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With the premium VPN service from blackVPN you can surf freely, privately & without borders. Fast & easy to setup… you can be connected within minutes.

Stay private online while you unblock websites like ThePirateBay, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and more.

With the plug & play VPN routers from blackVPN you can connect all of your devices via WiFi or ethernet. No computer needed… No software to install…

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Customer Reviews

313 Reviews to “Black VPN”
  1. Christopher says:

    Overall happy!

    blackvpn have 3 servers, UK, US, NL.
    I do torrents with 4 mbits on the NL server.
    Everything working fine so far!

  2. Paul says:

    I have given fiver stars on all the ratings. This is because I think the service is second to none. I have great speeds on all connections and servers. I have used it on several operating systems. I have used support on two occasions. One was when I was a beta tester I forgot all my login information and it was invite only. They replied after a few hours and gave me a unique code again so I could continue my free testing service. An the other reason I gave the five star is the overall rating. This is by far the best and most affordable solution for what you get. Great value for money and very secure and safe. Just what we need in this age of internet. I would recommend to anyone.

    Paul Turner

  3. Siyi says:

    works good so far, and cheaper than others.

  4. Jon says:

    I used BLack VPN when it was at beta stage and it worked well. I live in China though and after a while it started to get slow. I can no longer connect through PPTP and its now very slow using Tunnelblick. I use a Mac and it was very easy to set up, clear instructions etc.

    It would be nice if something can be done to resolve this, I did contact their support who have always been quick to reply but they could not suggest a solution.

  5. roberto iannaccone says:

    Could not get it to work, asked for a refund, still waiting
    Not good service, would not reconmend

  6. Boris says:

    Been using VPN for two weeks. I connect with 2mbits so the speed can be somewhat low. So far there is nothing I could complain about. Happy customer here!

  7. Jan says:

    I started using the blackVPN Global Package a week ago. It was extremely easy to set up. And as a user of cFosSpeed I like how easy it is to switch between connections 🙂 You can select different skins for the various connections. Great to keep track of where you are 😆

    My main use for it is to be able to watch BBC iPlayer and Hulu. For that it simply works. I’ve got 2 connections, one fast Cable connection (17500/3000 kbps) and a slower ADSL (1500/300 kbps). For the cable connection some speed decrease is noticed when using blackVPN, but for the ADSL connection it is not noticeable.

  8. Marc says:

    Service seems fast and no connection drops like I’ve experienced with other providers. I would recommend this service.

    Stars were not being added would give the Provider full stars!

  9. Anonymous says:

    well blackvpn use to be invite only so i subscribed to their rss feed for announcements. whenever a code came out, i applied it and it never worked. finally blackvpn became avail to everyone and there was a discount code for like a couple months off or something. anyway i tried to enter it a million times over and it never worked so i could never get blackvpn. not a big deal to most but when youre looking for dynamic vpn services and this is the ONLY one you havent tried and you desperately need it and you cant even get the site to work to try it. itll really piss you off like it did me.

    blackvpn FIX YOUR SITE. i was ready to refer tons of people to you (i train for IM) but your merchant doesnt work with the discount codes (or maybe your discounts are blantant lies) and your support is 0. Why offer specials and discounts when you never intend on giving them? and no it was never user error, im in IM and know my way around a computer extremely well 😉 I’ll change my review once you remedy it.

    And btw, it’s not that i can’t afford your full price, my trainees are just starting out so they can’t afford it and besides that its just the principle of it all, when you say there is a discount and that you provide support then you should live up to that

  10. Joseph says:

    BlackVPN is really fast. I’m using the USA server and I can quite happily watch streaming video and get downloads around 5-6mbps bandwidth.

    My ISP caps bandwidth really bad, but they don’t count VPN traffic towards your allowance. This is really great, but I cant guarantee your ISP works out data like mine does.

    The setup instructions and support service is really good. I had tunnelblick up and running in minutes.

    I genuinely cant think of any faults.

  11. M says:

    Nothing but great service from BlackVPN. Speeds can be lacking sometimes but nothing too noticeable

  12. verth says:

    I have the US server and the service is quite good.

    I have an ADSL connection 24Mbps down, 1 Mbps up, and I don’t notice any lag or reduced speed with the VPN on.

    The down side is that the documentation for the configuration on Linux is very poor. The PPTP version is outdated and it’s almost none and the OpenVPN version although is good for the ones using networkmanager it doesn’t have the certificates on its own page.

  13. Philip says:

    Internet freedom is, unfortunately, an ideal we can only dream where I make my home. Try to access any number of thousands of different web sites around the world and THE GREAT FIREWALL jumps on to your screen. “GO AWAY – HOW DARE YOU TRY TO ACCESS THIS SITE, IT IS FORBIDDEN BY THE MINISTRY OF KNOWNOTHING AND IJICY.”
    Along comes BlackVPN, initially a free VPN with nodes in the USA, UK and Netherlands, they started charging at the beginning of the year. Suddenly all the blocked pages are accessible and we can see why we shouldn’t see them. Not only that, but the big No-No of P2P torrent file sharing is available to us too. Torrents are a real life saver for this particular British expatriate in the land of the most inane TV. Ability to access BBC I-Player is a boon too. Using the Netherlands node, I get speeds almost up to my connect maximum and can stay connected for days at a time. Before BlackVPN, my ISP cut my connect speed to Zero within minutes if I started downloading any torrent. This necessitated a shut down of the computer and router to connect to the net again.
    In short, Black VPN has restored my little sanity and made the evenings survivable again. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.
    I do not sign my name or give my country of residence here for the simple fact that accessing overseas VPNs from here is an imprisonable offence.
    If you too might be interested in restoring some sanity to your Internet, BlackVPN configuration details and files can be found here:
    Windows: https://www.blackvpn.com/content/uploads/blackvpn_windows.zip
    Mac OS X: https://www.blackvpn.com/content/uploads/blackvpn_mac.zip

  14. Rick says:

    I’ve used BlackVPN since the beta stage and I am really impressed with it. I have some issues with British ISP’s blocking ports and have, as a result, always had problems connecting to the UK server. I can, however, connect to the Netherlands server with no trouble at all which bypasses the draconian throttling employed by British ISP’s. Another plus factor to all this is the anonymity I enjoy by using it, too, and isn’t it just great to get one over on the control freaks. It is also very easy to set up and use which is another big plus factor.

    All in all, I wouldn’t be without it in the current climate of Gov’t control and spying on everyone activities.

  15. mike says:

    I haved used for a few weeks now the global blackvpn service, I have been really satisfied with the service, the speed is great and the price-quality is more than good. I really recommend the service!

  16. Steve H says:

    I have used several VPN providers over the past 2 years, but since finding Black VPN, I believe my search is over.

    Black VPN has proven 100% reliable when connecting, and 100% stable whilst the tunnel is in use. A very fast service, almost indistiguishable from native Internet connectivity, I would certainly recommend this to anyone.

    Being a Linux user, I am always extatic when I find something that works with my PC 🙂

  17. Ken says:

    I had a trial invite when it was in its beta stage. I did not have any problems setting up using the “open vpn” with my mac book. A disk image is provided for download which sets everything up for you. I use it for the Internet freedom and file sharing without worry. Black vpn does not keep “logs”
    which means even if court ordered they would have no information to provide them.

    Service does seem a little slow when streaming movies I have a cable connection which streams fine until connected. Once connected it has trouble keeping up with the buffer. Over all cannot complain for the price.

  18. Mike Law says:

    I’ve been using BlackVPN since the beta stages and despite a couple of teething problems in the early stages (which related more to software than service) I have been very impressed with the service so far. Support has been excellent and I really like the twitter updates for service updates and general news. I have highly recommended this to many of my friends as a very reasonably priced and high quality offering.

  19. junbro says:

    A fast, stable vpn service I ever used, it will be better if more lower price, more fast speed and more stabler.

    Only one concerns is it cannot be used in company intranet. Is it possible to be connected in corporate network environment?


  20. lauver says:

    I live in France and I work on Macintosh. Blackvpn is one of the few to offer compatibility with the mac osx. So I tried. Installation is easy, explanations were clear and detailed. And then it worked the first time! great. The only small problem is that it decreases a little bit my bandwidth. But to be totally anonymous is the price to pay …

  21. BlackVPN fan says:

    BlackVPN is awesome for its cheap pricing.

    Positive points:
    1)Never had any problems with connection dropping or slow speeds. Speeds always reach my capped speed.
    2)Very detailed installation instructions and easy to follow for newbies like me for every OS so you wont face any problems installing!
    3)Really worth the price you pay!

    Negative points:
    1)Maybe they could add more payment options other than paypal.
    2)Not much details on their service such as their encryption etc.

    Overall worth it for the price you pay and i highly recommend it!

  22. David Lou says:

    I like blackVPN so much. It’s works fine and keep high speed when I use it. I’m quite sure I’ll continue use this service.

  23. Johnny Appleseed says:

    I have been using BlackVPN for a few weeks now for web surfing, torrenting and for working away from home on my laptop and I am very pleased with the results. I have a FIOS connection and while BlackVPN isn’t able to saturate the connection, I am getting download speeds of about 1 MB/sec (not Mbit) and uploads of about 200-400 KB/sec. I haven’t had any dropouts since using it and I am pleased with the results.

    One thing I noticed after using a VPN like this is how many sites out there use IP-based location tracking. So many sites like google.com auto-redirect to google.nl. It is very eye opening to see how much info is being passed without even offering any info willingly. But on the plus side, I know immediately that the VPN is working properly just by visiting a site like google due to the fact that I can’t speak Dutch!

  24. Anja says:

    I’ve been using BlackVPN for three weeks and I’m more or less happy with it. It’s easy to install and cheap, just the speed could be sometimes a bit faster and the connection more stable. Usually I get an abnormal end after 30 minutes and have to restart the mac.

  25. Asticouette says:

    I mainly use Black VPN for Hulu, BBC iPlayer and 4OD…. It works fine!
    Negative point : The US VPN is a bit slow sometimes 🙁

  26. Shudogg says:

    Overall I get Black VPN 4/5 stars. I use their VPN service for online gaming, mostly Halo 3. Host booting is a big problem when you get high up in Halo and gets annoying. So I got a VPN so that I could not be hit offline. (yes I know any VPN can still be hit!) I had a friend test the VPN and lets just say, they have to be one big booter with a lot of bots to take out this VPN. I hear around 20k bots to take it out, which none of the skids on Halo 3 have that many. So the VPN works great!

    I have tested another VPN service before BlackVPN and it was horrible. In a test I had someone hit me with 600 bots and it put me red bar and lagged really bad. So I dropped them and found BlackVPN. If you play online games and are tired of getting hit offline, then BlackVPN is the way to go.

    I gave them 4 out of 5 for two reasons. 1, sometimes randomly you go red bar, like the server is getting slow or something. Usually the lag last for a few seconds and back to normal. (maybe too many people on their server?). 2, because they need to open the XBOX Live ports. While on the VPN my NAT is moderate and I sometimes have issue joining certain people. So I would like to see BlackVPN do something about making their VPN service compatible with XBOX Live. It does work with live, however your NAT is not open.

    So if you want a VPN service that is strong then I suggest BlackVPN. I am pretty confident that I will never get hit offline on XBL while on the VPN. They have an awesome price, just because they are cheap monthly, the strength of the VPN is amazing!

  27. Stefanie Zumbühl says:

    I have been using BlackVPN for roughly one month and I have to say I am very satisfied with this service. I feel shielded when I am surfing the internet via a secure connection. I have experienced no delay issues even though I am located in Germany and dial into the US server.The performance is great. When I previously used proxy servers to access sites which screen geological IPs the response was so bad that it would take for ever to load. With BlackVPN I can even watch video streams.

    I have had a couple of incidents were I dialled in, was assigned with a private IP address but was unable to get passed the gateway and access the internet. On one occasion when this happened I submitted a trouble ticket, and within minutes I received an answer and the problem was solved. This was a great experience, and I can definitely recommend BlackVPN as a great service.

  28. Richard Hall says:

    Due to the fact that my favourite home tv stations programmes were cancelled from my satellite service, I was very anxious to continue watching the tv station. I read about the possiblity of using vpn to connect and was disappointed because I could not get a number of vpn’s to work. I then discovered blackvpn and to my great delight, it worked perfectly, “straight out of the box”. Unlike other providers the connection does not drop and speed is maintained. Also, support is good with responses coming normally within one or two hours at most. Since I have tested other providers I have no hesitation in rating it as five stars in each of the categories.

  29. harvester says:

    Very good feedback. The bandwith is quite good. I’m using BlackVPN for 1 month and I never had disconnections. Only 2 times the servers were down but only during 10 minutes.

    Positive items:
    – Good bandwidth
    – Low price and paypal paiments
    – openvpn connection

    Negative items:
    – No port forwarding on EU servers

  30. Mike says:

    The good: excellent prices, extremely fast customer support, installation/setup (near instant for openVPN), speed (usually very fast downloads)

    The not so good: speed, especially DNS resolving seems very slow sometimes and disconnects from ICQ/AIM happen occasionally, calling into question the reliability of the uplink we’re getting. However, the majority of the time the speed is acceptable->great.

    Overall an excellent service provider. If they can improve on download speed and connection reliability then they’ll be #1.

  31. Irving Isler says:

    As has happened with many VPNs of late, they go down with no notice on the website regarding the server status and it’s been 8 hours without a reply from support.

    Service was reasonably reliable until today.

    Still… a little verbosity regarding service status would go a long way. I’m looking elsewhere.

  32. Irving Isler says:

    I’d like to take back my previous review. While support was a little slow it was friendly. More importantly it turned out to be an issue with the TunnelBlick client and nothing to do with BlackVPN at all.

    So, BlackVPN is quick and has been reliable. At the prices they’re asking, it is worth a look – provided you don’t need live support. The support was great, it just took a day.

  33. Sandra says:

    I have been using Black VPN for almost a month. Although, not a high user I have been able to connect each time and access the sites I want ie. lottery, BBC iplayer and Spotify. Easy to install even for me! Internet speed not fast enought to watch programmes online from BBC iplayer but I think this has more to do with the broadband in New Zealand not Black VPN. Will be continuing to use whilst not experiencing any problems.

  34. A. says:

    Speed is ok, sometimes it’s even faster to browse with openvpn then without!
    usenet downloads normally reach my max download speed.

    Support is ok.
    speed sometimes has its slower moments (e.g. 800kb/s instead of 1900)

  35. terry says:

    I tried this service about a month ago and found it to be slow hence I stopped using it after 48 hours away as the bandwidths were no good to watch streaming uk tv and tvcatchup no longer works.
    I have tried lots of different servers and I’m sticking to the one I currently have as it is not only very cheap but provides the best streaming speeds of any I have already tried. Sorry I’m not mentioning the server I currently use as I dont want lots of people signing up and slowing down my speeds.

  36. Peter Peng says:

    I have been using blackVPN service for 20 days now which is overall amazing experience. I have succeeded in configuring it on Windows 7, Ubuntu and apple itouch, so i can bypass isp’s blocking and enter the free internet community. The speed is greet with the pptp connection, so i can get youtube playing very smoothly. Despite of all above, i do think there is still some room for blackVPN to be better. The first thing is that the openvpn connection is not as fast as pptp connections. The second thing is that I think it will be very helpful if there is a speed testing page for the users who are not very sure about speed.

  37. Panagiotis says:

    I use BLACKVPN over a month and i m very happy with it. I’m great FORMULA 1 fan but TV in my country does not show so I was looking for other ways to watch. I make a search on the web and i found about VPN and what you can do with it. I can watch BBC LIVE ang F1 trough there.Before finish my search i found many site that gives you VPN connection and one of them was BLACKVPN, where i finally choose it because is very cheap ang it gives extra months reward. Before i buy it i sent them an email asking them about internet speed using BLACKVPN and the answer come after 10 minutes.Finally i want to say that TV in my country shows FORMULA 1 but i still use BLACKVPN to watch FORMULA1

  38. Harjun Kopola says:

    BlackVPN is really fast. I’m using the EU server and I can quite happily watch streaming video and get downloads around 8-10mbps bandwidth. Only Wlan connection on laptop is slower, somewhere 1-2mbps.

    Overall everything is working fine and support by email is very fast.

  39. Brenda Anderson-Browne says:

    I am really pleased with the VPN service it has opened so many new doors for me. I can catch up with all missed programs etc. Not important maybe to a lot of people but when living up a mountain in Spain it is highly valued.

  40. Mike C says:

    I have been using BlackVPN for US access the past few weeks and I have been pretty happy with the service for the price . I have not used it constantly but when I do it is noticeable the drop in connection speed – perhaps that is inevitable but as I have not tried any alternative OpenVPN providers I cannot yet comment on whether this is any worse than others.

    The only other issue I have had is on a few occasions (at peak times) I have not been able to log in but when I tried a few hours later everything was working well again.

    Overall worth the EUR 5 monthly cost.

  41. Quin DuPont says:

    Full disclosure: BlackVPN is offering additional free service for people willing to review their VPN service. They state that the reviews are to be accurate, and mine is.

    I’ve recently switched my Internet access to Rogers in Canada. Rogers is notorious for traffic shaping content that they do not approve of, so I was naturally worried that my Bittorrent streams were going to be severely shaped or even artificially terminated (Rogers practices both forms of QoS). I have begun to look for fast, capable VPN services with a Mac OS X client.

    BlackVPN is the first I have tried, and so far I am quite impressed. I am using the global service: US servers for Hulu, etc., British servers for iPlayer, and the Netherlands servers for Bittorrent. The US servers are plenty fast to stream Hulu, likewise the British servers for iPlayer, although I noticed that the HD iPlayer content struggled. Since I have the top Rogers Internet package (stated speed of 50MBit/S, although it is surely never that quick), I did not expect BlackVPN to keep up with my connection. Yet, for the Netherlands servers, the throughput was very reasonable, and frequently hit over 800Kb/S (I assume the British and US servers were even faster, but I never needed to saturate the connection with the exception of HD content).

    The OpenVPN software works well with OS X, although I did have the occasional dropped connection, which in a few cases led to a very ugly kernel panic. These dropped connections are as likely a product of Rogers killing the connection as they are any fault of BlackVPN, and at any rate, the connection can keep live for 12+ hours, which is fine enough for me. BlackVPN offers a nice choice of connection types, such that you can use your iPhone or iPad with their service (once properly configured).

    Overall I’m impressed with the service. It’s pricey, although not so much more than any other, and if you go for the more expensive Global service you get a great array of options.

  42. Dimitar Andreev says:

    I purchased BlackVPN’s service because of the positive reviews they had on this website. Their service is reasonably fast and does everything I need it to do. I have had the service for a month now with no issues. It took about 15 minutes to activate my account after the purchase. I was surprised how fast they activated my account. Customer support is also relatively fast as it took them only a day to respond to a question I had. I am pleased with the service they provide. Another good thing about them is that they allow torrents. Thank you BlackVPN.

  43. Ron says:

    I read about this service from another user,and being in Cyprus I could not get live english TV.Well thata changed and I don`t miss a thing now and my wife can even keep up with the soaps.
    I have had no problems at all with this service and the cost is extremely low and great value for money

  44. Thomas Schumann says:

    Overall I’m happy with the service. Sometimes it takes a while to buffer when watching hulu.com but I am not sure if this is because of hulu or blackvpn

    so far I like it

  45. Sean says:

    I have used BlackVPN for a full month and have been very please with their technical support, speed of support, and constant connectivity. I have never lost my connection once, and that is very important for those who use P2P. My speed is butchered by this service though, but that’s understandable, for I am connecting on a populated server from a great distance. BUt overall they are definently the best VPN for P2P

  46. Philip K says:

    I’ve been using BlackVPN since a month now and I can absolutely recommend the service. Speed from Europe to the US server is great (both up- and download)!

  47. rj says:

    Very good service. I have had no dropouts or slowdowns in the month I have been using it. I good to be able to change countries at the click of a mouse. Well recommended.

  48. Onno Feringa says:

    This service enables me to enjoy the App Store, iBooks store, Pandora and other US Only services in my iPad in my country, outside the US. Super!
    Streaming audio and video works fine!

  49. Kartik says:

    Easy to set-up on a mac with very clear instructions. I am able to stream from Hulu to Singapore without any dropouts. Am just waiting for my iPad to ship in to enjoy Hulu, Pandora and Netflix in Asia!

    Here’s my speedtest result on my ISP (via 3G) http://www.speedtest.net/result/801901128.png

    And here’s the result via BlackVPN using a Singapore ISP to test

    Using the Black VPN San Diego ISP to test

  50. Biju says:

    After a long search for someplace to watch Formula 1 online in US I ended up with Black VPN. Initially I had problem in connecting but the support team helped me to get started and I am very happy with that aspect too. Now watching races in the best quality bbc stream.

  51. Sam H says:

    I was referred to BlackVPN via a blog detailing how to gain access to American TV legally through content producer’s website. The price was my main reason for subscribing as it was highly competitive. Once subscribed I was sent my login and setup details and was up and running in a matter of minutes.

    I’ve recommended the service to all my friends who were also looking for a suitable VPN for video streaming as the speeds allow for great, if not perfect quality video streaming.

    Highly recommended.

  52. Robert Beekman says:

    I use BlackVPN with my iPad and it works really great. Streaming Video and Audio works without a hitch!

    I do think that because of all the new BlackVPN accounts the available bandwidth has gone down a bit. I used speedtest on my 50/50Mbit Fiber connection and i only get 2-4Mb/s down and around 4Mb/s upload to the chicago speedtest server.

    Since i only use it for iPad purposes it doesn’t bother me much and with the new dedicated iPad connections it won’t affect my ABC/NetFlix viewing pleasure.

  53. cece69 says:

    a very good provider i almost max my connection speed
    not a lot a things to say
    just very good

  54. romain says:

    Very good vpn, only one disconnection in two month using it !
    the speed it’s not realy decreased and it works in background in a transparent way.

  55. J says:

    I have found black vpn to be excellent. I use it for BBC iplayer and the ITV player and both have worked well. I have found the ITV player works better than it did when I was in the UK last year…

  56. J says:

    I have found black vpn to be excellent. I use it for BBC iplayer and the ITV player and both have worked well. I have found the ITV player works better than it did when I was in the UK last year…

  57. Jody Wheeler says:

    Pandora, US network TV all run flawless here in Canada. Streaming is bang on, have enjoyed this immensely the last month. Up and running instantly. Good work VPN.

  58. Dom Durrant says:

    First, i was confused by VPN’s. Did a little research and read a few reviews and settled for BlackVPN going for there Global Package.

    Speed seems great, sometimes a little slow but maybe thats more to do with my ISP than the VPN?

    But overall a great service and a good speed.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  59. Dick Jan Broer says:

    Just paid through paypal and after a few minutes I could use blackvpn. What’s tere to say. It’s transparent. you don’t notice the traffic goes through their VPN channel and I am espacially happy with the features I can get now like f.i. the ABCplayer on the Ipad. Blackvpn is a winner.

  60. angelo says:

    Black VPN is a good service that’s sufficiently fast to stream video. Worth the price.

  61. Wilbert says:

    Hello all
    I’m using black vpn for several weeks now , and so far everything works good
    i use it with my iPad to watch US content like abc and netflix.
    Works great , sometimes little slow in loading but “hey”most ISP’s habe that problem few times a week 😉

    keep it going guys of blackVPN

  62. Pharmd561 says:

    Hello! bdeedbc interesting bdeedbc site!

  63. Alex says:

    Great service. I’ve used it for nearly a month now and had no issues. Speed appears to be good throught out, even when streaming videos using ABC player on iPad.
    Gave only 4 stars for Support given that I have not yet needed to use it…

  64. Alex says:

    Great service. I’ve used it for nearly a month now and had no issues. Speed appears to be good throught out, even when streaming videos using ABC player on iPad.
    Gave only 4 stars for Support given that I have not yet needed to use it…

  65. Findlay says:

    I have been using BlackVPN for a month now and it works well. The PPTP connection was so-so (not BlackVPN’s fault) but the OpenVPN connection
    works perfectly with no disconnections and all the speed of my ADSL available in the tunnel.

    My only problem was getting support to provide a script for auto login so that establishing the tunnel with OpenVPN could be automated (lack of knowledge on my part). They responded quickly but would/could not give me any help.

    I shall certainly continue to use the service and pray for a script in the future. 🙂

  66. Phil says:

    I signed up to blackVPN a few weeks ago. Within minutes i had the proxies set up and working with good fast connection. Sometimes i found it a little slow but i think that may be an issue with my own ISP at certain times of the day and some issues with my own system.

    The support team are very quick and helpful at replying to any queries and problems with connections.

    Overall this is a fantastic service that i can highly recommend. I can access all the UK TV stuff now that i’ve been missing out on for years and don’t have to trawl through endless proxy lists to find a half decent connection that doesn’t drop out all the time..

    Great job

  67. bernadoe says:

    I’ve been using BlackVPN for two months. The OpenVPN connection
    works perfectly with no disconnections and all the speed of my ADSL available in the tunnel. Service was reasonably reliable until today.

    Positive items:
    – Good bandwidth
    – Low price and paypal payments
    – openvpn connection

    Negative items:
    – No port forwarding on EU servers

  68. Peter Landy says:

    For me the service runs 100% all of the time. I have successfully watched BBC iPlayer from North Africa, USA and the Far East. Got to give this 5 stars all rounds.

  69. Frank Lichtenberg says:

    I’ve using blackVPN since 1 month with my iPAD here in Germany and it works like a charm. Before blackVPN I’ve tried other solutions, none of them were working.
    For the time being blackVPN is my favorite solution.

  70. Eric says:

    Hello all
    I’m using black vpn for several weeks now , and so far everything works good
    i use it with my iPad to watch US content like abc .
    Works great.


  71. Duncan says:

    I got blackvpn to use the U.S server essentially to watch hulu and use pandora. I found it incredibly easy to use, quick to set up and so far have only had one connection issue, which resolved itself within about five minutes. The speed is sometimes a bit slow but otherwise I have no complaints and would highly recommend blackvpn.

  72. dibley says:

    Have used it before…. stopped when a reverse DNS led Straight back to my ISP. Take care.

  73. Sascha says:

    Best VPN-Provider I have seen so far. I am using the US and the UK VPN Server without any problems and always with the full speed of my cable (10 Mbits). Perfect for watching Netflix and Hulu.

  74. Bart says:

    I really like the service of blackvpn. It is very fastfood. I can watch the ABC programs on my iPad in the the Netherlands.

  75. Mark says:

    I was looking round for a VPN solution after importing an iPad from the States. I wanted to be able to access US tv through apps like ABC’s and music through Pandora (both of which block their service for UK users). One of the gadget websites recommended BlackVPN and when I checked out their site I was happy to find a well thought out site which explains their products simply and clearly. Purchase and setup was so easy, and the price is exceptionally reasonable. Such a contrast to the overpriced and overcomplicated sites I had seen before. I have no reservations in recommending BlackVPN to any iPad user.

  76. Ismail says:

    BlackVPn is really easy to setup and the supports are fast to communicate when you have problems. And of course the price is also really reasonable.

  77. Khaled says:

    I tried using this service and it exceeds on my expectation espicially downloading files..the speed is great…it also help me view those websites that are blocked locally here and able to perform my work better.

  78. Wei says:

    I been using this for a month and really satisfied with the speed and everything. I use it mainly on my ipad to access abc players movies, and other movies site which have location restriction, and also signing for website which is restricted to other country.

    Will definitely consider blackVPn. Well, i will be in china soon, and will see if this still work for FB in china.

    All the best !!

  79. SS says:

    I’ve used the referral codes for discounted prices and even then I’m feeling the speed isn’t in par with the price.. I used Relakks before this and it was blazingly fast compared to this. Of course Sweden is closer to Finland than Netherlands but still. Other problems were that I tried to continue my subscription but I simply could not find the log in page from the blackvpn.com website. I tried renewing the subscription by using the same e-mail address for the renewal but I ended up having new account and now they’re overlapping each other. Not good. Otherwise the referral program is nice but they really should try to up the speeds and reliability..

  80. Phillip says:

    I have been with Blackvpn for 3 weeks now and wow what a service, wish i had found them sooner,anybody who values there internet freedom and privacy needs to sigh up for one of there services, the speed is great running on or just below my full download speed.The OpenVPN connection works perfectly with no disconnections and as far as the support go’s haven’t need any.

  81. Maarten says:

    Ordered 3 months for just €5! very cheap but perfect service!
    Use it for my iPad with ABC player and plays without any lag, so great in my opinion!
    Also manuals are very clear, so it is very easy to get this working.

  82. Nicolas says:

    Top Service! Top Speed! No problems!
    Just everything’s fine!
    5 Stars review!

  83. Tiandu says:

    I was searching for a cheap, good and reliable VPN provider. My friends recommended BlackVPN, so, I gave a try. I really do like the BlackVPN since it offers the ability to use OpenVPN. Works as it should but it is sometimes slowish and laggy, maybe because there are so many users using this. Overall, I’m a satisfied user, the speed could be a bit increased but otherwise, I do like the BlackVPN.

  84. Frank says:

    I have to say that i am very, very pleased with this service. It is the first vpn provider which worked instantly on multiple devices. And i tried out a lot of different providers. Two of the most important things which make this service so good for me personally is first the speed and the second the reliability. The speed ist awesome for viewing good quality video and the service did not fail for me once. I hope they will keep up the good work and i will stick with this provider for a long time.

  85. Jiri Pavlik says:

    I am using BlackVPN for about month on Mac OS X anf iPad. Setting is easy, on Mac OS X I needed to set up Tunnelblick VPN client to be able to connect to US server. BlackVPN helpdesk was very responsive when handling the problem with connection to US server using Mac OS X default VPN client. I am enjoying using BBC iPlayer and Hulu from Czech republic. Connection speed is perfect for me, both BBC iPlayer and Hulu videos are streamed seamlessly.

  86. Steven says:

    I have to say I’m quite pleased with blackVPN’s service. I was looking for a VPN in the US to watch some video online which are only available for US customers. BlackVPN is quite cheap, provides great support for how to set up the connection and I was up and running within only a few minutes. In practise the service works quite well, although while watching video I have experienced buffer problems from time to time, while my default connection didn’t have any problems whatsoever. Apart from this minor point I think blackVPN delivers a great service.

  87. Michael says:

    I’m using the NL/EU Server and it works fine.
    Torrents and emails are running smoothly!
    The only small difficulties I came across were with a browser game, where I had to log-in every few minutes and using a poker clients’ transfer option – that didnt’ work at all, but that’s was no big deal, because I didn’t use VPN for this in the first place.
    ++ What’s a BIG plus is that the service is not breaking up and I’m constantly connected. I tried a different VPN-provider before and they had problems. This one at blackVPN works smoothly! ++

  88. john says:

    I am more than delighted after installing your program, and really hope it stays that way, my wife is very happy now that she can watch the soaps, and also a really big bonus that I was able to watch the F A Cup Final LIVE, at pesent we have had no problems, so will always give you support as long as it stays this way, thank you

  89. Alex says:

    Hey guys,

    Ive tried several VPNs so far, basically to watch hulu and other US streams. In my opinion BlackVPN is unbeatable. Price is at the low end of all providers and the offered connection speed is amazing. You get what u want for just 5 Euro!

    If you are looking for a cheap & fast VPN, this is right for you!



  90. Tom says:

    I love BlackVPN. Very fast, easy, everything. Wouldn’t choose another VPN service.

  91. Runar Kvant says:

    Very good service. Works like a charm on my ipad:)

  92. H. Kocher says:

    Great solution to access US sites from Europe. I use it with the iPad. They have special servers for iPad customers to speedup streaming of video. Works flawlessly! I just love it!

  93. David says:

    When I last tried another VPN provider, it messed my whole computer up, so I was a bit concerned when I signed up for blackVPN a couple of weeks ago. However, I was very pleasantly surprised: The process was quick and smooth – just a simple form to fill in, the payment, and then the user name and password were sent in minutes. The installation guide was dead easy to follow, you don’t even have to be computer literate to do it. Everything has worked without a hitch – I am very pleased with the service. I emailed a query on something, and got a reply in less than 1/2 hour – how’s that for customer service!! Very impressed.

  94. Roeland says:

    I bought a package for 3 months VPN entrance in the US to stream video to my ipad. Some people on a Dutch forum said that receiving the user details took them too long, something like + 24 hours. Well fortunately I didn’t experience that myself as I received the details after about 20 minutes.

    Then the service itself: I’ve had no hick-up in the connection or buffering crap at all! It just worked from the beginning untill now. Since they added the ipad-connection as well it even connects faster and the videostreams I run work flawlessly 🙂

    The only problem I had was the setup with the program needed for Mac. It just didn’t work 🙁
    So I used the less secure pptp-protocol but that worked fine as well.

    I can recommend Black VPN to anyone!

  95. E Bown says:

    Excellent service – I use for ITV and BBC i players to catch up on soaps and TV programmes. I wouldn’t use any other VPN service.

  96. Mark says:

    i use blackVPN to watch uk tv, other than once there has never been any problems. I have already recommended it to several of my friends.

  97. Peter says:

    Great VPN provider.
    It “just works” and the Speed is also very okay.

    I haven’t tried their support yet, but they have great referral programs and other motivating stuff, so 5 stars for that one.

    It’s almost invaluable good and a must for users outside the us,
    at least until the idiotic county ip limitations are gone.

  98. Werner says:

    I love BlackVPN. Very fast, easy, everything. Wouldn’t choose another VPN service.
    From time to time the speed is going down, but ok.

  99. Thomas says:

    I now use blackVPN for a couple of weeks and everything is running smoothly. Initially, I was worried because my available internet speed is only around 1 Mbit but the VPN doesn’t take any bandwidth away. Setup is more than easy and connections are very reliable.

    5 stars is appropriate and I would recommend them!

  100. Archer2 says:

    Overall I’m satisfied with this VPN. I’m using their NL server, the speeds on a popular torrents are between 200-250kb/s, which is not bad.

    Note that if you use eMule with this service, you’ll get a lowID, which will slow down your downloads. This is because BlackVPN doesn’t offer remote port forwarding. I have used another VPN before this and I was able to get highID in eMule.

    As for support, I haven’t needed to contact them yet, but it seems like they only offer email support, not even live chat support, so I only gave 4 stars because of that.

  101. Martijn says:

    Great service fo the iPad. I live in Holland and now I can use abc player and watch the full series through the USA server. Just setup the VPN to the USA in the iPad and watch your favorite series. Great speed and more than enough to use streaming media. They even have special VPN servers specifically for the iPad.

  102. Raviv_onn says:

    Been using BlackVPN for few weeks now.
    Pros: relatively cheap, easy to install,US/UK/NL servers, usually fast
    Cons: on weekends I experience slow connection, would like to see more servers location

  103. Richard says:

    Very easy to install with Mac OSX – very clear instructions
    Anonymous subscription
    Instant connection
    Stable with some disconnections over a long period (24h)
    Speed european client with US server = rather slow (observed and measured)
    Some european sites do not connect through VPN
    A good solution to be viewed as a US client. A slow solution to download.
    Need to try the other servers (EU, UK). Chances are you need different server for different use

  104. Matthew Tobin says:

    I have been using this service for almost a month and am really impressed with its performance.
    In terms of speed of connection there is very little lag, and to date, I have yet to drop the connection.
    I had a slight issue when signing up for the service, as it took a little while and a few emails before I received my password, but well worth the wait.
    It does what it says on the tin.

  105. Rich Field says:

    All good works great… struggling a little with speeds whilst working in Asia but still good enough

  106. Antonio Rosado says:

    I just got an iPad from and I have been using it with Black VPN. It’s an essential service for watching movies and the ABC channel. The speed is great, the people there are very friendly and everything works smoothly.

    I love the fact that they have specific servers just for the iPad which is sweet.

  107. Gemini says:

    Price is really interessant, no disconnections but it is damage that the speed is no more rapid for the US VPN.

    I’m really satisfied by BlackVPN Service and i recommend it !

  108. Jens Haupt says:

    I have been using BlackVPN for one month now and I have to say, it’s a great service. Overall the speed and stability are really good. Sometimes I experience some slowness. But I guess it will be better in the future.
    I can really recommend it for watching Hulu and such.

  109. Evan Thomas says:

    customer service was very fast at replying when I needed assistance with my account. I have had a couple of drop outs where the internet won’t respond, but disconnecting from the VPN would fix it. Immediate connection was available straight away.

    Speeds are good, sometimes a bit slower at peak periods at night time but most of the time very good. I haven’t had any luck getting OpenVPN to work 100% with my default settings but PPTP works fine.

  110. Renen padayachee says:

    I am based in south africa.to the uninitiated ,its not a country known for easy access to international video content, or to real high speed Internet access.
    Granted the country has access to 3G speeds, which I have to date used, there are also adsl packages available, but it’s unlikely that the highest available package of 4mb per second, actually achieves those speeds. The more afffordable and more widespread used package for adsl is 384kbps.

    The 3 g service, probably gets a download speed of a bit less than that.

    So govern these limitations, I was a bit sceptical that blackvpn would actually work for me.

    But what a pleasant surprise
    This has got to be one of my most worthwhile spends.
    The purchase was quick’ and easy.
    The access to the VPN was even quicker.
    I have used the VPN access codes to connect thro windows xp as well as windows vista. Both worked and the VPN link was set up easily.

    This gave me access to hulu, within minutes.and in truth, that’s what I got it for.

    Within minutes I was streaming my favorite shows to my south African location.
    Money well spent.
    Blackvpn has found in me , a die hard fan.I well recommend black VPN anytime.

  111. Shah says:

    Great VPN service – easy to connect and fantastic for iplayer…. it is everything i needed. Thanks Black VPN!!

  112. Steyskal says:

    I have organized an IPad vom US and live in Austria. Therefore i tried the Black VPN, to use all the Services which are localized in America.

    It worked very well, Even on different networks.

  113. Claus Aggeboe says:

    Very stable VPN connections with okay speed. Works exactly as promised.

  114. CBeloch says:

    I’m now using blackVPN for a few weeks and I totally love it.
    Now I can watch hulu and use pandora internet radio and i don’t have any problems connecting to this services.
    It’s fast and the support of blackVPN is super fast!
    I didn’t expect that it works so well before I placed my order.

  115. Andreas Suchert says:

    BlackVPN is just gorgeous. It works perfectly fine with Netflix in Germany!!! No
    problems whatsoever!

  116. Dennis K says:

    I have been using Black VPN for a month now and its run so nice.. only good things to say about it! 😀

  117. Cameron says:

    Stumbled across this service when I imported my Ipad and havent looked back since. Never had any issues accessing the US sites I required (ABC Player, MLB etc) and highly recommend to all users. The speed (tested on speedtest.net) is a little slower than perhaps is ideal but I am sure over time more servers will be added and that will improve

  118. Rick says:

    I’ve recently bought my iPad, since i’m located in Holland i wanted to use the nbc app and other us only apps.
    Blackvpn allowed me to start using hulu, nbc player and other apps quickly. i was up and running in 10 minutes after i paid via paypal.
    After paying i received 2 mails (receipt + vpn setup mail), the setup mail answered all my questions.
    Customer service was good, clear replies and very quick (took half a day).
    I advise all people in need of a fast and reliable vpn service to pick blackvpn.

  119. Flemming Madsen says:

    It´s the best way to see BBC, thanks. I will try on my HTC Desire.

  120. Michiel v D says:

    Very good, and fast service. I use it for a iPad / USA connection and they have installed extra VPN servers for iPad connections to keep it fast. Simple instructions get you up to speed in no time.

  121. Luis says:

    Service is ALWAYS available. Never buffers or disconnects. I would rate this VPN 6 stars if I could. Get it. Don’t wait.

  122. Jamie says:

    Have now been with blackvpn for 1 month and the speed and service have been great.
    My abc video player now works on my iPad in Canada. Excellent support as well.

  123. Sunil Deshpande says:

    I have been using BlackVPN for nearly a month now primarily to enable me to watch BBC content as I am based in Tokyo.
    Initially some problems with my local set up were resolved immediately via the support team. Came backwith a solution within seconds!!!
    The service has been great and finally get to watch the F1 live in Tokyo via the internet
    I have already recommended this service to friends in Tokyo and they too are now enjoying the BBC out here

  124. b8626949 says:

    Cool VPN with a good speed (US server).
    I simple regret to be disconnected too often on my iPhone and iPad … I hope this will improve in future !

  125. Marcin Polak says:

    I used BlackVPN with ABC Player on my iPad – it’s fantastic!
    Three options of server in US, very good Customer Support and of course what is important for streaming – the speed is really great! Safe payment via PayPal and also if you don’t like this service there is 14-days money back guarantee! It’s really worth the price!

  126. Clark McMahon says:

    works as advertised. wont work to post on any of the *chans since the entire IP range has been blacklisted I believe but for anon forum use and streaming vids from HULU ect without being geoblocked for not having a certain IP it works great

    great success

  127. D Cerroni says:

    I have been using BlackVPN for a couple of months now and have been very pleased.
    The connection is extremely easy to setup in either of the available options.
    I use the service on WIN7 PC for access streaming media content as well as on my IPAD and IPHONE.
    Speed is also very good and the connection is always consistent and available.

    I would highly recommend this service to anyone requiring a personal VPN connection!

  128. Julien says:

    I use BlackVPN to access some content that is normally not allowed to me because of the country limitation. I have to say I am very happy with it! The suuport is also very good which is not the case with ohters providers

  129. Alkhaja says:

    Works great, have not had any problems, it helped me through many problem that i was facing with our local ISP’s proxy.

  130. SteveC says:

    Have been using US server from the UK for about a month on OSX, iphone and ipad without a hitch. This enables me to watch hulu on iMac (dedicated desktop player), abc player on ipad which is brilliant. Easy to setup good instructions, no problems with service, only speed issues relate to broadband in my area during peak times which is always an issue for me without Blackvpn when using BBC iPlayer, so not a criticism of Blackvpn. Their service has been reliable and easy to use, happy to recommend to anyone.

  131. Nien Yuan Cheng says:

    First of all I would like to give a nod to the Black VPN staff for their excellent support. I had accidentally ordered the wrong server and I had thought that there would be no refund, but I just wrote in for the heck of it. I was pleased to find in my inbox a very speedy reply saying that I got my refund. So thank you.

    Secondly, I would like to say that everything has been working out great, I had some issues with the speed but that may be my computer because on other days I’m completely fine. I can access my favorite videos with no problem.

  132. Penegal says:

    Very protective. Not expensive.

    Sometimes, very bad bandwidth which needs to reconnect. Some other times, it disconnects, but nothing serious. Nevertheless I almost never saw the bandwidth reaching the connection maximum.

    It’s a shame for the rating.

  133. R Cumming says:

    Setup in OS X 10.4 was easy once I installed Tunnelblick and support were very quick to respond to a query about my settings. The connection interface is simple to use and easy to connect.

    Sadly speed just isn’t fast enough to stream video from the UK (to Australia) without waiting for it to buffer for a long time before viewing. This may be more of a problem with available bandwidth at the video host site though?

    All in all, a good service.

  134. Harald says:

    Really a good provider!
    First I had little problems with the speed over PPTP, but the brilliant support helped me rally good to become openVPN to run.

    With openVPN really good speed!

  135. Emiel W. says:

    I have BlackVPN for a month now. At first i had some router problems but i contacted there support team and within a day i had a reply with a solution. The speed is good! Im a satisfied customer!

  136. whiteP says:

    I used to satisfied with BlackVPN. But these days, the speed has been quite slow. When I download some files, it reaches only 50kbps. I can’t use any streaming service with this speed. I have 3 months account till end of June. I’ll probably not renew the account. I’ll choose another provider.

  137. Jan Persiel says:

    I am using BlackVPN for about 3 weeks now and I am very happy with it. For watching the occasional video stream or logging into a service from another geo-location works flawlessly. No matter which device I am using, be it the iPad, a Macbook or the iPhone, it all just works. Nice one!

  138. Sascha says:

    Its easy to describe BlackVPN with one word: Awesome! BlackVPN is cheap but provides great speed. I had no problem watching Hulu from Germany with BlackVPN. The Setup couldnt be easier. Every customer will receive all the information he needs to setup the service. There are even Screencasts for people who never setup a vpn server.

    Keep up the good work.

  139. Henri Koppen says:

    Use BlackVPN not that often to get an US IP address. Sometimes it’s kind of slow. Other times it’s ok. If you spread the word it’s almost for free to use it, so that’s a big advantage.

    Setup was very easy on the iPad and it worked right away.

    So my problem is speed only, but I read they work on that. I’m happy.

  140. MKFTW says:

    Overall extremely chuffed. I use p2p to download large mod and patch files for TW games – I’m a part of the modding community for TW games. My ISP tends to tar me with the same brush as typical p2p users so my download speeds used to be atrocious. For a measly few quid a month I can now enjoy much greater download speeds on p2p.

    Admittedly, my download speeds have fallen somewhat which is especially noticeable wne it comes to streaming media in HD (iplayer etc) but I’m still very happy so far.

    Also, support is excellent. I would definitely recommend black vpn to anyone.

  141. Christoph says:

    I’ m zwing it on my iPad fo pandora Radio and the Abc Player Works Fine for me. Great Speed. Nixe Prise.

  142. Marlin says:

    I’ve been using BlackVPN for about a month now and I can, without any hesitation, recommend it highly.

    Well Done BlackVPN!


  143. Danne says:

    My main use for it is to be able to watch BBC iPlayer and for the most time i work ok. But when i watch Formula 1 on race day it get a bit sluggish and about every 5 minutes the image hangs. When the image hangs it´s take about 2-10 seconds to be ok again.

  144. Morten Wiingaard says:

    Nice service, easy to setup and I’m very pleased with not having to install extra software. I’m glad that services like this exists.

  145. tom baxter says:

    I originally spent a while deciding which service to use. BlackVPN appeared to have, on balance good reviews. I have been using BlackVPN for almost a month now. With regards to speed my main requirement is that I can watch my favourite TV shows without lag – so far I have been able to watch tv shows without any problems, so in this respect full marks.

  146. Daniel Robertsson says:

    I get a really good speed from blackvpn. Almost as much as without the vpn. it has been very stable never had any problems with connectiong to it. The support on the homepage is good but i found it abit hard to follow. Overall im very happy with my vpn. It works as promised!

  147. Matthias says:

    Since I’m living in a small unimportant country, nobody cares if I got access to all the great stuff the internet offers. But after the quick and easy setup and for just 5$ per month I’m now able to use such great stuff as Hulu or Pandora. Nice job BlackVPN!

  148. Jon says:

    Works exactly as I’d hoped. OpenVPN is really stable, link stays active almost always, great download speed on the NL server. Great stuff.

  149. hkcheung says:

    I must say that i’m very happy with the service and speed of BlackVPN.
    At registration i filled in the wrong server and ended up with the wrong server. So i mailed them to switch it for me. And they replied really fast and adequate and solved the problem very fast!

  150. mercnet says:

    First time buying a vpn service for torrents since my current ISP throttles. Spent a lot of time researching and decided blackvpn had the best deal. At first setting it up was confusing because I could not find any links to download the CA Certificates. However, a simple support ticket and they responded quickly with the links. Other than that, service has been excellent, never get dropped from the vpn!

  151. Declan Nolan says:

    Black VPN was recommended to me and have just spent a month using it .
    Overall very good , no issues setting it up and works fine .
    Definitely recommended . Professional service provided

  152. Stig says:

    I was recommended blackvpn by one of my sons, and have now had an UK server account for almost a month, my pc is running 24/7 and have never had trouble with the connection, I am very satisfied with speed and are enjoying HD material without any problems, higly recommendable !

  153. Humza Ijaz says:

    I have long missed watching east enders from BBC iplayer outside the UK and this VPN has definitely helped me to that. I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

    Also if you are not a geek like me 🙂 good news for you is installing and setting this VPN is easy as hell!!

    Thanks to BlackVPN guys for providing great support as well.

  154. Andrés says:

    Easy to contract, to set up and instantly on.

    I use it in both my iPhone and my iPad and the speed is great and easy to use.

    I would definetively recommend it, and so I am doint it.

  155. Nadeem Mustafa says:

    HI Black VPN Team,
    First of all congradulations for providing very speed and always up service. I am using your service from past 1 months and found it excellet in both corners; services wise and customer support wise and as compared to other Open SSL VPN service provider; downloading and browisng is faster and its cost effective also.

  156. Frank says:

    The speed is a little low the support is fantastic and prices are fair

  157. Michael Hiu says:


    So far, I am happy with service, except still having some problems on the web sites… overall… quit happy with the speed and support

  158. Lisardo says:

    I’m in Spain, I have an iPad and I use it to watch ABC app thanks to BlackVPN. It is super fast and the only way to use the 100% of my iPad power!


  159. Jerome says:

    A few weeks I desperately wanted to watch something online but I couldn’t because of the wrong IP address, boo. I found BlackVPN then, subscribed and I’m really satisfied with the service. It’s easy, fast and the price is ok! The customer support is also very good because they’re answering fast and immediately offer solutions.

  160. zed412 says:

    The service is perfect and the speed is excellent. In combination with the low price BlackVPN is really unbetable.

    I would reconmend BlackVPN.

  161. Marc says:

    I’ve got the US Pack and I’m using it on all my Devices for Hulu, ABCPlayer, Pandora, etc.
    It’s works great. The Speed is OK too. (Down: 5,82 Up: 1,86 Ping: 126)

    I don’t know much about the Support because I didn’t need it. It just works

  162. Alex says:

    I am very happy with the service, but the speed is sometimes a little low. Here are the Speedtest results:

    2,94 Mb/s down (without VPN)
    2,52 Mb/s down (with VPN)

    0,37 Mb/s up (without VPN)
    0,33 Mb/s up (with VPN)

    Ping 56ms (without VPN)
    Ping 288ms (with VPN)

  163. MST says:

    Great Service,
    alle works perfect on the mac and also on the iPad.
    Speed ist good, I have 200-300kb/s 🙂

  164. Marcelo says:

    I think this service is great for people that lives outside the US and works for the US market :). I always wanted to be able to stream US content on my iPad and this is the perfect solution for it. Nothing more to say. Excellent quality. Thumbs up!.

  165. Afonso says:

    I have very good experience with the US version and been using it a lot to watch either Hulu on my computer and other US content on my iPad. It’s rather good.

    The speed is for the most part close to my connection without VPN. The ping is usually quite a bit slower though, but it doesn’t bother me as I don’t use it for gaming, etc..

    I like their online instructions to activate it on multiple devices too. V helpful.

  166. Robert Munnelly says:

    Using the US server for about a month now.

    Very happy with this service. Works exactly as advertised.

    As soon as I paid (by pay pal) I got my details.

    Setup was almost flawless – the only speed bump being that the tutorial for windows 7 only gives you the details for one of the servers, so a bit of guesswork was needed. After that the connection is very good. It connects instantly, and never drops. Pretty much zero latency.

    I would (and have done!) recommend this VPN service to anyone in Europe (or elsewhere) who want to access the likes of Hulu, Netflix, etc.

    Ive been using this with my iPad too. Again, it just *works*. No latency with netflix, the abc player, etc. Very satisfied.

    Price is good too. I’ll be renewing.

  167. Jana says:

    When we moved to Germany, I was very homesick for the U.S. Suddenly watching “Glee,” PBS and “Saturday Night Live”, and listening the Pandora became so important to me. After some research, I decided to for Black VPN, and I have been very happy with it since. I can watch all of the American shows that I miss and listen to my old Pandora accounts on a (so far) flawless connection. And setting it up was super easy. I would recommend it to anyone!

  168. Andrew says:

    BlackVPN is the first VPN service that I have used, and I must say that it is an amazing product. The speed is wonderful and the number of uses numerous. I just used it to access websites that were restricted to the UK. Wonderful that we can bypass all of those stupid rules. I would recommend BlackVPN to anyone who needs this service!!!

  169. PJS says:

    BVPN is excellent and has made a real difference to ou online experience.

    Reliable and efficient.

    Keep up the good work.

  170. Flash says:

    Good for technical aspect, but bad for anonymity ! (which is the most critical point for a VPN provider). All is said in their TOS : they keep the logs of the attributed IPs per user. So if authorities force them to reveal their logs, they can find someone even if its public IP was from BlackVPN.

    From their TOS :
    “Although we do not monitor the traffic, incoming or outgoing connections of our users we may assign users to a unique IP address and log which user was assigned which IP address at a given time. If we receive a copyright violation notice from the appropriate copyright holder then we will forward the violation to the offending user and may terminate their account.”

  171. Atef Elias says:

    I have been using the Blackvpn for the past month and I would not fail to recommend this service to any of my friends and colleagues.
    However, I have one concern, the vpn is working flawlessly on my desk top but I could not get it to work on my iphone and ipad.
    I am not sure if this could be due to blocked ports from our ISP which is Etisalat.
    I hope this can be resolved because I am really happy with this vpn.

  172. Gary McFarlane says:

    Introduced to VPN by a colleague at work. I use the US server for abc tv and pandora and it works great. It’s also a great price. No complaints as yet and would highly recommend. Also, if you,re on a Mac Apple has recently updated how OSX handles VPN and all very stable. Set up was a bit fiddley on my MacBook Pro (I’m a bit last about reading instructions properly though) but easy on my iPhone3GS, and presumably likewise on iPhone 4 when I get my hands on my reserved one on launch day.

    Great service, great price. Highly recommend.

  173. Mario says:

    allowes my to look Hulu here in germany with super fast speed!

    finaly a solution for us “poor” germans 😉

    goos speed, fast conection, easy going


  174. Alexander says:

    Overall I am very happy with the quality of the service received from blackVPN. I am able to achieve my connection’s full speed (tested with SpeedTest.net on several occasions.) through both BitTorrent and HTTP transfers when connecting using the OpenVPN option, however I find that I am only able to achieve about half of my speed using PPTP, which may be an issue for some, but since all of my devices support OpenVPN, and it is a highly superior protocol, this is not an issue for me. The uptime of this service exceeds all others, and I have experienced no random disconnects, which is often the case with other providers, and can seriously jeopardise anonymity. Another advantage is that this service happily accepted paypal, and my account was activated within 5 minutes.

    I rated only 3 stars for support, because although the service itself is excellent quality, I found the setup instructions for Linux to be completely lacking, and rather unclear to follow. The instructions referenced zipfiles that were not included in the post, and I had to hunt around to find these on the site, but when I did, I was able to connect without issue. It saddens me that otherwise excellent providers basically disregard Linux as an operating system that people actually use, linking to forum posts dating from 2005/2006 rather than writing their own guides.

    Overall I have rated this 5/5, because despite the issue with the Linux instructions, the service was cheap, I could pay through paypal, and I can achieve my full connection speed using the highly secure OpenVPN protocol. This is the perfect VPN solution for me, and I will be sure to renew my subscription when it expires.

  175. Garry says:

    I was not able to get BlackVPN to work – I’m using a laptop with Win7 Pro tethered to an iPhone and trying to use Windows Media Centre to access US TV networks from Canada. I initially had installation problems and their support helped me realize that I didn’t follow all of the instructions. Once I got it installed and running, it would drop my connection (loose the DNS) and revert to non VPN. Support was not able to reproduce and solve it for me. I assume that it’s difficult to reproduce from the US with AT&T not offering iPhone tethering. It did work from the same laptop connected wireless to a LAN with cable internet and I haven’t tried it from my iPad.

  176. Sean says:

    Great service. thought it would be hard to set up but its surprisingly easy. The cost per month is very cheap and best of all you can watch US TV from any where in the world.

    Finding it hard to find faults TBH

  177. zerko says:

    The support (Mr Blue :-)) is very responsive in my experience. The best value VPN service with option of PPTP or Openvpn without extra charges. For speed I rate it 3stars because using their new ipad.blackvpn connection is slower than their PPTP connection – since the ipad server is being currently promoted for Ipad users it should at least be as fast. Maybe they underestimated the traffic for Ipad users. I hope it will improve as it is still new.

  178. Darren says:

    Excellent service. Fast, easy to setup and helpful tech support team. Wish my ISP was half as efficient.

  179. Miguel Angel says:

    Excellent service.Using blackvpn has allowed me to use the BBC Player and Channel 4 On Demand although not living in the UK.
    It’s definitily the answer to all of us who living abroad cannot enjoy all the services provided for different companies to the inhabitants of their countries.


  180. ugo boss says:

    Good service, i’m using USA server, good for navigation and also good for youtube from usa.

    Thank for your service

  181. Peter says:

    BlackVPN is cheap, simple and works great. Haven’t experienced a drop out yet.

  182. JJ says:

    BlackVPN has been a reliable solution for anyone who wants a cloak of privacy and security on the internet. I highly recommend it, especially in this day and age.

  183. Andreas says:

    Perfect for Streaming Websites with geolocation Checks. Great Speed from Germany.
    IMHO very Professional Website and Support. High competence in Customer Care.

    Definitely One of the Best VPN Services out there!

  184. shane says:

    For me the blackvpn more or less lives up to what i would expect of it … i dont use it that much only to watch BBC and the ITV players … ive found the BBC player alot of the time fails (crashes)and watching the HD is imposible as it just wont give the speed that i need to watch it (my provider in germany offers me a 16Mbit line and a 1Mbit upload) the ITV player seems to work fine, but then the quality to the BBC player in my eyes is a joke … One thing that i do find weird is that i get over a 3 Mbit upload with the vpn server when im on it which is 3 times more than i should have (maybe someone can explain to me why that is ;O) download speed jumps up and down from anything from 2-14 Mbit)…. but overall its stable enough to do what i need it to do … ive never used the support so i carnt really give a review on that … but in my eyes its worth giving it a try

  185. Rafael Ollero says:

    Perfect service for my needs.
    Easy to configure in my computer and Iphone.
    It´s my first month and i will continue using it.
    Really low price, I recommend it.

    Good work BlackVPN TEAM

    from Spain

  186. etch says:

    I have been using it since 2009 xmas and I have to say I love it. but in china the US provider seems to be blocked out. but i paid for 3 m any way earlier this year. so i was sorta pissed off when the tech-support simply replied oh it’s like blocked already.
    uk service is good. i watch iplayer and youtube all the time. very stable service. best if special notice be set to chinese subscribers agains us provider.

  187. Wan says:

    BlackVPN is highly recommended. The speed is good enough for all sort of multimedia online. The price is very reasonalbe. because of this, I can use hulu, padora. It is perfect. By the way, I am living in Ireland.

  188. Wan says:

    BlackVPN is highly recommended. The speed is good enough for all sort of multimedia online. The price is very reasonalbe. because of this, I can use hulu, padora. It is perfect. By the way, I am living in Ireland.

  189. Jonas says:

    Very happy. It’s cheap, no disconnects, great speed. Highly recommended. Thank you very much.

  190. Abdel says:


    Easy to set up,
    gives access to many interesting entertainment in the UK and US that is not accessible otherwise,
    I used it for the world cup and it works like a charm.

    sometimes it gets slow, and even slower that you can’t see the UK channels, may be its just for the UK or that the pbm is in the UK severs

    Overall I m satisfied for the cheap price I m paying,

  191. Tsvetomir says:

    It is cheap and good solution for VPN.

    Sometimes the speed is not enough for smooth video playback.

    I mainly use it for pandora, hulu, netflix, vevo but for video is average

  192. Diven p says:

    I had high expectations for this service that was recomended by my friends, and it has met everyone expectation i had. Wonderful worldwide package allows me to enjoy the internet in a far superior way then before signing up. Well worth it!!

  193. David says:

    I have the UK BlackVPN running on an iPad. Initially I was finding the speed inconsistent: sometimes as low as 0.2 mbps (which did not work for my needs) sometimes over 1.2 mbps. I took note of which of their servers was giving the better speeds. I have now set that specific server ip address as the server in my settings and the speed is now consistently acceptable.

    Support response time was great, and polite and helpful–although the person with whom I corresponded did know what to do with the inconsistent speeds I was experiencing.

    I am now very happy with BlackVPN.

  194. Ambrose says:

    Highly recommended! Sometimes the speed is slow and some lagging when viewing videos, but that’s totally understandable and that’s not that bad indeed.

    I should have subscribed the global VPN instead of just the UK one…….

  195. Pete says:

    Using to view tvcatchup from my iPad3G in US. When it works it’s great! it took 2 days for this novice to log in, customer service was prompt but luckily, my problem must not have been as complicated as he assumed…I ignored him, kept re entering and got in. 3G iPad streaming freezes after 30seconds most days, …tvcatchup advised logging out, clearing history, cache and cookies, …turning off and on iPad, then logging in again. Works sometimes.
    My speed, 3G VPN is 568kb down. Non VPN: 1 Mb

  196. Goggins says:

    Have this for my iPod, iPad n pc , it’s been great. Streaming netflix movies to Ireland. Have had no issues. Set up is easy…

  197. Dave says:

    Have been using black VPN since it was rolled out in a beta test mode, then switched over to full paid package, have no problems always happy with connection and speed, for value one of the cheapest around

  198. Ben says:

    Great VPN service. I use the USA server to watch United States television from the Netherlands. The speed is perfect and the support is great! I’m really happy with my BlackVPN Account.

  199. Philip K says:

    Black VPN is the best VPN service I have used until today. Living in Europe, using their US servers -> always up, good speed, absolutely no problems. Highly recommended!

  200. Joe says:

    delighted with blackVPN totally simple to pay for and setup – recommended without hesitation. I only use the UK VPN from Ireland.. seriously considering ordering the U.S. version too. Even basic users can setup.. dead handy. Didn’t need support but based on everything else I’m sure it’s excellent too. Well done guys. Great service.

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