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40 SEK($6)/month

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Why Anonine should be your choice:

  • We do not keep any logs about our users.
  • We do not monitor our users traffic.
  • We do not require any personal identifiable information during purchase.
  • We provide a safe and secure service, independent of internet service provides and authorities.
  • We do not have any hidden fees.
  • We have a skilled staff with years of experience in networking, security and encryption.
  • We run a safe and stable service with very few interruptions

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Customer Reviews

41 Reviews to “Anonine”
  1. Anders says:

    Simple the best. I have 100Mbit fiber connection and can come upto 90mbit with this VPN… superb!!

  2. Lazy says:

    Very good vpn with very fast speed in europe. The reactivity is good and the speed loss is minimal, I can get 1.4MBs out of 1.5MBs without living in the same country as anonine.
    Also very good privacy since when registering there was just the need to provide a username and a password.

  3. Yellowdawgg says:

    I just signed up for this VPN and so far it has not lived up the the reviews on this site at all. You should beware of this VPN. I have 2 main reasons not to select them: Problem #1 – their tutorial is not very good (they’re based out of Sweeden so some of the language translations are a bit off with their Vista setup guide). Problem #2 – Anonine can only be reached my postal mail or by email. I’ve emailed them twice and they have yet to respond to me.
    On the bright side I’m just cutting my losses – I’m seeing it as only $6 down the drain. I’m happy I only signed up for 1 month. To be honest, it is probably best to go with a more reputable VPN company with a responsive support record.

  4. nightrage says:

    Fast and reliable Swedish VPN with port forwarding, no logs, no recurring charges, simple set-up, no speed or download limits, very basic terms of service and is cheap as dirt. Set-up requires only a user name and password. I can’t say anything bad about this VPN. Can’t comment on their support as I never had to use it.

  5. ZeB says:

    Using Anonine for a few days now, i’m just satisfied. This VPN service is cheap (around 4€ per month, and more months you buy, lesser you pay), subscription takes around 2mn with payment, and tutorials are fine (some screenshots should be added for a perfect guidance…).
    The only negative point is that Anonine only offers PPTP (40bits to 128bits encryption) connection, less secure than OpenVPN’s protocols.
    Since they upgraded their servers, speed is fine, and no disconnection encountered.

  6. Wes says:

    Absolute shit. I used it for a few days, and then suddenly I got disconnected, and couldn’t verify my login. I sent several emails for support, but have not received any response as of yet. Stay far far far away from this.

  7. mike says:

    SLOWWWWWWWWW and many disconnections………………

  8. zhaman says:


    Great Service, at least when I am concerned.

    I also get around 90% of bandwidth of my 100 MBit Internet Connection delevered by Bahnhof.se
    It still runs stable when: downloading large files, playing 3d shooters and running some other “services” at the same time.

    The support I cant tell so much about, have not have any reason yet contacting Anonine. (But since Anonine is an addon to my current Bahnhof connection, sold via Bahnhof.se, I think there will be less issues).

    Brs / Zhaman

  9. sniffer says:

    I used anonine a while back and it was great. Superb speeds and pingtimes. Then tried Ipredator for a while and came back to anonine cause it WAS better. Now I’m back at anonine and I must say the service has become way worse. Even logging in takes ages, if you get to log in at all. Since I used them last they have changed to using the cheapest and crappiest bandwidth there is – cogents. Pingtimes have become really bad and this ultimately affects download speeds as well. Specially single connections anywhere outside of north europe get really slow. Anonine used to be really good but because they have started to use cheaper bandwidth they aren’t worth paying anymore.

  10. hohy says:

    i try, and very fast (90-95% speed). Really anonyme (not need personal details). only cons the encryption mppe 128bit (pptp), can decrypt ISP or legal body . openvpn much better.

  11. Anon says:

    Great service. I’m reading a lot about how fast it is in Europe but it’s also very fast in western US. They use good encryption, ensuring safety and allow port forwarding of all the ports i’ve ever tried.

    on top of everything they are extremely affordable. VPNs like “banana VPN” cost in 1 month what anonine costs for 3..

  12. John says:

    When it works it is works well. It does cut my DL speed my 75% but that is ok as I use it mainly to watch Swedish Sports from another region (US).
    The problem is that it will stop working from time to time. Yesterday I was using it for several hours, worked very well. But today, as I get ready to watch some Swedish ice-hockey, I cannot log in. It is stuck at Verifying user and password. Been trying for an hour but no success. Disappointing. So I cannot recommend this if you are in the US.

  13. Lennart Hyland says:

    Had a lot of good experience with anonine. Very god value for money. However it is not something you can count on 100%. The latest problem I encountered is fault code 807 when trying to connect. It’s a new one but there been other issues in the past. I still recommend as long as you are aware that is does not work all the time.

  14. rhino77 says:

    Sorry to say that but this vpn sucks ….speed are slow as hell(30k/s with 5 downloads)…
    the only good thing is that disconnection are rare………..

  15. Download Expert says:

    Works easily with Windows and Android. Six months ago I was regularly getting speeds of 6-7 megabits. Now I’m lucky to see 1. Waste of money. I’m regretting renewing for three months.

  16. Ted80 says:

    Anonine is a great solutions for anonimous surfing.
    My adsl 7 megabit is used for 95% of it’s real speed, and the price is good, 4 € for month with no long subscription period.
    Anonine offers either standard VPN and OpenVPN.

    Thanks Anonine, keep this standard and i will “stay with you”… 😉

  17. ApplePie says:

    I wish I had this service closer to home! I am in Australia where the traffic routed to me would take a very long time, affecting speeds. This is unfortunate because I think Anonine is the MOST SIMPLE, secure VPN I have come across to date. The support is good, they’re friendly and are more than willing to help you out. They offer VERY competitive prices.

    Low cost, secure, no-frills and no complex crap on their webpage unlike their competitors…

    I just wish I was closer to their server… 🙁 this service is great!

  18. anon says:

    I first used the very cheap pptp service but was bothered by disconnections so for a little extra joined the OpenVPN service which is excellent. No disconnections at all connected for days with a very stable app all port forwarding allowed no restrictions. Also they keep NO LOGS and are not interested in what you use the service for. The support service is 1-2 days and the company is owned by the creator of Pirate bay thats why its so compatable with P2P iP2 Tor freenet darknet e.c.t

  19. Justin says:

    Service has been out for a week now. E-mailed them several times and have heard nothing. So far I’m a bit distressed over paying for a year and not having any support in the past week.

  20. anonymous says:

    I use their OpenVPN service on my laptop to have a secure tunnel on wireless networks. No problems at all, stable and very fast. At home I have set up a second router (3com dir-655) with PPTP( they don’t explain you how to do that, but it is as easy as setting up PPTP Server IP to an address between and PPTP is much slower than OpenVPN, but I suspect that may have something to do with my router(I do get at least 10Mbps). I get much better speed most of the time when not using the router, but I prefer the added security of being behind the routers firewall. I cannot comment on support, since I haven’t used it.

  21. justin says:

    Great VPN. Here in Ohio I am getting really good speeds ~6mb download speeds.

  22. Erik says:

    Pretty happy with it so far! However, I sent a question to support and only received a reply months later. It gets better, the reply was in Swedish rather than English.

  23. Mmm says:

    This VPN provider used to be great till the end of last month (Dec. 2011).
    I mean, from the security and privacy point of view they are great (like most of the Swedish VPNs). They have a no-logs policy and they don’t ask your for your address, phone and what-not when you register.

    So, I’ve used this service for ~5 months so far. Till the end of December 2011, all was perfect (most of the time; I still had some slowdowns here and there though): the login-in process was fast and the speed was 80-90% from what I usually get when I’m not behind the VPN.

    Unfortunately, starting with the end of December everything changed to the worse: it takes ages to log-in (more than 15-20 minutes, sometime even more) and after that the speeds are somewhere close to 20-40% from my speed without the VPN.
    I contacted the support but they keep telling me that they are working to upgrade their systems and that everything should work fine soon. But the next day, the same problems. And have been already a month since they have these problems. That’s a bit too much in my opinion.
    It’s good that they are upgrading their systems, but they should give some compensation to the users for not being able to use their service.
    (So it seems Anonine follow the problems VPNTunnel.se had.)

    I hope they will solve the problems eventually. For the moment I’ll cancel my subscription and I’ll try to get my money back for what’s left from my subscription.

  24. kalamarr says:

    I used many different vpn but I have been using anonine for six mounts and I’m really satisfied because of openvpn support with port forwarding which is allowed all ports. this is important for torrent user also you can be exit node if you use tor.

  25. hilarleo says:

    After a gloriously transparent experiences with another VPN service, I gave the much-cheaper Anonine a try. When I encountered serial issues in the multi-part, Win7 installation, I almost sensed Anonine’s customer service took it personally. Are these people French? But I’m willing to chalk my perception up to language problems, their being overworked, etc.

    Except at this point, and solely as a courtesy, I have asked Anonine to initiate a refund for services which I’ve been unable to install without disabling the rest of my system.
    Apparently Anonine CS is affronted by my incompetence.
    It seems they are no longer bothering to communicate with me.

    Oh well, I suppose my credit card company will be happy to show them how a refund is made, for a fee.

  26. Seriphen says:

    THE best VPN Available in 2012, happily purchased the year subscription, hands down the best.

  27. rich says:

    I’ve tested Anonine for over a month – I won’t be renewing: 1) On several occasions I have ‘connected’ using the VPN GUI and then found I am NOT anonymous (I use the anonine home page as my opening page as a check). I contacted their support, but I was fobbed-off with an excuse about Windows behaviour (which was quite innaccurate – I’m a Microsoft engineer) – they haven’t replied since. 2) This morning I discovered that, sometime during the night, anonine dropped the VPN connection, leaving my session NOT annonymous. It’s a shame because the concept is simple and should be rock solid.

  28. Anon says:

    Firstly, I see rich thinks it doesn’t work because the website doesn’t say so. I’ve been connected to their Swiss VPN before, it sometimes doesn’t recognise it’s IP. To REALLY check if it’s made you anonymous make a note of your current ip, if it’s changed from that.. it’s working. Sometimes the service is slow.. happened once or twice to me. Normally it’s just as fast as my connection and lets me Skype & Youtube as normal.

    You all must be new to VPN’s. You must go into program files and make openvpn.exe and openvpn-gue.exe run as admin in all cases uses properties. Also you NEED to have the 64 bit or 32 bit tap driver depending on your system.

  29. Erik Lundmark says:

    Having only had this service for a few days, and it being my 1st VPN, take this review for what it is.

    I’m super-pleased with it, the Only bad taste in my mouth is that Anonine seems a little “quiet”, I tried their support but still no reply. Other than that, it’s pretty damn good.

    Speed: Depends on the time of day, but usually about 75%-85% (I have 10/10mbit), and at the odd hours it’s fullspeed. I hardly know it’s active, it’s that good 🙂

    That is After I got it working; I’m using Ubuntu 13.04 (linux), and at first I couldn’t connect at all, until I realized the .crt file had to be in a “normal” folder, not the super-encrypted one I had it in. But after that, not a single problem connecting. The OpenVPN option costs exactly 50 SEK through Paypal, perfect price. If it stays this good, I’ll be a grad paying customer for a long while.

  30. Vinicius says:

    Hide your with server loitncoas world-wide. is a place where you can buy a subscription and start accessing Internet in any way you like. Unlock Skype, bypass internet provider restrictions. All this in complete anonymity, using a US, UK, Canada (CA), Germany (DE), Netherlands (NL), France (Fr) and other loitncoas, IP address.

  31. Donexer says:

    All I can say it’s fast and reliable. very good speed. this service provides me with a really good sense of anonymity. thank you guys for your qualified support team, keep up the good work!

  32. Monsond says:

    It’s the most secure vpn service I ever had! Their support is superb, I’m very glad, this is a very professional one. thank you guys.

  33. Cittle says:

    They provide reliable and professional online security services with a great price. Thanks to these guys I am calm as I know that my internet traffic is good encrypted and secure.

  34. Pultand says:

    I wasn’t sure about this vpn.com as this was the new one for me. But I decided to try and purchased 1 month subscription. Now I’m completely happy because the speed is great, the diversity of server locations is very wide and generally this service works without a hitch. So I’m going to purchase for a year and I’m sure it will not be a mistake.

  35. Hailencte says:

    Really high level service! After much research I decided to try out this service. All I can say that it’s fast and reliable. Customer service is excellent. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  36. Witioned says:

    Have been using this service for almost six months. Speed is great. Each protocol is working perfect. It is the most secure vpn. The connection drops very rarely. The prices are pretty low. I can tell this is the best vpn service I’ve ever tried.

  37. Stanford says:

    Anonine is not what it used to be. Have been using the OpenVPN service for years, but the last 6 months I’m getting “inactivity timeouts” several times a day. Sometimes it succeeds to reconnect by itself, but often not. Support is totally not understanding. Anonine is unusable and not safe like this, when my subscription runs out I’m off to ovpn.se

  38. VobBlamer says:

    I agree with the above user. As per today Anonine is totally unusable.

  39. Michael says:

    Ich kann nur absolut abraten von diesem Laden! Neben der Tatsache das sie offenbar ihre positiven Bewertungen im Netz teils selber schreiben, ist er grottenlangsam (sogar langsamer als so mancher Free-Provider). Sie bieten eine 30 Tage-Geld-Zurück-Testphase an und sichern dies zu, halten es aber trotz vorheriger Nachfrage nicht ein. Finger weg!!!
    I can only totally discourage this Provider! They write their positive reviews in the Web itself, totally slow (even slower than some free provider). They offers me via email a 30 day money back trial, but thats not true. They refund nothing. Hands off!!!

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