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Best VPN service provider in China

China is becoming more and more important in this world, many foreigners visit this red-big-country every year. no matter you are business men, travelers or students,you have to face one big problem, that is the internet access in this country is highly restricted. the top sites in the world like Facebook,Youtube,Twitter are all get blocked here, and the worst thing is, some sites is clear itself, but it could also being blocked because these sites are using the same IP address with other “bad sites” or even if they are using the same DNS server, the clean sites will being blocked because the “bad sites” are using the same DNS server.

The only solution for foreigners is the VPN service. after you successfully connected to the VPN server, you can surf the internet just like you are in your home.There are generally 3 kinds of VPNs, PPTP VPN,L2TP VPN and OpenVPN, i always recommend OpenVPN in China, because PPTP and L2TP can be easily blocked, you may have problem using PPTP and L2TP

Julyrush.com is a China based VPN service provider, these guys know anything about the Chinese internet, they can help you resolving the problem in China. they offer PPTP/L2TP and OpenVPN service. and most important is they have many servers located in Asia, like Japan, HK etc… which makes you get a decent speed on their VPN servers.

If you are in China or Asia country and you want a VPN service, you should go with Julyrush, i recommend them.