbs up all the way. Plus you can actually reach a live person in case of a problem. Speed, connection have all been outstanding. My order was slightly delayed, because my ip address did not match my address location on file with paypal. A quick phone call cleared that up, since I explained I was joining from my laptop in a motel away from my regular ip address. I understand their precautions with fraud, since so much is going on with that, especially with the economy in the shape that it is. Plus somebody using a phony or stolen credit card, bank account, etc. could use their servers for spam, illegal acts etc. Setting up with Windows Vista was so easy too. I wish I had found these guys before blowing my money on those defunct idiots at findnot.com.

  8. The Giggler says:

    My ratings should have showed up, but they didn’t. I give them five stars for everything.

  9. tam says:


    your rating works well,our homepage use cache,so you may not see your rating show up in the homepage immediately


  10. Brian says:

    Blacklogic is great. Service is fast and cheap – $50 for a whole year. My location blocks Hulu and iTunes and Blacklogic restores my access.

  11. bob boychak says:

    Very good vpn service so far, not issues allways reliable. good value value vpn.

  12. Blacklogic says:

    Dear Fraudsters!!!!
    Please stay away from our company. We verify every single order and if we are suspicious about your order, the order will be declined.

  13. Emilio says:

    As a client of Blacklogic service I can’t complain much this 6 months, but there is still one big issue that makes me wish to change their service as soon as possible. When it works, it works well, but when it comes in need of support, nobody answers for days. At least not at their support helpdesk blacklogic.helpserve.com, which should be way more professional and more responsive than it is so far.
    I would agree with Shawn, considering responses of BlackLogic here. It definitely sounds non professional, hostile and defensive. And definitely it seems the support is coming from personal feelings which contradict the average (or almost any) company tone. That kind of behaviour is simply against any company policy.
    I believe that BlackLogic has a quality service as I experience it already, but with a huge lack in public presentation and good impression at present and future customers. I would not recommend their service as long as they keep with such a lack of support.
    I have to add that I didn’t have any issues about paying the service through the paypal, after I got all necessary data about connection.

  14. Blacklogic says:

    Thank you very much for all your efforts and time writing reviews about our services.
    Your feedbacks will be carefully studied in the nearest future and we’ll make appropriate changes to our policies.
    Thank you.

  15. Habs360 says:

    When I signed up for Blacklogic I found the service easy to use and it did everything that was promised. I payed for 3 months, and after a short wait I received my info and set up my VPN’s. A little over 2 weeks later the password stopped working and I tried to contact the company via e-mail, and set up a “ticket”. The “Ticket” was set up on July 6th and I have still not received any kind of answer, or even the acknowledgment that I created a ticket. It’s really too bad.

  16. Josh Lee says:

    Fast and reliable service so far. Rate them 5 stars.

  17. Blacklogic says:

    All pending accounts are now active.
    Thank you for heads up.

    Blacklogic Inc.

  18. Skyway says:

    Im up and working now, easy set up. So far looks good.

  19. thomas falco says:

    I ordered Blacklogic three days ago and I have not received any info as to log on information. I left a voice message and opened a ticket and e-mailed bob@blacklogic.com but to this date I have no info. If black logic read’s these reviews please start the process so i can use the VPN i am paying 50 a month for. thanks.


  20. Blacklogic says:

    Pending accounts are active. Please check your Inbox or Junk/Bulk/Spam folders.

  21. Dexter says:

    The speed was very slow when I first tried it. After three months I decided to try it again but Blacklogic had discontinued my prepaid annual account saying it expired and, if I wished to continue service, I’d need to rejoin. Now they tell me they will honor the rest of my account but will not provide me with login info. Beware Blacklogic. With shady business practices like these you’d be better to search elsewhere.

    After reading some of these reviews it appears others had their accounts shut off prematurely as well. No great loss I guess lol it didn’t work worth spit anyways 🙂

  22. Smith Holt says:

    @Dexter: Could you mention the maximum speed you noticed while using their service? I was inclined to try their service, but now I am going to re-evaluate my decision.

  23. Sachamimi says:

    I’ve applied to Blacklogic over 2 weeks ago, got my login only last week and I’m still unable to access my account! Sent a ticket nothing! Tried to call their customer service, no reply! I really do not recommend this to anyone.

    If anyone from blacklogic is reading this PLEASE FIX MY PROBLEM!

  24. Blacklogic says:

    Please re-send your ticket to info@blacklogic.com

    Also, plz don’t forget to check your Junk/Bulk or Spam folders.

  25. MK says:

    I’ve been trying to contact Blacklogic for the full list of servers but no one is responding to my queries when I email them. Secondly, most of the servers that I am trying are very slow and no one seems to pick up the phone when I call them!

  26. Blacklogic says:

    Please resend your query to info@blacklogic.com

  27. Smith Holt says:


    OK I finally gave them a try. I received my account info after 36+ hours. Servers are just ok, nothing more than that.

  28. Blacklogic says:

    Dear Customers,
    Due to high level of fraud there was NO, there is NO and there will NOT BE immediate account activation.
    Order verification may take up to two business days.
    Please be patient and please refrain from sending stupid emails.

  29. Pete says:

    I really like this service. The speed is excellent and I’m able to access all my favourite sites back in the UK. Whats more, Blacklogic give you full access to a large list of servers. The biggest provider allows access to just one server. Security is good using ipsec. Great customer support too. Recommended.

  30. Albert says:

    Customers will have access to all servers. We don’t sell access to each server separately. For purposes of security all servers addresses are not disclosed to the public. Please request servers details by email support@blacklogic.com. Don’t forget to mention your User ID.

    I found out that they don’t keep their promise Customers will have access to all servers. They don’t reply e-mails that’s why I REST MY CASE.


  31. hop says:

    fikrat is the Russian owner of the company not a nice person if you order 28 servers and 2 months later he says he has 45 servers he doesn’t upgrade servers to existing customers.

    Reply on mails forget it. If they eliminate a server they don’t tell you I found a better supplier for VPN I would not recommend this company.

  32. Dave says:

    Choppy with hulu, tech support almost non existent, asked for refund since they charged me for 2nd year, auto renew carp, owner will not deal with it, do not use this service…scam no follow up

  33. Jack says:

    Bad company most of the time the servers don’t work they don’t reply mails etc. and they don’t update servers !

  34. Luis says:

    I’m still waiting for my activation… And it’s been almost a week.

    Have I fallen into a scam?

  35. Rick says:

    I was caught by the early reviews on this service. The servers are not updated. The support is non existent. Be very cautious with this VPN service!

  36. Fikrat says:

    Very poor service. The servers are down 90% of the time. They advertise 47+ servers, but you have access to 1-2 at MOST.

    In the last 90 days, I have been able to log about 10 hours of connectivity.

    Shame I prepaid for the year, definitely do not prepay. Actually, I would source an alternative.

  37. Jonathan says:

    I paid for the service and a few hours later regretted doing so, and asked for a refund. It took a while as the owner, Fikrat, refused to issue one. I opened a paypal dispute and still he refused (anyway be aware – PayPal does not cover disputes relating to virtual services), but finally I persuaded him to issue one.

    So he gets a point for refunding, but a few point less for being so stubborn in the beginning.

  38. Shawn says:

    Very poor service. Support is no where to be found. waiting for a reply from them almost 3 weeks and still counting down. servers are down most of the time and are slow

  39. Blacklogic says:

    We are shutting down ALL torrents. Due to heavy traffic consumption (p2p downloads) servers are slow.

    From May 1st, 2011 – torrent support will be offered at extra $80 USD per year.
    Thank you for your attention.
    No discounts.

  40. dicfor14 says:


    Two weeks, 5 unanswered emails, 2 ignored online support chats, and 1 phone call where they hung up on my and still no account information! They took my money and refused to give me my account information. Forget about a refund with this company they will ignore you! I have filed a fraud claim with my bank the the Better Business Bureau in Ontario. Do Not Use this Company!

  41. Anonymous says:

    The account activated 5 days after initiation. The site says 2 days. I then wrote to cancel the account and refund the money as I had gone to another provider that didn’t take 5 days to activate.. I didnt get a response so I sent another email with no response and another. 13 days later I finally receive a response and a refusal to refund the money or cancel the account. Then I receive an email 19 days after this from my credit card saying there were some questionable charges on my account. I am assuming it is from this transaction and Visa is currently investigating.



  42. John says:

    Blacklogic SUCKS…swindlers,cheaters… They took my money and refused to give me an account..I ve been waiting for an account for 5 days…their excuse?? “The person who handles account is not here right now”… I dont give a f…where the f. he is …I ve been waiting for 5 days..Still no mail or account sent to me ….Every time I ask, same excuse…Stay the HELL away from this company…They cheat you outta your money..Find some other internet site…

  43. goodthink says:

    Do not use Blacklogic under any circumstances. I signed up, shelled out $113 and waited. And waited. I tried to contact them using their toll number, just an answering machine – left messages (called more than once).

    I emailed blacklogic through their support email 5 times over 8 days. Never received a single response UNTIL I contacted paypal. Only then did I get any support (they activated my account and sent an email with server IP).

    I invoked their money back guarantee, they did not honour it (even though I would lose 20 percent of my $113).

    I have no idea if the vpn service is good or bad, but if you expect any level of support or a quick connection forget it.

    AVOID blacklogic like the plague.

  44. alam mohammed says:

    Blacklogic: I subscribed their VPN service for 1 month and was never able to stay connected for more than 30 seconds. I was trying to do VPN from Lebanon. I tried their many servers. Maybe, they don’t work from middleeast. Blacklogic never provided me with any reason. ALL Blacklogic cared about to say that I agreed to their terms and coditions for the services while I signed up. Therefore, Blacklogic doesn’t care if you get connected or not. I asked Blacklogic to terminate my service immediately. Blacklogic didn’t wanted to help me get connected, ALL Blacklogic had to say that since I agreed to their terms and conditions, no refund will be issued. I replied, agreed I signed but I expected a service for $30 that I paid, but Blacklogic doesn’t care for the service, ALL they cared about to keep the $30. I said fine, keep it, but terminate my account ASAP. I didn’t care about the refund.

  45. Annoyed user says:

    OK when the service is running.
    Customer support is zero. Online chat agent appears online, but still no communication. Raised 3 tickets, never had a response.
    As soon as my paid subscription is up i will be gone.
    Hope Blacklogic read this as they make take their customers more seriously.

  46. Customer 2009 says:

    hi everybody!
    i am Blacklogic VPN’s customer since 2009 from Uzbekistan. Blacklogic works excellent for me.
    will keep recommending to all of my friends & expat colleagues.

    Customer 2009

  47. Wronged says:

    Blacklogic said when I went to cancel due to their new no torrent policy, ” should we notify copyright holders about your recent downloads” Can you believe that! Beware they will turn on you fast. Used them for 3 years. Shame.

  48. Curzon says:

    Frequent disconnections and certain VPN lines not working.

    Unilaterally changed terms and conditions in March 2012 to retroactively ban P2P sharing — but would turn it back on for more money.

    When customer support was contacted on this point, they were rude and arrogant.

    You would have to be a lunatic to sign up to this service in 2012.

  49. AJ says:

    I tried to get VPN service from blacklogic a year ago. I signed up for the service on july 12, 2011 and my credit card was billed right away by the service provider they use for that. That same day I received an email from Blacklogic stating that “Licensing information will be sent to you within 48 hours.” and also gave an email address to use if I had any questions. Four days later, July 16,2011 I had not received any licensing information so I sent an email to the company letting them know the licensing information had not been sent and that I wss still waiting for it. I received no reponse from the company so on July 19, 2011 (one week after applying for the account) I sent an eamil to the ocmpany that handles their credit card billing, explained the situation and asked them to refund the money I had paid to open the account since Blacklogic had not provided me with any licensing information and had not replied to my email informing them that I hadn;t received the information I needed to use the VPN service. That company then issued a refund of the money I paid to open a VPN account with Blacklogic and I considered any dealing I had with Blacklogic to be terminated at that point.


    I received an eamil from Blacklogic on June 26, 2012 with an invoice for another year of service and the email said that they would charge my credit card $67.80 US dollars on July 12,2012 using the credit card information that they had in their files. I immediately went to the Blacklogic web site and opened a support ticket and informed them that I had never actually used their service, that my account had never been used, to please close the account and that I would not accept any credit card charges that they put on my credit card.

    I received an email saying the support ticket was active and I would be hearing from them but received no other response for that support ticket. I then received another email from them on July 5, 2012 reminding me that I needed to pay the invoice they had sent me by July 7, 2012. I replied to that eamail with an email referring to the support ticket I had opened and again stated that I did not have an account with them, that I had never used their service and to please deactivate the account that they were billing. I got an automated response back telling me that a new support ticket had been opened and they would contact me concering the problem.

    The next eamil I received from them was on July 12, 2012 telling me that they had tried to charge my credit card for the amount showing on their invoice but the credit card information was out of date and their submission was refused. They then requested that I update my card information so they could bill me. The only reason they were unable to use the credit card information I gave them was because I had received a new card and the expiration date and access code number had changed on my card. I did reply to that email once but I will not reply to any furture emails from them since they are unable to access my credit card, even thoug they tried.



  50. Fen says:

    I don’t recommend them. They do not reply to emails except after a long time. I subscribed and regret it. My activation came after a very long time when I had given up on them after sending countless follow up emails.

  51. Unhappy says:


  52. Vic says:

    $15 down the toilet. Yep, Blacklogic is a scam. I’m glad I didn’t pay by credit card otherwise they would probably bill me again and again for no service. Stay far away from these crooks. I wish I saw this review site before signing up with them.

  53. Robert says:

    I can’t rate the speed of this service, mainly because I never got it up and running. Getting help form customer service is a joke. They never answer the phone and they seemed more interested in selling you something than after service care. Never did get the service to work and they refused to send a new router because “shipping was too expensive”. Would not recommend these people at all. It was a waste of $200. Found another provider that provides better service and more reliable connection for a lesser price.

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