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Are all Personal VPN’s created equal?

There are several Personal VPN’s available to the public today. They range form free to very expensive. Resist the urge to use a free or very cheap VPN service. In exchange for providing the free service, you must agree to let them look at your data for marketing purposes. In essence you are giving them an exclusive license to look at your personal data. Considering your privacy is what you’re striving for – the free solution is not really a bargain at the end of the day.

Some services are built on insecure servers located in all sorts of locations. The thing that makes a VPN secure is knowing that the server you are connecting to is a secure server. If it’s not, then all of this security is useless. Anybody with the know how can take a desktop computer at home and set up a VPN. They could even begin selling subscriptions to people. But all that would accomplish is a secure connection to a very insecure server.