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Best VPN provider in China

China is a special place for those VPN users, the reason is China will block VPN server. so you’d better find a local VPN provider if you are in China

there are not many private VPN service providers in China offer English service, most of them only do Chinese market. so it is hard to find an idea provider. julyrush.com is the one i know. these guys offer great VPN service. and they are located in China. they can make fast respond to emergencies.

They offer OpenVPN, PPTP,L2TP,Cisco ipsec and SSH tunnel service, works on any platform, because their customers almost located in China, so they have many Asia servers, which is very fast in China

And, julyrush.com has VPN software, this is very important for China user, because the Great Fire Wall usually block server ports and IPs. use software can avoid this issue, you can always get in touch with the provider. it is very convenience.Julyrush.com can also do local payment methods. this is the only one i know that accept China banks, it is great to whose who in China.

find a local provider is important, and don’t forget read their VPN reviews before you buy