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Astrill provides professional fast and secure VPN service that can unblock websites in certain country like China and UAE, and protects your privacy on-line and makes you anonymous all the time while surfing on the net.

Astrill is a VPN service just for everyone, you don’t need any complicated setup tutorial ,  just download their powerful Astrill Applications and do a easy few-step installation, then you are good to go. their Application works on Windows,Mac and Linux platform ,very easy and powerful

As you can see the above picture is a screen shot of the Astrill Application, you can see your download and upload speed ,you can switch to another server, they are currently have servers in 30 countries, and you can even see the account expiration date. very convenient

The latest Astrill Application has many features, what i like most are Smart Mode and Browser Selection.

  • Smart Mode can speed up your surfing, the VPN feature only activate when you visit those blocked websites. for example, in China, CNN.com and google.com are available ,but facebook.com and youtube.com are unavailable, when you visit CNN or Google, the Astrill Application will not let you go through the VPN server, so you get better surfing speed. when you visit facebook.com and youtube.com, the Astrill Application will automatically detective these websites are blocked and let you go through the VPN server.
  • Browser Selection can select individual browsers you want to use Astrill with, this is a great feature, let’s say you have 2 browsers in your computer, firefox and IE,then you can set Astrill only go through firefox, so when you use firefox, you use VPN, when you use IE, you use the local network. this can’t be done with the traditional VPN, because when you use traditional VPN, no matter what browser you use, you always go through VPN server.

Astrill also works great on your mobile device such as Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Google Android, but you need setup it manually,but don’t worry, it’s very easy.

Astrill has 4 packages at this time :

$10.95 USD for 1 month of service
$19.95 USD for 3 months of service (you save 39%)
$34.95 USD for 6 months of service (you save 47%)
$62.95 USD for 1 year of service (you save 52%)

All packages has unlimited traffic,24/7 support and a 7-days money-back guarantee, AND IF YOU USE THIS LINK TO ORDER,you will benefit 10% discount for ALL PURCHASE!

Astrill accept Credit Card, AlertPay,CashU and Liberty Reserve, they DO NOT accept Paypal. and you must verify your phone to active your VPN account, after you verified your account and made your payment, the account detail will sent to you immediately.

Astrill offers 7 days free trials to let you decide if you like their service , click here to signup and ask for free trials

Please attention, you need submit your mobile phone number to register Astrill

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Customer Reviews

94 Reviews to “Astrill”
  1. Song says:

    I have been using it for the past 2 months,it’s a great product, very easy to use, works on mobile device, and very fast in here (ChongQing,China), i heard some bad comments on Astrill, i don’t know why these guys got bad experience on Astrill, maybe because back in the days, Astrill was under beta stage.

    Anyway, i’m very happy with Astrill, recommend~

  2. Christine Mosby says:

    I had tried many other tools, including Witopia and Freedur, and I can say that Astrill is my favorite. Not only it is the fastest, but the support is really great. I had a problem with Safari browser, and after I sent them an email, within 10 minutes I had a response that solved the issue.

    I also like how easy set up this little magic is – with portable version, you just download and run it. Simple as that.

    Cannot but recommend 😉

  3. Emmy says:

    I went this year to a holiday trip in Shanghai. It was like a prison – no youtube, no facebook, no twitter until I discovered Astrill. Simple, easy to use and very fast proxy. I was able to watch Youtube and stay in touch with my German friends on Facebook! My best spent $11 bucks (for 1 month of the service). Glad I’m back home yet was never away from my friends and country all thanks to this great service!

  4. Ali says:

    Astrill vpn is the best vpn in china, it is cheap and the speed is very good

  5. Arqam Zafar says:

    I went to US to meet my cousins last year they introduced me to this interesting website called hulu.com !! i loved it watching my fav shows. but when i came back to my home country Pakistan <3 !! my heart broke as Astrill was only available in the US. !! i wanted to access it at any cost.Than a MIRACLE happened. A friend of mine suggested me to use Astrill. He said i wont regret it and he was 110% correct. As,this service is just freakin AwesOme,Easy,simple and what more sexy 😉 😀

    A few plus points.
    You can use it with your iphone\Android.
    Great Customer Support
    its affordable
    lots of servers to choose from
    and their software Astrill Application is the sexiest app i have ever seen 😉 even a non techy guy can use it easily.
    its just like Ready Set Go !! 😀

    If you dont want your money to be wasted than Astrill is the right choice. 😀

  6. Daniel says:

    I just purchased this VPN and i had a problem at the first min already, their support is good, they helped me in 2 mins :D:D I just had to restart my browser, thats all! Fast and easy to use VPN, best in China!

  7. Ifere Paul says:

    I am particularly an addict of social networks site like twitter and facebcook. In fact when i came to China to study, it was really a boring place to stay other than the parks. Its becomes, increasingly boring to hang out
    without facebook. I don’t really believe in VPN technologies. But when i saw astrill, i decided to give it a try for it unique name. When i bought the software, surprisingly, the installation was not as difficult as i expected. And, i had option to pick where my proxy server should be fed to me. It’s been a wonderful time with me and friends close by talking, sharing videos, blogging, and exchanging pictures.
    Most importantly, i like the professional online service team they have just to give advice and proffer solutions to your problems. The only time i have talked with this team of expert just minutes ago before this review. They are indeed wonderful. The software is moreso.

  8. Paul says:

    only been with them for 3 days not long but all i can say
    service 10/10
    customer support 10/10
    there sofware 10/10
    and best of all there price 10/10

    done the 3 month deal will be takeing out the year deal after that.keep up the good workAstrill 🙂 very happy here,

  9. Eric Yendall says:

    I have just signed-up for one month but expect to extend once I can get it set-up on my Apple TV using Tunnelblick. So far the speed, reliability, and technical support have all been excellent.

  10. Antoine says:

    I have been using Astrill for the past 3 months and so far the speed and reliability really met my expectations. Tonight I had to contact the support for a question and was quite impressed by the reactivity of the Live Support and their availability! Thank you Astrill for letting me enjoy a fast and secure connection from China!

  11. Giroro says:

    Been using Astrill for about 8 months, I have to say it’s awesome. Every minute they are developing new features, adding new servers. And when I raise a support ticket, the quick response is very impressive. And the most important, the speed is good, if you can’t get a good speed when connecting to youtube or hulu, you can always change a server, there are so many options that you can always choose a best one.

  12. David says:

    I’ve just switched from other provider. Astrill is truly great!!! Very impressed with interface and performance.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. jason says:

    Astrill works much better than Skydur ever did, even though they bought Skydur. I can access Hulu and Netflix streaming from China. Customer service is tops as well. CSRs are based in Australia, so I got help in perfect/competent English

  14. vibhu says:

    All 5 star……. Very gud….. Best part it work on Android… kool

  15. alistair says:

    once again astrill support helps me and really quick….the service is prompt and the support staff have an indepth knowledge of systems issues and can tackle all sorts of problems…

    tks guys ..keep up the good work …esp robert !!

    stay connected


  16. XanArcher says:

    I have used many VPN services,I have to say.Astrill is the better choice compare to the others.Ideally speed,friendly interface and the support team is perfect.

  17. Masking Tape says:

    Been using Astrill for a couple of months. It’s pretty good, with occasional connection issues on iMac, PC, iPhone and iPad. Thankfully, the support is excellent and any problems have been dealt with very quickly. Have introduced many friends to the service and will continue to do so!

  18. Lorain says:

    Our VPN stopped connecting and within a few minutes of live tech support with Robert, the issue was resolved and we were connected again. Thank you for your prompt assistance.

  19. Oscar says:

    Register is easy, no setup, speed is fast. all i want to do is just access blocked websites in China. Astrill works great!!!

  20. Tohap Suptan Martin says:

    I just bought this product..at beginning can’t use it, but now is working greatly..thx for live tech support Kelly…

  21. repligin says:

    great service and instant support for both pc and android VPN settings. i’m extremely happy with service.

  22. James says:

    Great service and Instant support for both pc and iphone VPN settings, excellent connection speed and wont will not disconnect. i am extremely happy with the VPN service.Have introduced many friends to the service and will continue to do so.

  23. M says:

    Using Astrill since beta until today.

    – very good, consistent speed
    – cheaper
    – multi-platform: my PC and mobile
    – numerous protocols supported: while I’m using only one or two, it’s good to know that they support others too
    – excellent customer service, with in-depth knowledge, promptness and professionalism ie Robert

    Love it! I recommended Astrill to all my friends

  24. Dominic St Pierre says:

    Astrill’s customer service is excellent! I had some problems in the beginning but they sorted it out right away. I even had a tech support person extend my account for a day so that I could invite my friend to join again!


  25. Maisam Darabi says:

    Astrill and their support team are awesome. It was very neccessary for me to be connected to vpn service since skype is not working well in mu country and they tried to help and although my payment was not processes yet they give a trial account.
    Thhank you Matt. You are the Man.

  26. Anthony says:

    Amazing service from Matt on Live Help. An example of how the world should work! Very patient and helpful. You guys rock.

  27. MJ says:

    I signed up for 30 days to try on my trip to China. Easy install and was up in running in minutes. User interface very easy. Speed ….. I cannot notice any difference from On or Off, US or China. Their online support is great (I had to ask a couple of questions regarding my sling box use). I will be going with this service for sure on all three of my computers going to China. Two Thumbs up!

  28. Jennifer says:

    I was having challenges connecting my VPN on my iPhone in China. Matt was a great help, and had me connected in just a few minutes. Very friendly and helpful. Thanks again!

  29. German says:

    HI MR astrill!! hehe just wanna say u are excelent and i wanna thanks Matt and Kelly for helping me!! very pancient with me and very organize!!! bye bye!!

  30. Gourenko Alex says:

    Using it for couple of months now. Really impressed by the service, expansion and support. Using on my laptop, home router with DD-WRT firmware and on my Android phone. Speed is mostly very impressive, availability is very good. I highly recommend Astrill totally worth its money.

  31. MOHSEN says:


  32. Olivier says:

    I am using Astrill for 2 months in order to watch French TV replay service (especially the ones with IP limitation) from Japan. (I am expat there)
    When working it is the fastest (and I have tried others).

    However it would be better if they could inform us when the servers are on maintenance (happens in December), as I am relying only on them to watch French TV. But their support service is excellent: they did reply to my email in less than 1 min… Nice! Live Support feature also very nice.

    Well keep on ameliorating, Astrill!

  33. Sergio says:

    Great and very fast realtime support. In open VPN mode (it is the only working protocol for me: I connect to Internet through a WAN) I can download LINUX Mandriva @ 350 KB/sec.

  34. beijinguy says:

    I have used Astrill in China…I have had no problems and it just keeps getting better…had live advice online…excellent…thanks for the support…

  35. Anas Aljader says:

    Astrill is one of the best applications I have ever used. It is very stable and really fast.

    Astrill support team is very helpful and thier support is extreamly great.

  36. Man From Glad says:

    Wow!! You just download their powerful Astrill Application,(With MANY features), and install to your computer, enter your username/password, and boom your connected! Couldn’t be easier! Speed is absolutely the BEST I have ever seen! Support is superb! And they are always looking to make it better. To anybody thinking about joining their service. Do it! And YES, so easy a cave man could do it!! HA!! HA!!

  37. Richard B says:

    Over the past 14 months, I have tried approximately 15 different VPN providers. Astrill is by far the best I have come across. I purchased the 6 month plan and I have been very happy with their service. Keep up the good work!

  38. Geneese says:

    Yesterday I was approved by Chat Support Representative Matt to have the 7 day trial and I am very much satisfied with the service. High speed and just 1 click you are connected instatly and now I purchased the 1 year subscription and I was assisted by Chat Support Representative Robert. Matt and Robert says that this month there will be a new IPs and new locations. This is what I am waiting for so please follow up so I can give referrals to purchase the product. Thank you and keep up the hard work.

  39. Logan says:

    Online support very helpfull in getting set up for trial period even when the web site is not configured for it (ex: phone number different from area where you are connected) – At the end, a very usefull set up, a nice and easy system with a transparent activity

  40. Al McDowall says:

    I have nothing but good things to say about Astrill. The service is very fast, their online support is fantastic and very quick to respond. I tried their 7 day trial and then signed up for six months. Being in China, a VPN is becoming a necessity, simply to avoid search sites like Google going dead after a couple of searches. I have tried other VPNs but no-one delivered the same quality as Astrill. I’m a very happy customer!

  41. B. J. says:

    I’m a customer for 6 months already. This is the best VPN I ever used. I have tried like 20 over the past years. Astrill is easy to use, fast, reliable and affordable VPN. Their software is just superb. Most providers use some old outdated technology.

    You don’t need to trust me – just give it a try yourself. Ask them for a free trial and you will be amazed !

  42. BlazingCD says:

    Astrill is a great VPN. i’ve used it for over 14 month. it’s the best VPN i’ve ever used. the speed is very fast. but the most important is that it can support my pc, android mobile device and iphone. it’s great !

  43. Scott says:

    Astrill has consistently improved in the year I’ve been using it, including speed, which is currently the issue that matters most to me. I had a glitch renewing which their online support resolved within minutes.

  44. Alan says:

    Je suis arrivé hier en Chine, plus précisément à Shanghai.
    Le module Astrill m’a permis de me connecter très facilement à mon compte Facebook ou encore regarder des vidéos sur Youtube.

    J’ai eu des difficultés pour me connecter au VPN avec mon Iphone.
    Un conseiller était présent sur le support Online du site et m’a aidé à trouver la solution en 2 minutes Chrono.

    Je recommande Astrill à 100% et je ne regrette pas d’avoir pris un abonnement d’1 an !

  45. dong says:

    i’m a native chinese citizen in harbin, i spent a lot of paypal experiencing vpn to unblock the outgoing. strongvpn, acevpn…. now i just signed up with astrill as a trial, but their support team was very awesome, quick, professional, and thoughtful. and i was so suprised that the support team all have a deep knowledge of the underlying system astrill runs on.
    by the time of submitting this review, i still hold the trial without paying for the plan but the astrill was still warmhearted and so helpful.
    at first install of astrill i experienced tremendous fast speed at 400Kb/s or more, the youtube on my 4mbps pppoe plan performed very smoothly, but now i experienced slow spike only at 20kb/s, the astrill support pointed out that’s our chinese internet speed’s problem… so i have to wait for 5 hours or so to avoid our internet spike to test astrill, and when i figure out that that’s just our china’s problem, i will pay for the pending plan

  46. George says:

    It’s one thing to provide the promised VPN service (which Astrill does), but another to provide fast and available (24/7) customer service. Astrill did this as well. (Why didn;t I get to the chat line sooner? …) When I ran into a snag I couldn;t resolve myself, I got efficient, non-condescending, professional, no-nonsense help. (Thanks, Matt.) Highly recommend this VPN service for the reasons stated.

  47. jill says:

    i never knew how much i missed being connected to the states (or england)…til i installed astrill. i travel all over the place, and being able to watch, listen, learn…oh my goodness. thank you so very much. i’m just now trying to connect my mom to the service so she can experience the same goodness….best.

  48. Jacques says:

    Just to tell you this is an outstanding VPN service, I contacted the support twice, once before ordering the VPN 1 year package, the second time a little bit later to have a trial access before my payment was completed! At the moment I do only enjoy some servers as it is limited but speed is great! I will write a second review once I will have tried it as official user!

  49. Mellany says:

    I’m not an expert for computers but Astrill goes beyond all my expectations. It’s so simple to use and the fastest VPN I ever used. You just login, select a server from the menu and click on that giant ON button. Can’t be easier. Astrill has so many servers in 33 countries around the world and I can watch all my TV shows. Great customers support as well. So far I’m really impressed with this VPN and over the years I have tried many and they are not even close to be good as Astrill. Highly recommend Astrill. If you are looking for a VPN just get Astrill trial to see yourself how good it is.

  50. Jonathan says:

    I have used many VPN providers in the past as living and working in China, and must admit that Astrill is absolutely brilliant. Very fast setup, very very fast internet and video speeds, and so so simple to use.
    The best feature is email. All other VPN programs I have used interfered consistently with my email system, and Astrill seems to work absolutely flawlessly with Outlook.
    I have now recommended Astrill to many of my friends. Well done guys, please keep this up and continuously update.

  51. Crystal says:

    Astrill seems to have avoided a lot of the trouble other VPN’s are having when using in China so good work. Support is pretty good and I really like the interface they provide. Have had a few speed issues but since what happened in Japan I know that a lot of traffic is being re-directed at the moment so that is causing congestion for many sites around the globe, not really a problem of the VPN itself.

    I would definitely recommend this VPN, it is as simple as it needs to be if you are not savvy but has enough advanced options available if you know what you are doing and they can be turned on from the settings menu.

    So many extra servers to choose from compared to other VPN’s so if there is a problem with one you are never really stuck.

    I got a great deal as a new user and even when the price increases after the first year I will be happy to continue to pay at a higher price, it is really a good choice. They have a great 7 day free trial to take advantage of, it does require you to sign up and initially set up a payment option but unlike other services you don’t have to part with any funds to do so.

    I am trying to think of any issues or cons and be critical because I am sounding like someone that works there but there really have been none at all. It works and it is doing it’s job, what more do you need from a VPN at the end of the day.

  52. michele says:

    Excellent the support service online chat, fast and efficient, thanks to Matt for solving the problem, it’s worth to know that someone is behind the curtain to help you!

  53. jesse says:

    it was easy to download, and when i had questions, as i’m not the best computer person, matt and dieter were very helpful. hope it will work well, and looking forward to great service and youtube again.

  54. Khalid says:

    Hands down…the best VPN on the web! I am so happy that I found it! It is easy to use, so many options, and great customer service all round! These guys are geniuses! Thanks! 🙂

  55. Anna says:

    Thank you for the best VPN service on the planet and fantastic support!
    Thank you Robert!

  56. Giant says:

    YES, I give 5 stars in performance to Astrill!
    (remmarks: My location is Shenzhen China)

    When I talked to the online chat support yesterday, I already have an excellent experience with the customer representative.

    It is because I asked for a 7-day trial. And the way to cancel the trial if I am not 100% satisfied with the speed.

    But the rep. spend more than 10 minutes to ask everything for me kindly.

    So I was impressed before I use the service.

    And for the service quality, it is OUTSTANDING. I am so grateful to find out Astrill.

    Everybody in China is suffering by the G. F.ire Wa ll.

    As an internet marketer, I have been searching for solutions for a year on and off.

    I tried FreeGate, UltraSurf, YourFreedomNet, and few others…

    But Astrill is the one I would recommend. The speed is outstanding even when I watch the YouTube video.

    And the performance is consistently?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Fortunately, they have a few in US. and UK.


    ? feel like I have the ultimate solution to overcome at this point. (I was planning to hire a scripter to install the proxy at other hosting)

    Now, I am very satisfied with Astill’s connectivity.

    Ask for the 7 day trial if you are really skeptical about what I say.

    Tips: search the net about Astrill coupon or special before you do the trail. You will save more if you decide to stay and use the service.

  57. Susan says:

    I’ve been using Astrill for a few weeks and it’s GREAT! There are numerous servers to choose from, most are very fast, I have had no issues with video streaming or anything like that. One issue I had though, which I expect probably applies to all VPN services, is that PayPal freaked out when I suddenly appeared to log in from a different location miles from where I lived, they thought it was someone trying to hack my account, and froze my ability to use it to pay for anything! I’m in the process of having my account use restored, but be aware that this could be a problem with some secure sites when you appear to change your IP address. I would guess the solution is to always use the same VPN tunnel with Astrill (each server location appears to retain the same IP address) and choose one close to home. Apart from that, it’s working great. E.g., I’ve connected to the Astrill Egypt server (I’m in Canada) and gone to YouTube and it’s recognized that I’m connecting from Egypt. I have a Mac and am using their OpenVPN service. The price is very good for what you get. TIP: if you want to get a 40% discount, google “astrill discount” and look for the “active captain” link (this only works for new accounts and I found it too late!).

    Finally, just want to say that if you sign up with Astrill, once you log in, there are a few things that are not obvious that you should know: click on the “help” tab and in the drop-down menu, click on “switch to expert” – then click on “settings” and a whole range of options will appear for you to explore. Also, before you log in, in the lower left corner of the Astrill box, you will see two icons — the star is for “OpenWeb” mode and the little tower icon is for “OpenVPN” — openWeb is the default, but if you find you can’t do online banking or connect to PayPal, switch to OpenVPN mode.

    Astrill really is a great VPN service and the support is fantastic — really fast, clear answers, friendly… probably the best I’ve encountered for any software support.

  58. Susan says:

    I submitted a review yesterday but wanted to add something based on my experiences over the past 24 hours. I believe this probably applies to all VPN providers that offer multiple servers/IP addresses. If you have PayPal, choose one VPN server to use with PayPal (always use this one) and notify PayPal in advance that you will be logging in from this location/IP address. Trust me, you will save yourself a lot of hassle! I logged in through a VPN server in the U.S. (I live in Canada) and PayPal froze my account because their security system thought my account was being hacked. I called them (PayPal’s customer support number is 1-402-935-2000) and got the problem fixed, but only after jumping through all kinds of hoops first trying to fix the problem online (following the instructions in their emails and online when I logged into PayPal).

  59. Ant says:

    Best service out there. Period!

    Now that I can use Astrill on my PC and Android tablet at the same time there would be no point to even try another VPN!

    And HULU works soooooo awesome!

  60. Paul says:

    Astrill was great when I started using it (Feb. 2011), but now it is TOO SLOW FOR SKYPE.

    For the last 3 weeks or so, I switch among 10 different servers, and not a single server is fast enough connection for me to make clear Skype calls. It appears that they have either reduced my bandwith or have too many customers to give enough bandwith to all of them. I am very disappointed, and regret having paid for a one year subscription.

    Everything about their product is great but the slow speed.

  61. VJN says:

    Started using Astrill since last month. Their speeds are good, if not blistering fast. But the best part is their excellent service.
    For some reason, their VPN server in my country started mal-functioning. Within 3 days, Astrill had it up n running. And all my support mails where answered within 2-3 hrs !!

    Overall a great vpn service.

  62. Adriana says:

    Today is so important to be connected to the world and to reach the information you want or need. I have been using Astrill for around a year, I am a satisfied costumer and much more today that I found I can count with an excellent technical support service. Thanks to Robert and all Astrill team.


  63. Vivian says:

    Thanks for helping me Matt and the Astrill! as for now on, everything seems to work! at least for now i can say my problem is resolved! i had at lot of problems with my Astrill before because the download speed is like 0, but
    Astrill has been very fast on solving my problems. thanks! i can surf the internet freely again! Thanks!


  64. CRNTV says:

    Too slow for me. Example : I can hardly view a full 5 minutes video on youtube (average quality). I have to switch between servers a few times a day. I contacted support and they replied promptly, their customer service is really good and it’s a bit better but still too slow.

  65. CRNTV says:

    Ok only positive comments allowed, sorry I’ll drop that, that censors 🙂 🙂 I don’t trust you anyway and post a large review of (corrupted) review sites like that one…

  66. ken says:

    Astrill is probably the slowest VPN I have been using in China. You wait for hours just to see a small youtube video. NEVER BUY ASTRILL

  67. vud911 says:

    There are two supporter that I saw, Matt and Robert. They are both amazing and knowledgeable. You can tell they aren’t just reading off a script and know what they are doing. And strangely they were available at 1:00am at night and early at the morning, which was much appreciated. Overall the customer support experience is worth the money you can’t really find elsewhere. Not at this price point. Highly recommended!

  68. Paul says:

    This review page seems generally unrealistic and has no doubt, like many has been shadowed by employees of the company writing blinding reviews to promote their product. I signed up based on some of the reviews here and so far I am completely disappointed, frustrated and having to use another VPN to do anything.

    Here is a real review. No BS or going on to promote other VPNs. Just what my findings have been.

    I am in China, in China you NEED a VPN in order to access many sites as they are blocked by the great firewall. I signed up for Astrill after reading many great reviews, no idea how many of those people, if legitimate, were also in China.

    The first few weeks were ok then I ran into problems and for no reason whatsoever. I changed nothing and I did nothing to alter the performance, it just stopped working properly.

    My internet speed is fine I have tested it without VPN and the issues are continuous, not at a particular time of day or anything.

    Upon speaking to tech I was bombarded with excuses as to what could be wrong and no one would even consider the slightest possibility that there “may be” an issue with the VPN itself. Not a good sign when someone sticks their high and mighty nose in the air and is completely unwilling to even entertain the idea. That goes double when you are in China due to the fact that the government is hell bent on monitoring any info about working and used VPNs in China and is constantly making attempts to block them. Earlier in the year during Chinese congress and since the uprisings started in the VPN providers have been in a war to keep their services running fast/running full stop as China implements countermeasure after countermeasure. Other VPN providers I had spoken to were all well aware of the problems but when I brought the matter up with Astrill the response was about as defensive as you can get.

    “Things like that don’t happen to Astrill ;)”
    “Not with our VPN”
    “Our services are running perfectly and always have, we have no problems providing a VPN to our Chinese customers”

    And so on and so on.

    While I am at it I must also comment on one particular person by the name of Matt who has t be the most arrogant and rude @@@@hole I have EVER had the misfortune to have to try and deal with. I am guessing he is about 16 or 17 and if he is older than that then he should be VERY ASHAMED indeed of his attitude towards paying customers. He was rude, condescending and really caused confrontation. As someone who has worked in customer service and has worked in management I can safely say that this is a guy who needs to work on his act….BIG TIME!!!!

    Basically tech support always manage to find some reason other than the VPN as to why there is a problem.

    A common excuse is the browser being used. So far I have attempted to use every main browser available and had the same results. Astrill recommend Firefox but when I made it clear thats what I was using the excuse shifted immediately to the fact it therefore MUST be a plugin or the browser is outdated.

    Upon making it clear that the version was indeed the latest one and had no plugins running that I should download the thing again, to what end I dunno, and that will fix it!! Nothing like confidence eh. I did, it didn’t, the excuses shift a gear one more time.

    Next it was the operating system as at the time I happened to be on my Apple Mac.

    “There is an issue with Adobe flashplayer which they are unwilling to fix in OSX” they said.

    “If that’s the case then why is the same thing happening in Windows?” was my response.

    “Oh you are running Windows too”

    “Yes O_O”

    “Is it under bootcamp?”


    “That could be the problem”

    “Doesn’t explain my PC desktop though”

    EXCUSE SHIFT ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Are you sure it is not just the website you are using?”

    “What Youtube, Hulu, Megavideo, blah blah blah as in websites plural!!!”


    Then it was the fact I am in China. They asked if I knew that China was densely populated? NO REALLY!!!! I only live there is all why would be aware of that fact.

    Then I pointed out the fact that I had just returned from my home country and whilst there tried the VPN just to see if it was a China issue, same thing happens on a completely different machine.

    So to summarize so far the blame has been on:

    Op system
    Website used
    Software versions

    Not once has anyone even considered looking on their own doorstep and what is more I have trialled 4 other VPNs since this thing started and ALL of them are working perfectly. Great speeds and constant service. If the fault was with ANY of the above then doesn’t that suggest the issues would still present themselves no matter which VPN I was using. Me thinks yes!!

    Astrill need to climb down from the cloud they are floating around on with their oh so superior software and start dealing with the issues at hand instead of blame shifting everything onto something else all the time.

    Sure all of the above are conceivable but when you have eliminated the above then what else is there. Astrill’s position was to basically shrug their shoulders and one guy even had the gall to look at my VPN, mess with a few basic settings which changed nothing and then after I sat and watched vid after vid stutter along with spinning wheels and loading times was informed:

    “There is nothing wrong with it and I have other customers to deal with so if you would excuse me” Then cut me off!!!!!!!

    I am not asking for much am I, tell me if you think I am. I have paid for the thing and all I want is to be able to use it. It says a lot when you pay someone for 12 months service then end up using other companies free trials instead. Why would I do this if Astrill worked and why would I be writing this if it did too.

    I have about 9 months to go with this thing. They won’t refund, Paypals protection is only for something like 30 days so thats out. I am stuck with a service which sucks and cannot afford to shell out for another 12 months with someone else until this thing expires.

    Some of the reviews here are clearly bogus like stating how cool it was that they were available at 1am for support. 1am where buddy? Where you are, where they are? Did you ever consider they may be in a different timezone? They do exist you know!! There have been plenty of times I have been logging on to tech and they have just shut it down and paying customer or not if you continue to argue and solve your problems sometimes they put your email on a block list so you cannot connect.

    I have never been abusive to them, frustrated yes and quite rightly so but never have I done anything to warrant being blocked from support. Take my advice, I think there are probably about 20 other options out there next to Astrill offering as many servers as they do and the ones I have tried worked. I suggest another option because you wont like what you get here.

  69. Jim says:

    Completely agree with Paul. These other reviews talking about good customer support from Astrill have, for the most part, got to be fake. From what I understand Astrill have a massive program of affiliates and wouldn’t be surprised if there were quite a few people sitting around all day spamming out excellent reviews for them.

    Anyway, to the point.

    Although I found their service okay, if you have any problems, which I did, and you have to deal with their customer support, then get prepared to be frustrated. These are the rudest, most arrogant, condescending people I have ever dealt with. Sometimes I was just left speechless with their replies.

    To be fair, if it wasn’t for their customer service, then I would gladly use the service again. This will now be my last option. Unfortunately, due to China’s increasing constraints upon the internet choices are becoming few, and that last option is increasingly becoming closer and closer. In the meantime I will endeavour to look for a more customer friendly alternative.


  70. lauren says:

    I have had non-stop problems with Astrill. In China, it loses connection frequently and sometimes fails to connect all together. The coded error messages are long, ridiculous and nonsensical. Their tech support crew are essentially worthless, and will send you one piece of advice per email, per day so that attempting to resolve a problem could take a week. In my case, they simply stopped responding when I reported that their “solutions” were not yielding results. I hear similar reports from others in Asia using Astrill. I’d recommend another VPN as this one is obviously experiencing difficulties and I’ll be switching to another VPN soon.

  71. Karl says:

    I have been using Astrill for about six months. I used vpngates before, but was frustrated with having only a couple of servers to choose from. I looked at and tried several services, but Astrill was the all around winner. It is easy to use on a PC and iPad, plus if you have a wireless router with DD-WRT firmware, Astril’s software will automatically install a pn page to your router and you can connect all your wireless devices, even tv’s, ps3, Xbox to the VPN. It is very useful.
    I completely disagree with the above two posts about the customer service. They are often online for chat access and reply fast, even though I think there are few of them. I usually see the same names like Matt and Andrea. They always know the answers and have never been rude.
    There are many MANY things that can affect Internet/VPN speeds, so patience is always important when trying to troubleshoot the issues. my guess is the guys that say Astriill support is bad are very inexperienced and very impatient, or perhaps they are competitors just trying to hurt the ompetition.

    The trial is FREE and needs no pre- payment, so best to try it. And if they are online try the support chat and judge for yourself. The Internet is very full of misinformation, so believe only what ou can verify yourself by trying it. 😉

  72. erol says:

    Astrill is very slow indeed. Many of the above reviews are not true at all. It is not possible to watch a video. EU to USA speeds are not good at all. I have decided to cancel my account but there is no information on their web side.

    After I signed up, I saw that my open VPN protocol, which was included in the price, had not activated. When I was tried to activate I was asked to pay more money. After contacting the Astrill and telling them that I was to cancel my account, my open Vpn was activated. I must say that this is not GOOD at all. Astrill basic Open web package is so slow that is almost useless if you want to download any demanding application such as streaming video.

    Astrill refund policy says that you need to ask for a 7 days trial otherwise, the company reserves to right to not to give any refunds whatsoever, This information is also hidden, which I only discovered after trying to cancel my account.
    In any case, I wrote to their support service and I am waiting now knowing that they can not fix the speed problems. Also note that I have a fiber optic 100mb connection.

  73. Ed says:

    I used Astrill for about 10 months from the U.S. I was going to pay for another year when my 1 year approached. But recently Astrill changed all that. I could not log in (error #399). I tried to reset my password on their site. It said it changed and sent me an email confirmation but I still couldn’t log in. I contacted the web support. Mark curtly replied that I should contact level 2 support. He completely ignored my requests for a hint of what might have gone wrong (ignored for about 10 minutes). Level 2 support got back to me in about 1/2 a day. Here is what they sent:

    Your account has been automatically suspended, because you have logged on from a computer connected with one of the accounts involved in a fraud scheme. The computer you kept logging on from is connected to over 112 other accounts, this is considered account sharing and is against Astrill Terms of Service.
    Your account has been terminated due to Astrill Terms of Service violation, under section 5. Use of the Services by you

    So my last message from them is one in which they claim I was stealing their service which just isn’t true. I got no warning, no explanation, no attempt at helping me figure out what had gone wrong.
    Up until then, I was perfectly happy with their service. It had a few glitches, but all VPNs do. But I won’t put up with being treated this badly from someone who is taking my money.

  74. TeeAr says:

    I’ve been a user of Astrill for more than a year and I agree with lauren on connectivity in China. I will try something else next. It’s been going downhill since sign-up. I use Astrill VPN only for blocked sites, since it worse than regular connection to outside.

    And yes, there most likely will be a Astrill promoting post after this.

  75. Ed says:

    As a followup to my post dated March 9: Approximately 24 hours before the March 9 post I had sent Astrill a possible explanation with screenshots of why they might think I had been stealing their service. I told them I would give them 24 hours to give me back my account. Well it turns out that I was right — using a Parallels VM inside of a Mac seemed to set off their alarm bells. Unfortunately for both Astrill and ME, they completely ignored me for over 2 WEEKS! I have since found another VPN provider. I verified beforehand that this VPN provider does not mind my VM setup. This is just too little, too late, Astrill.
    For those who are shopping for a VPN service, I would like to share with you the e-mail that I received from Astrill over two weeks too late:


    We have learned that virtual machine caused your account to be suspended.

    Your account is now fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    You can use your Astrill VPN account now. If we have refunded you already, you will need to place a new order from Members section (link deleted by Ed).

    Best regards,
    Astrill Support

  76. Max says:

    I’m in an international touring band & we went to China for the first time in 2011. It was critical for us to have access to [western] social media sites so the band all tried Astrill for the first time.
    At some point I ran into some sort of problem – I can’t recall what it was now. But I sent Astrill an email half wondering if I’d get a reply. Well the response was SO QUICK I was completely surprised.

    Quick, very supportive of your situation, clear & helpful.
    I’m delighted with Astrill’s service. We’re returning to China in a week & I wouldn’t consider looking any further than Astrill again.
    I’m a very happy camper.

  77. Ed says:

    As a followup to my post dated March 11: Approximately 72 hours before the March 11 post I had sent Astrill a possible explanation with screenshots of why they might think I had been stealing their service. I told them I would give them 24 hours to give me back my account. Well it turns out that I was right — using a Parallels VM inside of a Mac seemed to set off their alarm bells. Unfortunately for both Astrill and ME, they completely ignored me for over 2 WEEKS! I have since found another VPN provider. I verified beforehand that this VPN provider does not mind my VM setup. This is just too little, too late, Astrill.
    For those who are shopping for a VPN service, I would like to share with you the e-mail that I received from Astrill over two weeks too late:


    We have learned that virtual machine caused your account to be suspended.

    Your account is now fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    You can use your Astrill VPN account now. If we have refunded you already, you will need to place a new order from Members section (link deleted by Ed).

    Best regards,
    Astrill Support

  78. pete says:

    I joined Astrill yesterday after people recommended them. I am on the 7 day trial.

    So far so good. I am also on a 100mbps fiber connection in the UK. so far it’s working well.

    Will post back at the end of the trial. I am using them right now and I have been connected to a VPN in the UK and watching Live TV for the past 5 hours. One way to get around being caught by TV licencing 🙂

  79. Bella says:

    Astrill down all day, no explanation or offer of a refund, just got a notification my account was canceled. All emails have been ignored and their online help is unresponsive. This is a scam if I ever saw one.

  80. Soo Min Lee says:

    Is astrill blocked-__-?? I just bought it but I cannot login -0- refund

  81. galilao says:

    One day I got a message from Astrill that its logs showed that I was in violation of my single user account. In other words, Astrill detected that there had been more than one simultaneous connection to my account.

    I asked people in my hometown about this problem and more than one person told me words to the effect that my Astrill password had been released to the public and that it was an inside job, but Astrill blamed me for what an insider did.

    This means that a person or persons used my password released by an insider to impersonate me and access my Astrill account.

    Astrill customer service has been polite and timely. The VPN client is convenient although sometimes crashes and requires a forced quit. Astrill has many servers to choose from, but I let my Astrill subscription expire.

  82. Nathan Siy says:

    Terrible overall experience with Astrill.
    1. As mentioned above, their regular OpenVPN service doesn’t work in China, so if you’re trying to use OpenVPN on your computer or router, don’t even bother subscribing.
    2. If you want to use it on your dd-wrt router, then basically, they make you pay an additional $10 USD a month for their RouterPro service….STILL CRAP. Slow speeds, disconnects and unstable.
    3. Their customer service is the worst. I don’t mean the worst in the VPN industry, I literally mean the worst service I have ever received from any company or service provide on the planet. They’re rude, condescending and overall useless when it comes to helping you fix the problem.

    If you’re looking for good, stable VPN access in China, i recommend that you stay away from Astrill.

  83. jay says:

    Great service!

    Fast, reliable, and decent support.
    They work very well for my needs (privacy) and the speeds are just amazing. Best speeds and i have tried several other providers.

    Recommended for sure!

  84. LotS says:

    Below post about Astrill that I found from reddit really made me worried. http://ow.ly/RlSVK

    I worked for Astrill so I can tell you the claims attributed to them on that page are mostly bullshit.

    1) We do not keep logs

    Reality) False. They do keep logs. With reguard to http traffic, they log every single single page loaded for every customer using their VPN servers. They log your account number, the requested url, the time of the request. This information is kept for months at a time and then thrown into a journal system.

    2) We do not disclose your customer information

    Reality) Mostly true. Astrill is mostly concerned with closing the accounts of people who abuse their network. If anyone asks they will say they can’t identify what customers are doing, but in reality is Astrill is constantly scanning through their logs looking for people running scripts which hit google/facebook (or any other site) too frequently, and then those accounts are disabled.

    3) We may enable logs on a server in case of network abuse

    Reality) False. Http requests are logged on all servers and that data is kept for a minimum of three months. Always. When I asked about this discrepancy between what they say publicly and what they do privately I was told we would do whatever it takes to run the company (even if that includes deceiving the customers).

    4) We do not store any files, we provide IP transit only. Therefore, we can’t fulfill any “take down(s)”

    Reality) False. Astrill receives a whole bunch of take down notices every single day and then blocks users from reaching those destinations. One of the uses of the logs they keep is to locate copyright troll IPs. We developed scripts to compare take down requests (which include our offending torrent IP addresses and time stamps) to locate the trolls, and then block our clients from connecting to them. We still did a lot of take downs, but by locating copyright troll IPs (by running scripts on our logs) we were able to block many IPs.

    5) The majority of users use shared IP space therefore we are not able to identify the customer

    Reality) False. We knew exactly who registered what accounts and logs every one’s activity. We can and do identify your account. We close accounts each day for abuse. We were working on a system to throw abusive accounts onto one server. I don’t know what progress was made in this endeavor.

    6) P2P activity is allowed on many of our servers

    Reality) True. These are the servers marked with a star in the connection tools we provide.

  85. Iesha says:

    Awesome… I’ve tried lots of others and Astrill is by far the best. No problems.

  86. Anthony K. says:

    I am surprised to see this 5 year old review for Astrill. I just recently switched to Astrill from Express and my experience in connecting improved a lot. Very happy with Astrill and it all started with their free trial.

  87. Hellen says:

    Great service. Astrill VPN is the best

  88. Jackie says:

    Astrill VPN is recommendable to anyone who is concerned about great speed and customer service. Nice job

  89. Razilar says:

    Awesome service… Asrtill VPN works well for my laptop and smarthphone

  90. Trish says:

    I have tried other VPNs but to tell you the truth, Astill is awesome

  91. John W. says:

    With 50 countries or more servers with Astrill, I cannot ask for more. It is very cheap as well.

  92. Andy P. says:

    Had to travel a lot in different countries and had to find a reliable VPN to use. I’ve been using this service for a couple of months now and find it very helpful and reliable. Customer service is very helpful too.

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