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Banana VPN offer you Easy to use US,UK ,CA and GE VPN service . they have PPTP,OpenVPN and SSTP VPN service . their refund period is 3 days.subscriptions are processed securely by Plimus.com and you may cancel at anytime .

Banana VPN also offer you dedicated IP VPN service, this is good for games like WOW.

The downside is their price is high

Banana VPN Highlights

  • USA ,UK & German based static shared IP address
  • Access blocked sites and use Skype, Pandora etc.
  • Watch US TV online at NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS etc.
  • Watch Hulu outside the USA
  • Stay anonymous and secure with 128bit encryption
  • Use on unsecure wifi networks like cafes, hotels etc.
  • No limits on uploads or downloads
  • P2P and other illegal usage it not allowed

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Customer Reviews

15 Reviews to “Banana VPN”
  1. Jimmy.W says:

    Fantastic interface, and very easy to use and install. I am very limited in my knowledge with computers, but they helped me to get set up at 7:00am MST on a Saturday with immediate support and made it very simple to use. Great support, great service.

  2. James T. says:

    Awesome Service! I went looking for a VPN solution after Comcast started traffic shaping Bittorrent packets. BananaVPN’s service allows me to use the full potential of the upload/download speeds I am paying for. Setup was extremely easy and the speeds are great. I highly recommend this service.

  3. James T. says:

    oh,rate added

  4. Brian F says:

    Great for watching BBC iplayer while traveling. I’m in mexico now and get good streaming speeds, support is always prompt when i needed it.

  5. jas says:

    wow,,,banana VPN is awesome,i finally can watch hulu outside US,great service man,keep it up..

  6. SEO Man says:

    Kinda slow. Way too expensive!

  7. mick says:

    It’s far from being slow. It’s just perfect. I’ve had it for two days and know already that I’m going to renew my subscription for the next six months. Strongly recommend.

  8. Gorge says:

    I have been using a UK vpn account for 3 weeks in Mexico to watch BBC iplayer. Very happy with everything so far!

  9. Dan says:

    I’ve just bought this service and set up my vpn in the last 5mins and I must say it was so easy! Paid for it and received the email with the instructions, followed it to the ‘T’ and bham! its done. Now I’m on facebook and able to keep in touch with everyone!

  10. Silwendo says:

    I am trying to register and failing to because the site has been blocked in Sharjah, UAE.

    How do I go round this?

  11. Fred says:

    Very disappointed, very slow speed from Europe, I’m on 10Mbps but I get less than 1Mbit over VPN

  12. Tom says:

    It worked okay for a while.. but got slow and the connection got iffy. Can’t dl torrents either. I would avoid.

  13. Marco says:

    Very good, i use for netflix and hulu, no problems easy to use, great! Go bananas!

  14. AyJay says:

    Used the service from Japan for watching Netflix and Hulu.
    Setup is pretty straightforward and should be doable also for newbies. I didn’t use their support, but can confirm that Banana VPN is very fast in responding to emails.
    The connection speed was below my expectations and I sometimes couldn’t display certain pages on Hulu. As the connection speed was rather slow (less than 2 Mbps according to speedtest.net), I could not get HD on Netflix. 480p on Hulu worked w/o problems. I paid $10/month for 6-month contract, but switched to StrongVPN after 1 month as StrongVPN is faster, cheaper and more flexible (server locations etc.). StrongVPN is $55 for a 1-year contract.

  15. OmarT says:

    Extremely slow for a although I have 4 Mbit connection. At peak time I have difficulty singing in. Since there is only 2 servers on their side I always have a hard time signing in.

    Not recommended at all.

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