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Top reasons to use Ace SSL VPN Privacy Protector

  • 100% anonymous, secure and private. Surf the Net without leaving a trace
  • Prevent Identity theft. Protect family from Internet predators
  • Protects your privacy even on public unsecured Wi-Fi / hotpots
  • Allows access to blocked and censored websites, applications and services. Can use VOIP, Skype, instant messengers (Yahoo, MSN / Windows Live, Google Talk, etc.), social networking (MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), dating or adult sites even if blocked by your country, ISP or corporate firewall
  • Protects your computer(s) and network from hackers and thieves

Additional benefits of Ace SSL VPN Privacy Protector

  • Highly secure – Encrypts and compresses all traffic including DNS, VOIP, FTP, instant messengers, P2P, torrents, IRC. Avoid being identified on the Internet
  • Bypass your ISP’s traffic shaping. Download files from Torrents, P2P and Newsgroups faster
  • Hide your tracks from internet monitoring or web filtering apps like Websense, Barracuda, etc.
  • Better and secure than a proxy. Proxies work on the application layer and is vulnerable, easy to intercept and track.
  • We don’t retain server logs
  • Your IP is never revealed while using our services. Make your traffic appear to originate from a different country. Access country specific sites like Hulu, Pandora
  • Works on wide variety of platforms, routers and other devices. Support available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, etc.
  • Easy to use, Easy to install and configure. Works through firewall without any special configuration
  • Entire house or network protection

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Customer Reviews

53 Reviews to “Ace VPN”
  1. David says:

    I have been using Ace VPN for about 2 months and I should say its the best and fastest VPN I have used till now. Their service and support is simply great. I am recommending all my friends to Ace VPN. Keep up the good work guys.

  2. David says:

    Forgot to rate

  3. Alex says:

    I switched from one of the popular VPN providers after I got fed up with their service. I found Ace VPN on Google/myvpnreviews.com and I signed up for the monthly plan to test the service. Within 15 mins I received my welcome email and I was connected to Ace VPN network. Their support is simply great. I had few questions while configuring the vpn on my linksys router and Ace VPN support guided me through the setup very patiently and answered each and every silly questions I asked. The web pages load fast. I will be upgrading my vpn plan to yearly to save some more money. Thanks Ace VPN!

  4. Katherine Steinmeiz says:

    Another happy acevpn.com user

  5. Dona says:

    Price its reasonable to get a yearly account, however… I quote from their site

    “Each account comes with 50GB bandwidth per month which is sufficient to download 29 movies from Amazon.com or Netflix.com or 25000 MP3 songs from iTunes. An average home user uses less than 10GB bandwidth per month. If you happen to require more bandwidth any month you buy an additional account for $5 for that month.”

    So it has 50GB monthly limit! Average home user using less than 10GB what a laughter, average home user would not subscribe to VPN either. For a service that advertise to allow P2P,Torrents,Newsgroup & etc the 50 gig download limit is clearly not enough for most broadband users who actually use P2P.

    I tested both ACEVPN & Witopia for the price Witopia does not have download limit! But currently Witopia has some torrent sites blocked due to copyright complains.

    Speed is ok I can reach roughly 70% of my DSL speed. At moment I won’t renew my subscription to AceVPN due to download limit. I might give it another go in future if they no longer have download limit or at least higher limit than 50GB.

  6. Gregory Stewart says:

    I signed up for an account with acevpn after reading all the reviews here and on google and I should agree they are one of the best vpn available today. Their support is fantastic and speed is great.

    @Dona – They advertise themselves as privacy provider. They do allow torrents. I quote from http://www.acevpn.com/2009/04/protect-privacy-on-p2p-and-torrents.html

    “We are a privacy provider and not P2P seeding service or seed boxes …. If there is too much abuse we might just discontinue the torrents on our network ….”

    imo acevpn is way better than witopia. I have used both of them. 5 stars to acevpn.

  7. Dona says:

    Gregory Stewart, the front home page advertised as allowing BT, Newsgroup etc… You don’t advertise that as a pro then claim in another page regarding might discontinue torrents and etc… along with restrictive 50 GB limit. There are people who join VPN due to their ISP Blocking P2P.

    I stated the speed is ok not bad, but to me the problem is 50GB limit, if the limit were higher it might be better. To me broadband is about streaming, listening to online music and downloading various things. I honestly think that 50GB isn’t enough.

    I used both Ace VPN & Witopia before to me speed is roughly the same. Both service is good. If P2P is ignored then Witopia is ahead of ACE VPN due to solely on no download limit. Just my 2 cents.

  8. Jimmy says:

    5 stars to acevpn! highly recommended!

  9. Phil says:

    I had used FindNot for about 5 years. It was generally quite reliable, except that the servers often just too slow. You just didn’t know day to day which server to use. That had some 2 dozen of them. Then they went AWOL! I lost 6 months of remaining premium.
    I checked out all the companies listed on this site, and finally decided to take plunge with ACEVPN. It’s been 6 weeks now, I must say I wish I had found them earlier. Firstly I don’t see any slowing down at all when I connect through their server. They have three. I had 4 occasion to email them to ask questions (not problems) and they answered with 5 minutes!!! and longest waiting was 8 hrs. The best part is it cost only about $5/mo, paid monthly. I can’t see how you can beat this.I am very happy so far.

  10. Cai Hu says:

    I use acevpn service from China and I am extremely happy with the speed and their service. The only issue is acevpn.com website is blocked in china and to order the service you will have to use a proxy. They now support iPhone which is great. They dont mention it on their website but if you email them they will give you access to it.

  11. Sylvia says:

    Acevpn is awesome. I get about 9mbps from their US servers and I love their quick support. If you have iPhone you can use acevpn on it with the same account. Cant beat the $5 price. Instruction for iPhone setup is here http://www.acevpn.com/2009/04/ace-vpn-on-iphone-ipod-touch.html

    5 stars. They deserve it.

  12. Arnold says:

    I am impressed by acevpn. They are terrific!!! The vpn works just as advertised on my Mac and iPhone.

  13. Hamid Naser says:

    I am impressed by the vpn speed and service of ace vpn. They are simply superb. I haven’t had even single down time with acevpn. The connection is very stable and they keep adding new servers.
    With the choice of servers in USA, UK and France you simply cannot go wrong and can’t beat the $5 price.

  14. Joni says:

    Works fantastic on my iPhone. Well worth $5. Highly recommended.

  15. Lozz says:

    I don’t know much on AceVPN as I send few email to then but very sad never got reply. In business we need good customer support from admin for better improvement from their feedback with good comment or bad comment, is that right.

    I’m webmaster more then 10 years received feedback and email from visitors and reply to them with 24 hour on any good or bad comments. What you feel if you got reply from somebody on your feedback or email? sure I’m happy with their care’s on customs service.

    Tried some VPN service and found HideIP VPN is the best customer support with good fantastic VPN service for UK and US.

    Those day VPN service not last long, some within 2 or 3 months closed down their service, have been cheated from those service before.

    Beware on buying service from Internet as they can close down any time from a company which need easy money and never care other.

    Very poor support from AceVPN and I’ll never buy any product from bad poor support service even how cheap their product is.


  16. Joe says:

    lozz i dont know where u got the perception that acevpn has bad customer service. i think their customer service is okay but the speed is kinda slow…

  17. Lozz says:

    @Joe He never reply to few of email send to them, to be good business person all communication is important, thanks Joe for reply on my comment.

  18. Ace VPN says:

    @Lozz I am the marketing manager at Ace VPN. I looked up all communication in the past 1 month and about 98% of the emails from premium customers were replied with in 15 mins and only a very few took up to 6 hours.

    I do see an email from Lozzoro or Lozz which was a request for free vpn. If you didn’t notice we have mentioned on acevpn.com website that we have temporarily suspended free vpn invitations until we add more capacity. If you are a premium customer please accept my apologizes and let me know your username or email id. I will make sure it gets replied. Sometimes email goes into the spam folder. So make sure you check in there as well.

    @Joe The speed depends on lot of factors. Please contact support (at) acevpn dot com to discuss. It could be routing issue. We have users who get about 10mbps and there are few who get about 1mbps from the same server.

    Thanks to all who have left their reviews.

  19. Jacqueline says:

    Great vpn service. Just love it. Good download speed and the customer support is very friendly.

  20. Tex says:

    50GB limit is a bit limited, they should consider upping the limit for that package. Speed wise is so-so.

    I recently noticed their site advertised a new unlimited package just aim towards p2p coming soon.

  21. Leo G says:

    I wonder how much more expensive the new package will be. Current package is very affordable but I agree the tiny snag is the 50 gigs monthly download limit.

  22. Tyler says:

    Ace VPN is awesome. The speed is better than most vpn providers and the support is responsive. Very reasonable pricing. I highly recommend them.

  23. Rico says:

    I do a lot of traveling both within the States and at times in Europe, I currently subscribed to both ACEVPN & Witopia, frankly both have reasonable speed & able to keep up with some more expensive VPN service which I tried in past.

    Witopia has more servers located different parts of the world including Asia. I have last month use around 100GB without them making any fuss regarding it while ACEVPN’s current package has 50GB monthly limit. Don’t get me wrong pricewise both is worthwhile to get but for me ACEVPN is my backup to Witopia.

    I would love to see the unlimited bandwidth plan they are coming out soon to be reasonably priced. If its too expensive I would not get it. I agree with previous posters 50GB limit is certainly a downside of ACEVPN.

  24. Colin says:

    I’ve been testing a few VPN providers over the past few days,
    I signed up for ACE VPN premium service, the free service is not available at the time of writing this review.

    The sign up process went with out any problems.

    I had a question after the sign up process, Customer support responded within 15 minutes.

    I using the Open VPN connection.

    Set up of the Open VPN was with out issues.

    In my testing I didn’t experience any downtime,or lost connections.

    Performance is above average, I had no issues connecting to the USA VPN from Europe.

    The option to select “faster premium ” this sets the server closest to you.

    They have plans to upgrade from the current 50GB limit.

    Good value VPN service , recommended

  25. Codeklopper says:

    Just tried one month of service. What i really didn’t like is that i used connections through seedplace (seedplace.org.uk). Stopped using the service after one hour.

  26. Sarah says:

    program didn’t download from the site – i had them send me another address, which worked. then to actually make the program function, they have the consumer follow about 20 ridiculous steps – which did not work! if you don’t have time for this, send your money elsewhere.

  27. Metodios says:

    Why don’t you tell the truth to the people?I got a free account last year and it’s not working for at least six months…so you can’t say you don’t offer free accounts because your servers are overloaded because it’s not true,since even the existing free users who already have an account can’t use it.Even the free proxy doesn’t work anymore…so,what are we talking about?In the meanwhile,you keep adding new servers for the premium users.I don’t blame you and I can’t tell you what to do with your service,all I want is to be honest and say the truth,not this messing around with the free account.There are other services who suspended their free sevices for a limited time,but they reopened it,or they said they cancelled it if they could not afford to keep it anymore.And they kept the existing free accounts running,even if they closed the free registration.I would appreciate it(and not only me I guess)if you just said you closed it down due to financial reasons and not keep this confusion.This is all I wanted to say.

  28. Jakov says:

    Free accounts are dead man, get over it, go premium, its just $5.

    I’m premium and everything goes smooth, no issues at all!

  29. Metodios says:

    Oh yeah?Don’t you want to say this to Ace VPN…because they claim that the free accounts still exists,look on their site…what didn’t you get from my request?I’m only asking the truth.

    P.S. Anyway,I gave up expecting anything from them…even an explanation.

  30. Rick says:

    I do a lot of traveling both within the States and at times in Europe, I currently subscribed to both ACEVPN & Witopia, frankly both have reasonable speed & able to keep up with some more expensive VPN service which I tried in past.

    Witopia has more servers located different parts of the world including Asia. I have last month use around 100GB without them making any fuss regarding it while ACEVPN’s current package has 50GB monthly limit. Don’t get me wrong pricewise both is worthwhile to get but for me ACEVPN is my backup to Witopia.

    I would love to see the unlimited bandwidth plan they are coming out soon to be reasonably priced. If its too expensive I would not get it. I agree with previous posters 50GB limit is certainly a downside of ACEVPN.

  31. rick from 'oz says:

    oops forgot to rate
    I am very impressed with acevpn for just $5 !! i get UK & USA covered , also the 50gb is reasonable ,as we are on download limits in this 3rd world broadband country [Australia]
    payment was easy to do –although the set up was a little different from the page shown , as i’m using XP
    all in all im very happy

  32. kiran says:

    ace vpn…!!!simply awesome!!!\m/

  33. mike says:

    I shopped around and tested various VPN services before settling on ACEVPN.
    A minuscule loss in download speed. Hardly noticeable. I had one connection question which as promptly answered by support. Connection is quick, I can log in and out of 8-10 servers in under a minute. One can’t go wrong by choosing ACEVPN.

  34. Severo says:

    Awesome service. I have been using vpn service for many years including few flashy providers but nothing comes close to acevpn. Acevpn is highly recommended

  35. Craig says:

    Used ACE VPN for about a year. Used to be a good value for $5/mo but they have gone downhill. Their new registration/renewal process asks for all kinds of personal info and is very confusing and difficult to navigate. They also started filtering DNSes. They want to keep your credit card info on file and won’t let you pay with Paypal anymore. Not recommended.

  36. Fred says:

    Excellent VPN provider I find it easy to use good speed and always up what more can you ask for

  37. Louie says:

    I looked around various VPN Providers and it came down to AceVPN. I have notice a slight slowdown in speed while on or off the VPN. Logging in the different server were a snap and did not get any disconnects so far. Did not need support, so I cant rate on that just yet. I have been with them for a week, so i will follow-up again after my month is done. Oh, they do accept paypal unlike what the other poster said.

    Rating system appears to be broken so i will just write it here.

    Overall 5 / Comp 5 / Speed 5 / Support Not rated

  38. Elizabeth says:

    awesome provider! the best $5 i have spent. highly recommended. you cant go wrong with acevpn.

  39. Anna says:

    I wish I knew about Ace VPN early. These guys are fantastic. I was up and running in 30 mins after order and the speed is superb. I switched from a flashy provider who offers 4000+ IP’s to Acevpn and never been happier. I almost forgot what a broadband is with my old vpn provider as my speed varied from 400kb to 1mb and they say its normal for my 10mb line! 5 stars to acevpn.

  40. Tao Tu says:

    Works great from Shanghai. My 5 stars to Ace.

  41. Matt says:

    After using many different VPN’s, I must say that Ace VPN is the best. It is reliable, fast, and provides fantastic customer support. I definitely recommend that you use Ace VPN.

  42. Augustus B says:

    Definitely one of the best VPN services out there. I rate it 5 stars based on my personal experience for over a month.

    Connection has been very steady. They offer different protocols at the same price which is great. They have two levels of subscription service. You can subscribe to the ultimate or premium according to your needs. Premium is for basic users comes with a 50GB monthly limit which worked out fine for me. But they do offer a unlimited option for heavy users (torrent users)

    Customer support is top notch. The longest I ve had to wait for a response is a whopping 20 mins!!!! Speeds and connectivity have been very good for me..but I m in the east coast of US so I guess that helps.

    Other than that…all in all 5 star definitely a recommendation. (BTW. They have a pretty good deal with longer-term subscriptions)

  43. Jason says:

    One of the best VPN provider out there. Can’t go wrong with Ace VPN. Works great from China and Oman.

  44. Guillaume says:

    The question is, does it still work from China? I haven’t been able to log onto their website to buy their service for 3 weeks; would they have finally fallen behind the Great Wall of China, too?

  45. Jimmy says:

    I have been with Ace VPN for over a year and I should say they are one of the best VPN providers. I travel a lot and reliable VPN service is very critical for me. I have tried few flashy providers but none of them came close to what Ace VPN offers. Absolutely the best VPN provider. Customer service replies to emails within few minutes. Happy to recommend Ace VPN.

  46. Joe King says:

    I just signed up for the service and cannot seem to get it to work. Also I cannot find any email link to contact customer service. This or similar messages are received each time I attempt to use the service; “Connecting to acevpn-oremium-tcp-compatable has failed”. I noticed that acevpn has previously monitored this sight. Perhaps I can received a response from them here.

  47. James dean says:

    *how can you trust the accuracy and honesty of these reviews when ACE offers clients the carrot of a free account if they write favorable reviews of their services!

    Yes, I’m shopping around and find it quite frustrating when the whole appraisal thing is corrupted by the company acting as unscrupulously as the companies / hackers / data collectors etc that we to avoid in the first place!

    Give us all a break!

  48. Wayne says:

    Speed: Between Average-Good
    Connection: Stable most of time
    Price: Expensive

    I nothing to complain about the service, its stable and reasonable speed. My only gripe with them is their price of unlimited VPN. Its very expensive! I used other services in past which claims to be unlimited, some do complain after 100gb usage while some others don’t. Those that didn’t complain about me using over 100-200gb usage monthly, charge at least 50%-70% less than ACEVPN Ultimate plan.

    Other than that I do recommend them if you have cash to spent.

  49. Adam says:

    Awesome service. Servers are way faster than other vpn providers I have used in the past.

  50. Pete says:

    I’ve been using Ace VPN for a year and a half. I’ve tried both premium and ultimate.

    I stuck with premium. Don’t use 50GB but the support guys seem to be very friendly. Have had totally unrelated chats to them. The only thing they lack is their names, It’s nice just to know someone’s name. Otherwise it feels impersonal.

    BUT the service works fine. I would like to see software like Astrill do because sometimes openvpn plays up. BUT when it connets all is good.

  51. Theodar says:

    I was using the ace-vpn and it is quite fast and good service.

  52. Edward says:

    Just back from Beijing. Ace VPN worked flawlessly over there. Very happy with the service. Korea server is fast. Please consider adding a server in Hong Kong.

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