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With the premium VPN service from blackVPN you can surf freely, privately & without borders. Fast & easy to setup… you can be connected within minutes.

Stay private online while you unblock websites like ThePirateBay, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and more.

With the plug & play VPN routers from blackVPN you can connect all of your devices via WiFi or ethernet. No computer needed… No software to install…

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Customer Reviews

313 Reviews to “Black VPN”
  1. Donal Thompson says:

    I was quite surprised at how easy this software is to install and set up. No hesitation in recommending.

  2. Bernd says:

    Wonderful service for me! I like to hear some music from US an watch some TV Shows from US stations. Normally I get a connection speed without BlackVPN up to 15.000 bits/s. With BlackVPN I get 4000 to 6000 bits/s. For streaming music there is always no problem. Only for streaming videos there is a little bit too often a break within the videos. But nevertheless it’s a worthful service, which I recommend for all people who wants the same like me.
    I work on Macs and the support and the manuals are very easy to understand and to set up Macs, iPads or iPhones or whatelse on the Apple world. THANKS A LOT!

  3. Bernd says:

    I’m again …. there was no ratings for Overall, speed and so on??? But I choose:

    OVERALL 5 Stars, COMP 5 Stars, Speed 4 Stars and Support 5 Stars

  4. Adam says:

    Extremely to sign up and activate. Speeds are slower than what I get without (1,400 vs 14,000), but fast enough to stream world cup coverage from the UK to my iPad in the US. Overall, very satisfied.

  5. will says:

    Everything works as advertised, and the support documents are easy to follow for the most part (except that the needed openvpn configuration documents are only on the mac support page, and are missing from the linux instructions.)

    It’s a shame that they don’t provide a port forwarding service, but that is explained in their FAQ, and isn’t a huge deal.

    Speed is good: without a VPN i get 20 Mb/s down 8 Mb/s up. When going through the Netherlands I get about 7 Mb/s down, 7 Mb/s up – which is great.

  6. Conor says:

    I have signed up with the global package for a few Windows 7 PCs in the house. Works extremely well. The US one is perfect for certain US TV sites and the UK one is likewise perfect for certain UK TV sites. I use the NL one for most other activities. Service is prompt and efficent. Pricing is surprisingly low.

    The only issue I’ve had, and this is an OpenVPN problem, not a BlackVPN one, is recovery from DSL disconnects. Our crappy ISP disconnects most nights around midnight and whilst the router reconnects fine, OpenVPN does not.

    My workaround for this is to run a script which kills the OpenVPN process and then restarts it around 12.30 every night. A few other tweaks (like using IP address rather than DNS name) and it seems to be reliable now.

    I have also used it on Android handsets over Wifi and it works perfectly.

    Overall highly recommended.

  7. Hltoo says:

    Simple and works for location in Malaysia. Use it to purchase iTunes,iBooks and movies in Apple store US for my wifi Ipad. Of course this is done using iTune Gift Coupons and an US address.
    Speed wise may be a tart slower in performance but hardly feels it.
    Thanks to your team for enabling this service to 3rd world country which has 1st world infrastructure, but 3rd world government policies and restrictions.

  8. scorp says:

    Overall I’d recommend the service to anyone thats new to proxy setup easy to use and up and running in no time Thank you Black VPN

  9. FPA says:

    I am very pleased with this service. It was easy to install, works well, and all this with an affordable price tag. What is missing for me (would be the 5th star) are server accesses to other European contries, in my case Germany.

  10. Altalala says:

    I was searching for test a VPN, and it’s by random that I use now BlackVPN. Notice that I was absolutely a Noob in VPN and in 5 min my connection was setup.I was a little afraid about the customer support but I was wrong.they’re very reactive and friendly.
    I was afraid too with speed download but, again, I was wrong.I’ve lost 30-40Ko/s.(usualy 720Ko/s max)
    I surely recommend this VPN.
    Just a ,little, bad point is the price for the global package.A little less price will be nice.
    Sorry for my english.

    J’etais à la recherche d’un VPN et c’est presque par hazad que je suis tombé sur BlackVPN. J’étais débutant dans l’utilisation d’un VPN mais en 5 min ma connection était établie.Quelques inquiétudes sur le service client mais là encore je fut vite rassuré,car celui-ci est très réactif et très sympa.
    Pour la vitesse de connection, j’ai perdu 30-40Ko/s (sur 720Ko/s max).
    Je recommande vivement BlackVPN.
    Peut etre un mauvais point, le prix du ‘global package’ que je trouve un peu élevé.

  11. shane says:


    Hi Conor,
    How did you get it working on android? I’m running a Samsung Galaxy S with Android 2.1

    I tried the settings but no luck 🙁


  12. EBob says:

    I sígned up mainly for my iPad, because blackVPN has special servers for this purpose and it works quite fine. Also quite easy to switch in iPad and iPhone general settings between various (US, UK) VNP configurations. And it also works nicely on my MacMini with Plex as Media Center – Netflix, BBC iPlayer work great. Performance/speed is most of the time good, but with some option to improve. Overall, also taking into account the fair price – can be highly recommended.

  13. Jon says:

    First VPN service. $10 for 3 different geo-servers is cheaper and more time efficient than setting it up on my own server for sure plus multi-region streaming TV shows.

    Speed is meh. I’m running 100mbit Fiber here in Japan and my Speedtest.net score is 76mbps down / 64mbps up. Pings to servers abroad always under 20ms.

    During the average 20 minute drama on Hulu or show on BBC’s iTV, the video will re-buffer 4-5 times. During the World Cup games it happened so much that for games I was looking forward to I just went to the local pub instead.

    Compatibility-wise, only one issue: I had trouble purchasing Steam games using Paypal. It failed each time.

    Support sucks. Their setup mail with my login information didn’t arrive at all (not in Spam folder, not listed ANYWHERE) and I was told by customer service to “check my mail”. I repeated it wasn’t listed like they explain on the website and in their correspondence with me but they IGNORED me.

    Luckily for me I’m smarter than their dumbass C.S. people and using their online form requested username/PW again and FINALLY was able to login. Otherwise, I would have had to wait a day before their useless custom service replied.

    Will I use it again? I doubt it. Will try out some other VPN.

  14. Peter says:

    Absolutely no issues at all – service exactly as expected. Didn’t have extensive useage of the service during my 1 month period but was pleased with the results and would recommend.

  15. Alexander says:

    This is the first time I use VPN services and i’m pleased to see how easy BlackVPN is to setup. All informations needed are on their website. I’m very surprised how fast it is (knowing the path) but i’m also disappointed about this because sometimes it’s very slow (and I don’t know why because when I just disconnect from BlackVPN, connection speed come back to normal). Overall, this is a real good VPN!

  16. Samtacki says:

    I must say this service is top class. I used it during the world cup to watch matches while I was at work. Slamming! Only a few times I had a problem connecting, but hey that’s computers for you. I am using this service on my iPad and it works, bottom line it works. I would try it if I were you.

  17. Greg says:

    I’ve read about Black VPN on one of the local online news website. I immediately had to try it and instantly loved it! I’m using it on all my hardware … it was as easy as 1,2, 3 to set up.
    Amazing how I was able to “survive” without it! 🙂

  18. Greg says:

    I’ve read about Black VPN on a local news website and immediately had to try it! Being a movie/tv-show afficionado I instantly fell in love with the service! One word – AWESOME. Easy set-up, easy to use.

  19. Benjamin says:

    BlackVPN was the first VPN I’ve ever used and I don’t see the point in testing any other. Its cheap, fast and reliable. I can’t even tell the difference in HTTP speed. I’ve even been able to play online games through a USA server and get 160 latency back.

    Hulu works fantastic, also recommend to bypass the MegaVideo viewing limit. I hope to be using this VPN furthermore in the future as I have no reason not to.

  20. Michael says:

    I have been using the service for over a month now, and though I had problems using Tunnelblick over OpenVPN (the connection kept dropping after 10 min.) once I switched to Viscosity, the connection hasn’t dropped at all. Overall I’d recommend this service.

  21. Koen says:

    Used this service to access some US sites that are geo-blocked in Europe. Sign up was very easy and it’s very easy to connect through VPN in Windows 7. Pandora and Hulo work perfectly. I was hoping ESPN3.com would also work but it doesn’t since ESPN only allows streaming access to US internet providers they have made a distribution deal with. Overall, good service.

  22. Michael says:

    Overall I recommend this service. At first I had trouble using Tunnelblick over OpenVPN, the service just kept disconnecting after 10 min. Once I switched to using Viscosity the problem went away and I stay connected.

  23. Alexander says:

    First: Sorry for my English. I#m from Germany

    This Service works very well =)
    At the beginning I had some Questions wich were answerd by the Support very fast.
    The Speed in Germany ( with an NL VPN ) with a 6000 DSL Connection is very well. Without the VPN my Downlaod is ~700 kb/s. With the VPN my Downoad is ~600 kb/s.

    Very good Service =)

  24. Chloe says:

    Very easy to set up. I use it on my iPod touchand laptop. I very occasionally loose connection and sometimes have probs on the iPod – just a bit stilted. Having said that I’m very pleased.

  25. Elle says:

    I was extremely (and happily) surprised ¡¡¡ It was easy to configure on my Iphone and works very good.

    Been using it also on my Ipad and dowloading with quite good speed and almost no losing connection.

    Really good VPN¡¡¡

  26. Farshad says:

    Wonderful support and very fast.
    I had lots of issue to setup and use it but with very good support of VPN finaly i be able to use it.
    I’m so happy
    Thank you

  27. Farshad says:

    Wonderful support and very fast.
    I had some issue but with very good support I be able to use it and it works perfect.
    I’m so happy and Thank you

  28. Michael says:

    I am living in Europe / Austria and I am using blackVPN for streaming hulu.com or other streaming platforms.
    I am using the account on my imac, ipad and iphone and the set up is really easy. Just a few steps and everything works great.

    The only think I am missing is a better user / account management, where I can change easily the password or get more information about my account (infos how long my account will be valid, statistics and so on).

    Support will answer mails in less than 24h – that’s nice and good service.

    I would prefer a better speed from Austria, but it’s enough for hulu.com streaming – but for HD videos I would like to get more speed 🙂

    I tested the speedtest.net platform and had following results:

    my ISP:
    Download: 46.78 MB/s
    Upload: 4.69 MB/s
    Ping: 29ms

    Download: 1.63 MB/s
    Upload: 3.34 MB/s
    Ping: 185ms

    blackVPN is really easy to set up and works great!

  29. Farshad says:

    Wonderful support and very fast.

    I had some issue but with very good support I be able to use it and it works perfect.

    I’m so happy and Thank you

  30. Vicky says:

    I’ve used this for a month now and it is mainly very good, although there have been a couple of occasions where I could not connect and did not know why. I have recently switched to the Open VPN which seems more stable and reliable, although it’s a bit more of a fiddle to use on Vista. Overall very good I plan to keep using Black VPN.

  31. Alex W. says:

    I live in Germany and want to use mainly Hulu and Pandora.
    BlackVPN works just great.
    I use BlackVPN on my iPad, iMac and iPhone and it just works. The speed is not super fast, but fast enough for videostreaming. Considering that videostreaming is already quite demanding and you shouldn’t use a VPN to download large files to begin with, it works really great.

    I had some trouble using BlackVPN in the beginning because of some routersettings on my side. The BlackVPN customer support responded quickly and I could solve the problem.

    I can recommend BlackVPN without a doubt to anyone. It’s easy to setup, fast, has professional support and inexpensive.
    I already recommended it to my friends. All of them are really happy to use Pandora and Hulu now in Germany, thanks to BlackVPN.
    Again, it just works and that is, what counts.

  32. Thomas Janisch says:

    BlackVPN helped me to get several location-bases problems fixed, and moreover to get rid of several firewall-restriction-issues.
    Speed is ok, service and support too.
    I can just recomend it.

  33. TIm Kremer says:

    I subscribed to the global package because I needed a US and UK IP address to get access to some local content. Set up was easy, switching between servers is quick and easy. The speed though has been an issue, it is at times painfully slow. We have a 6 MB up / down pipe in the office but this drops to 0.5 mb when connecting through the VPN. Their customer support is excellent though and offered a few options on how to increase speed. As of yesterday we can no longer get a UK IP address, even though it shows connected. Let’s hope that their support team can point us in the right direction.

    But cost and support are good and I have recommended them to a few friends already. If the speed would be quicker I’d use the VPN all day instead of just when I have to.

  34. Thinker says:

    WARNING Back VPN is NOT Anonymous

    Quote form Black VPN ‘Terms of Service’

    We only log the following information:

    The time of the connection and disconnection to our Services
    The IP address assigned to a particular user at each time
    Bandwidth utilization of each user

    Copyright Violations
    Although we do not monitor the traffic, incoming or outgoing connections of our users we may assign users to a unique IP address and log which user was assigned which IP address at a given time. If we receive a copyright violation notice from the appropriate copyright holder then we will forward the violation to the offending user and may terminate their account. We therefore ask our users not to distribute or transmit material which violates the copyright laws in either your country or the country in which our Service is hosted.

    In other words it is not an “Anonymous” VPN.

    They keep logs of who has what IP address at what times, so all the Government or MPAA has to do is say We have a record of this IP address doing all this stuff at this time and BlackVPN says Owe ya that IP is was Jacob Tanner at 1234 wonderland CA USA. There is no need for BlackVPN to log anything about your surfing habits because everyone ells is doing that for them. BlackVPN is worthless.

  35. Seku says:

    Client since about a month, I am generally satisfied with the services BlackVPN.

    Installing on Ubuntu Linux is simple, once one has understood the need to use certificates located… in the Windows installer !

    The download speed is satisfactory, although a bit slow between Paris and Amsterdam. Upload speed is good.

    Too bad that some ports are not open for optimal use of P2P.

    I would prefer that the logs are destroyed daily for optimal privacy, or that there is no logs.

  36. David Knight says:

    As the contact email is not working, I am contacting you through this, hoping to get a reply to the following problem:
    I was informed that my account will expire on July 23. I signed up on April 23 for 3 months, since then 3 people have signed up using my referral code plus I submitted a review of the service. This should have earned me 8 weeks extra subsrciption. Please comment asap. Thank you.

  37. André says:

    I find this service very usefull on my iPhone.

    Sometimes it drops the VPN connection – But that may aswell be the 3G network.

    Great product…

  38. Thomas Langstadlinger says:

    Really great VPN service. There are many VPNs for the US out there, and as I live in Austria I’ve tested many of them. blackVPN has overall the best speed compared to others.
    And it’s CHEAP!

  39. Thomas says:

    I’m pretty happy with this service! The speed is ok in most cases and I can eventually use Hulu in Germany. There are only a little hick-ups like dropped frames but that is really rare.

    At the beginning It can be a little tricky to find the right vpn server because the documentation is not as good as it could be. But if you took the right one, it all works flawlessly on my MacBook / iPad / iPhone.

    And the price is really ok!

  40. Mr P says:

    Watch out for this company! First they charge your credit card. The next day I wasn’t able to login with my credentials. Now I try to get in touch with them through the contact and support forms on their site, which merely return error messages and have done that since a week ago.


  41. Max says:

    I can recommed blackVPN without any hesitation: it is easy to set up on all devices, there is no noticable delay in speed, and it is cheap, too. I use the US-server with my iPhone, iPad and Mac, and I am very satisfied with the service on each one of them.

  42. BlackMamba says:

    BlackVPN is my first VPN-Service I am using and it works just great.
    Easy to install, thanks to the good manual. Took me like 2 mins. on my Macintosh to get things running …
    The speed is really good, sometimes it drops a little bit but I think you can do all the major stuff like browsing on youtube, emailing, radio-streaming etc.

    So yeah, give it a try!

  43. b8626949 says:

    I’am using blackvpn from France for three months and I can recommend this for the use I have : access pandora radio on my iPad and iPhone …
    I would like to use it to access hulu but my ADSL is too limited to even try.
    I have a little too many server disconnections but for my use it’s ok.
    I don’t use blackvpn for p2p … The terms and conditions are clear, you cannot count on blackvpn to guarantee your anonymity on that use.

  44. Mark H says:

    BlackVPN is by far the best private VPN I have used. From Florida to the Netherlands I get a speed test of 1.3 to 2.11MPS, without I test at 10.7MPS.

    Their privacy policy is strait forward and if you do have any issues their support email is answered within 24 hours (if I email them during work hours I have got a response within an hour)

    I have used Strong VPN and Banana VPN, they do bot compare in quality of service or up-time with BlackVPN.

    I log into Black VPN whenever I want extra security.

  45. Sarah says:

    I am very happy with Black VPN, having used it now for 12 months to access UK servers from Europe. I have a Mac Book and installing it was clear and easy to follow. On the few occasions when I had a glitch, like when changing from an old to a new computer, Black VPN provided instant and reliable support solutions. The same with the P2P issue.
    The price is cheap for what it offers, the speed is good and I have no complaints.

  46. Kok Ching says:

    Very easy to setup and used. Speed and consistently can be improved. Generally, I used it more often than I thought I would before I signed up for it.

  47. John Bob says:

    Great service would really recommend it. I would recommend using Open VPN with this as before I set it up with windows and the connection would keep dropping but once your connected to open VPN the connection doesn’t drop. Speed is pretty good i’m only on a 1MB connection and the difference is only about 10kb/s so i’m pretty happy with that. I also think the cost is really competitive and is totally worth the price. I think this is one of the best VPN services on the market right now

  48. amar says:

    signed up to watch live world cup. however, speed was too slow and kept getting locked.

  49. Inqui says:

    This is my first VPN Service and I’m very happy with BlackVPN.
    I’m using it to access Hulu and Netflix from Germany and it works great.
    Easy configuration on Mac OSX / iPhone / iPad.

  50. Don Moloney says:

    This is the only VPN for me. It is perfect for watching BBC iplayer or catchupTV on my iPad in Ireland. Highly highly Recommended.

  51. Paul says:

    Based on all the good reviews of BlackVpn I decided to purshase one month on the Euro server(netherlands) for safe P2P activity.
    Payment was fast through paypal, I got my account details instantly and set up was a piece of cake.(using openVpn)
    My normal ISP speed is, according to speedtest.net : 18 mb/s Download and 0.9 mb/s Upload with 24 ms ping.
    Now through blackvpn I get : 4.5 mb/s Dl and 2 mb/s (?!) Ul with 48 ms ping. I was getting a much better upload speed about three weeks ago, with download speeds as high as 1.4 mo/s. Upload has been consistant between 60 to 90 ko/s.
    I got disconnected a few times during the month but got no problem connecting again. Support seems nice, you get emails reminding you when your account is gonna expire.
    Overall I think the experience was pretty good but I’d like more consistant donwload speeds.

  52. Alex W. says:

    I am really happy with the BlackVPN USA plan. It is reliable and fast.
    I mainly use it for watching Hulu and listening to Pandora, here in Germany.
    I’ve tried a lot of different VPN services, believe me, but the price and the support by the BlackVPN team is superb. I had trouble with my router and after 2 emails in a hour(!) the problem was fixed.
    Also the referral program is quite nice. I get an extra month for everyone who joins BlackVPN through my referral link and they can get 3 months for the price of one.
    All in all, I can recommend BlackVPN to anyone who wants a fast, reliable and tech-supported service for very little money.

  53. mamboboy says:

    I’ve been using BlackVPN now for around 2-3 weeks and so far it’s been excellent. Good uptime, only occasionally dropping whilst I’m asleep, etc so not really a problem. Websites load at the same speed as they did prior to using the VPN (these are my firs providers). I’m in the UK, and videos on Hulu/Netflix will stream within seconds, with no lag at all. Really pleased.

    If I have any qualms, then it would be the fact you can’t change to a different IP. Obviously some people utilize VPN for all the wrong reasons, and I’m finding ‘my’ IP has been blocked on some forums, etc which is a little frustrating when I have to disconnect from the VPN to browse them. Also the NL VPN could be faster – browsing can be very slow at times, and torrents struggle to reach 200kbps (on a 5mbit connection). US one is rock solid, though. Can’t vouch for the UK as I haven’t used it yet.

    But all in all you can’t go wrong for the price, and I’ll definitely be renewing my sub when it runs out.

  54. Ger Egan says:

    Used for BBC I Player. Works well but slows down my normal speed a bit. Had to install the VNC component as simple install did not work but overall worth the effort

  55. Marius says:

    This is the first time I use this VPN service due to firewall restrictions at the student hostel.

    I paid for the UK server service and I’m fully addicted to it. Watching british TV online works fine.

    The internet connection is not that bad. If I use my DSL 6000 at home I got a download speed of ~ 500kb +- 50kb. Depends sometimes on the time of the day as I think. I get better and faster connections at night than at day.

    In my opinion the support is good. After I got problems to login to the service they helped me almost immediately fixing it.

    All in all the price-performance ratio is the best I found on the internet!

  56. C. says:

    First time using a VPN service. The upload speeds from blackVPN (EU Servers) haven’t disappointed, and the download speeds are alright. I have found that, on occasion when the download speeds are unbearable, reconnecting until obtaining a new ip address/server connection provides a quick fix.

    Without blackVPN:

    20 Mb/s Down
    2 Mb/s Up

    With blackVPN:

    0.48 Mb/s Down
    1.15 Mb/s Up

    With blackVPN after reconnect trick:

    3.28 Mb/s Down
    5.67 Mb/s Up

    As for that last Upload figure, don’t get your hopes up, you’ll still only be able to upload as fast as your ISP connection, the same goes for downloading. All in all blackVPN gets the job done and I will likely renew my subscription when it runs out.

    If you are thinking of getting a blackVPN subscription you can use the promo code UYRBEZF and get 2 months free!

  57. S. says:

    I like blackVPN because they offer inexpensive and relatively fast OpenVPN connectivity. The only downside seems to be, that a popular one click hoster blocks premium for blackVPN users (and you have only the one IP).

  58. Anders Lassen says:

    BlackVPN is in my opinion really good.
    Have the global package, and suddenly the entire world i accessible.
    For instance watching British or US specific webTV channels or listen to radio.
    I have also used it for P2P and the performance is really good compared to other VPN’s I’ve tried.


  59. Benn says:

    This a real good solution. blackVPN is a cheap VPN. I’ve encontred some problems with my DSL Connection (2048Ko) but there is no real problems with a large bandwitch.
    Support team is reactive and you can use Two SYSTEMS PPTP and OpenVPN.
    This is a complete package!

  60. SG says:

    On openvpn the speed is great from all three servers. The latency was surprising low when using the overseas servers. The only downside is the price. There are cheaper options and even though it’s worth a little more to get decent speeds I still wish the price was a little lower.

  61. Anders Lassen says:

    Best VPN I’ve ever used.
    The speed is so much better than others tried (And not only free ones)

    Havent really used support, but setting up BlackVPN is so easy. Very nice instructions.

    I’ve had the global package. Watching US or British TV channels or listening to country-limited radiostations works as a charm 🙂


  62. amy p says:

    been using blackvpn for over a month now and would recomend the service to anyone.in fact i have and my bro is now a happy customer too.Only had one drop out and this might have been down to my isp.Overall a reliable service at a competitive price,keep up the good work guys

  63. fk says:

    The price is very good for the service you get. there is a special ipad link you put in to the preferences on the ipad and it works fine. sometimes on hulu I experienced difficulties (for US only) but that may have something to do with cookies.
    I try it out a little bit longer.

    the turtorials on blackvpns homepage are good too.

  64. kenny says:

    took the cheap offer up to see what its all about running win 7 thought i would have lots problems with this blackVPN, but no, went straight on very easy, great stuff would highly recommend.

  65. amy pond says:

    My first vpn and thanks to a great sevice at a competitive price i will never need another,fully reccomend blackvpn

  66. Sarah says:

    Paid by Paypal last Friday for three month service. No login details have yet been provided by Black VPN, and no response to chaser emails. My experience makes me wonder what this company is really offering.

  67. Gabriel F. says:

    I tried the global package and I’m quite satisfied with all the options they offer! You’ve have pptp or openvpn or you can even connect to this vpn with an ipad! In overall they offer great reliability even though it seems to disconnect once a week (I use it mostly everyday though so I would say the uptime is great)
    Also, their support is incredibly fast, usually within a business day!

  68. GOMEZ32Cathy says:

    Don’t have cash to buy a building? Do not worry, because this is available to take the loan to work out all the problems. Hence get a short term loan to buy everything you want.

  69. Noel says:

    I have been using the global package for over 1 month now and I find it fantastic. I mainly use it to watch on demand tv from the UK. I look forward to using this service for the future . Black VPN is the number 1 provider out there. As others have said if you connect to black VPN and get slow speeds you can reconnecdt to a diff server which should fix that problem.

    Without blackVPN:

    14.52 Mb/s Down
    1.28 Mb/s Up
    38ms Ping

    With blackVPN:

    13.65 Mb/s Down
    4.09 Mb/s Up
    47ms Ping.

    Interesting that when i did my speedtest with black VPN it was much faster for the upload speeds. 🙂

  70. TGF says:

    Been using Blackvpn for few days now on EU server. When connected, download speed vary between 0.60 mbit/s to 11 mbit/s. Honestly i did expect better performance regarding the speed.

  71. Marge Loi says:

    hey everyone, i’m really bored on the net so you all should mail moi if you are too, strike up a convo :). or possibly facebook, my name on there is miguel kowalski

  72. David says:

    I can not really rate the support as I have not had any use. I’m using BlackVPN since 2 months and the speed is always good. I can stay connected for several days without problem.

  73. Lukas Pitschl says:

    It was incredible. Fill out a form and be up and running within 2 minutes. Dead simple, and never experienced any outages or delays! Also very very cheap. I only found out, Hulu wasn’t that great anyway, since they take at least one day to upload newest episodes…

  74. John S says:

    This really surprised me with its speed and compatibility. For web browsing you cant tell a difference in speed (I have a fiber connection). Torrents sometimes run slow but not too bad. Speedtest.net gave me 13Mbps down and 4 up.

    I like the compatibility- I use this on mac, linux, and iphone. Also openvpn compatibility is nice. Would recommend.

  75. Emmanuelle says:

    I had already tested anonyne in pptp but having some problems I’m facing to this vpn and I’m very happy. And small precision, for my part in openvpn flow is much higher than in pptp. About 10Mbps down, correct, so I recommend it!
    If you feel I enclosed my discount code, 2 months free it does not refuse ^^
    > TXVKNQU <

    ps: Excuse google for this very bad traduction, je suis francaise;p

  76. Richard says:

    Installs easy and one can google for registration code and get 3 months for price of 1. But for me not usable as live in USA and the server is Chicago area gives me 649 KBS down and 700 KBS up and with it turned off I get 4MBS. So basicaly not usable except for web pages – much too slow

  77. hydropruben says:

    This Service works very well Without the VPN my Download is ~1000 kb/s. With the VPN my Downoad is ~900 kb/s. For a reduction code WMTJMHT.

  78. Martin says:

    I have tried this VPN provider a couple of times and I have always been satisfied! Very easy installation/setup and a useful guide.

    BlackVPN is my favorite VPN provider!!

  79. Chris says:

    Been using this VPN for a couple of months now, and have had no problems. Some other people have said they’ve had trouble with logging in, but I’ve had none of that. The download speed can be a bit slow, or seem that way if you’re used to having a fast connection. I usually get 3-4 megabits per second downloading with the VPN (my normal internet connection is 15-20 megabits). The upload speed is great though, and I have yet to be unable to max it out on blackVPN (2 megabits per second). I haven’t had to contact support, so I’m not rating that. I’ve used a few other VPN’s and so far blackVPN is my favorite. Reliable & inexpensive ($6-7/month). I would definitely recommend this VPN.

    I used the promo code UYRBEZF posted by “C.” and got 3 months for the price of one, which is great!

  80. Valeska says:

    Generally spoken I’m satisfied with this vpn. The only negative point is that normally speed slows down very much when I use it twice ore more often a day.

  81. Will M says:

    Great Service and excellent customer service. !!! So far this has been the best vpn service ive ever used. They also have very fast response to my questions! A++++++ from me.

  82. MyLinuxMint says:

    A friend of mine has been using BlackVPN for a few days now. The price he got for a 3-month access was a steal. So far VPN seems to connect fine, but he has had some disconnects with OpenVPN.The exact cause is still unknown. PPTP seems to be bit more reliable, but OpenVPN is preferrable.

    I might post another review in a couple of month, when having more hands-on experience with BlackVPN. Because of this please view my stars given as preliminary.You’re welcome to share your experience with BlackVPN on my blog (just google for mylinuxmint9).

  83. Installs easy and one can google for registration code and get 3 months for price of 1. But for me not usable as live in USA and the server is Chicago area gives me 649 KBS down and 700 KBS up and with it turned off I get 4MBS. So basicaly not usable except for web pages – much too slow

  84. XXTor says:

    for BlackVPN: 2 months FREE using this code: HMWXWSN

  85. Mario Bayer says:

    Easy to setup on iOS devices, also on every usual Mac OS X device so not a lot todo… just type in the right VPN date, username & password and here we go! It’s running!

    That’s the way it should be!

  86. leo says:

    it was difficult to set up an uk vpn connection, as the instructions contain mistakes there. the ip adress has to be vpn.blackvpn.co.uk which is nowhere shown. you can assume that it might be *.uk or *.com but it took me quite a while until i found out. Maybe it was shown in the apple instruction…
    speed was ok for streaming, but not for streaming hd content, say about 2500-3500. normally my speed is 6000.
    these days i cant connect to vpn, and the support didnt get back to me yet, but it was working perfectly a few days ago.

  87. breeven says:

    I have to agree with the reviewer two positions above me, it’s a breeze to use on your iPhone. I use BlackVPN while travelling and using public wifi hotspots.
    I used to log into my own modem’s VPN before, but BlackVPN is a lot more stable. (Although it will lose connection on average once every two hours).
    For the money they charge, a good service.

  88. xthro says:

    I have sign for an account with blackvpn. The process was fast and easy and I got access instantly to their server. When I had a technical question I got a reply within 24h from thier support team.
    The price is outstanding as well.
    I can really recommend this service.

  89. Simone says:

    pay for 1 month, get 2 months free

    using referal code: GFGEKSU

    Have fun

  90. VPN erter says:

    Easy to setup. Support response could have been a little bit faster though. Once problem has been fixed it’s been working fine. Speeds are much better than other VPN providers

  91. Adam Mercer says:

    I’ve been using BlackVPN for about a month now, after the recommendation from a friend. I do a lot of travel and was constantly running into problems relating to geo-location, with BlackVPN I no longer run into such problems. The service is very fast and usually seems to be limited by the speed of whatever ISP I’m connecting from. I’ve ran into a few problems but after contacting support they have usually been resolved within a matter of hours.

  92. Thomas says:

    I ordered for 1 month the eu-server, but right now I am pretty disappointed about the speed.

    Usually I have a 6000 kbit connection. With BlackVPN enabled (NL or LT server) I got a maximum of 2500 kbit/s. Too poor for me, sorry.

  93. Ben says:

    Sorry, but the speed is very bad!
    I use the NL Servers and I hardly get above 2-3 Mbit/s.

    Would not recommend this one, although it is cheap!

  94. melanie martin says:

    I cannot get it to work, cannot get anyone to help. The whole service makes me want to kill myself. I do NOT recommend.

  95. Mark says:

    Hi! I suggest blackvpn to everyone who keeps their internet traffic important, adn want to make it private! for already being very stable, its also very cheap.

    With this referral code youll get an discount, which makes it almost free!

    Referral Code: BUHFPJS

    thanks //mark

  96. Luis Bermudez says:

    I subscribed to this service one month ago, and haven’t have any problem at all, is easy to use, in my laptop or iPhone. The monthly price is a little high, there is room to improve.

  97. Jeff from Europe says:

    It is my first VPN service and I’m glad it’s with BlackVPN. Overall their service quality is excellent. Speed is okay even for streaming. I was disconnected only a couples of times during one monthe of intensive use. I tested it on 3 laptops and 1 iPad. Works great and configuration is easy. The only problem is when you open an account it takes BlackVPN over 24hours to send your username and password… Solution: immediately after payment just go to the lost password section and obtain a new one by email! Then you can use the VPN service almost instantly after payment.

  98. Tib says:

    Very good vpn !
    For thoses who want 2 months free use my referral code : TRNZRVJ


  99. don says:

    I have been using blackVPN for the past 6 months and find it works great. US and UK servers are great for watching TV. Price is very low (5 euro) and they answer to support questions fast. Would highly recommend it. So far I am very happy with blackVPN!

  100. Y. Derreck says:

    Very satisfied with the prices and anonymity provided by BlackVPN. No restrictions for downloading or anything.

    If you use the refferal code UEPMXYS you will even get 2 additional months for free!

    That means 5 euro for 3 whole months 🙂

  101. Timo says:

    BlackVpn does a great service!!
    just one minus.. The speed is low..
    its enough for just surfing websites..
    but Price is good!! Its a good deal, I think.

  102. John says:

    I’ve been using this VPN for a while now and have had no problems at all. If you’d like to sign-up, use the code UYRBEZF and get 2 months free!

  103. Darkoperator says:

    Use the referral code: GNFWNDC

    I got 3 months for the price of one!! Older code I found on the net did not work for me. This is a really nice deal.
    Speed is really good, I use their servers in the Netherlands and Lithuania for torrents. Servers in the US and UK work great for streaming media BBC…

  104. DG says:

    I am using Black VPN’s global package on Windows 7/OSX, and I couldn’t be happier with the service. Fast, reliable and secure. I would recommend to anyone looking for a reliable and easy to use VPN.

  105. John says:

    Blackvpn has been the best VPN service I have tried so far. The speeds are as fast as my normal connection which is comcast’s highest package. So far they are better than some of the big name vpn services out there, because they provide Superior speeds.

  106. pgxrbayy says:

    BlackVPN is Fantastic. It really should be at the top of the list! I’ve tried several VPNs, including some of the overhyped ones ,which were awful and had terrible Cutomer Support. BlackVPN will respond to any email in 24 hours. Unlike Top VPNs on this site, BlackVPN actually takes your Anonymity seriously – http://bit.ly/okfVrI. I have never experienced any downtime on their servers, and the speeds are generally just as fast as my normal connection. It’s also cool to see a VPN actively posting on their Twitter page all types of Privacy and Internet Freedom articles – twitter.com/blackVPN. Sign up with this code and get 2 months of service for free – UWAXDQU. If you’re unsatisfied they have a 2 week money back guarantee – but you won’t need it. 🙂

  107. Jerome says:

    I use BlackVPN to watch British TV (BBC iPlayer, 4OD, etc).
    I’m very satisfied, it just works. Speed is good, enough to stream videos. Of course now and then it could be faster but that’s due to being a VPN tunnel.
    Insofar I can recommend BlackVPN.

  108. Janice says:

    According to TorrentFreak about Black VPN

    We do not keep any logs about our users internet activities including which sites they access or what data they transfer. We also run log cleaners on our systems which removes the IPs from logs before they are written to disk,” the company told TorrentFreak.

    BlackVPN say they hold a username and email address of their subscribers and the times of connection and disconnection to their services along with bandwidth consumption. Logging is carried out as follows:

    “On our Privacy Servers, NL & LT we don’t log anything that can identify the user, but on our US & UK server where we don’t allow sharing copyrighted materials we do log the internal RFC1918 IP that is assigned to the user at a specific time,” BlackVPN explain.

    “So to clarify, we don’t log the real external IP of the user, just our RFC1918 internal one, this we have to do to comply with local laws and to be able to handle DMCAs.”

    “Although we do not monitor the traffic, incoming or outgoing connections of our users we may assign users to a unique IP address and log which user was assigned which IP address at a given time. If we receive a copyright violation notice from the appropriate copyright holder then we will forward the violation to the offending user and may terminate their account.

    All that nonsense seems to be they don’t log external ip but they DO LOG activity that may result in DMCA! I am unsure if they will give out your information to Law enforcement/RIAA/MPAA or just simply terminate your account. I am unsure if its safe to use this service for p2p but I am reasonably certain they are more trustworthy compare to some who only says no logs but will hand our ass to Law Enforcement. Either way I still say any subscribers should be careful dealing with Black VPN. I am unsure why so many users giving them 5 stars in everything they are not perfect in any sense but then again I just subscribe I can’t say 100%.

    No connection Log
    Reasonable Speed

    Has activity Log

  109. VPN service reviews says:

    Well according to me yes Black VPN is providing a great service. I tried to use it once and it really worked well. But like other VPN networks, I am little afraid if it keeps the track record of my browsing history or you can say i am scared of my privacy infringement.

  110. Thoms says:

    I’m using BlackVPN about one month and this is a real good solution: high speed for low price. However, there are two small points that could be improved. It would be better for me, if I could select the IP by myself and keep it unchanged over the subscription. Because by some of services is the binding to IP address obligatory. And secondly, it would be supper when username and password would be automatically feel. Otherwise, I’m completely satisfied with the service.

  111. Dan S says:

    Easy setup across different platforms. Very clear instructions on their website. After that it just works exactly the way you’d expect it to. The speed is pretty decent too. This review is based on just under a year of usage.

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