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  • Supported platforms:
    • Apple Mac OS/X
    • Apple iPhone / iPod Touch
    • GNU/Linux
    • Microsoft Windows
    • ..and many more!
  • Supported VPN protocols:
    • OpenVPN (recommended)
    • PPTP (widely supported)
    • L2TP (widely supported)
  • Strong encryption:
    • 128-bit encryption on all protocols
    • 256-bit encryption option on OpenVPN
    • Up to 4096-bit keys

Best service:

* Internal 12vpn DNS servers
* Self-service website. No waiting for credit approval or account set-up
* Optimized configurations for selected regions
* FREE registration
* FREE trial
* Hassle-free cancellation at any moment
* Community Wiki to find and share relevant information

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Customer Reviews

8 Reviews to “12vpn”
  1. Jenny says:

    12vpn is pretty fast and stable, also can watch hulu, iPlayer, it is great!

  2. S. Veerman says:

    Easy install, great service and fast connection!

  3. Rex says:

    Can any current customer can tell me about their privacy stand? Do they keep logs / ip and etc? Reason I ask is I read somewhere their members area seems to keep stats and etc info of your usage which sounds like they keep track of you.

    Since I not a customer so I won’t be voting.

  4. Walkeer says:

    Superb speed, enough servers, good web interface. Perfect service 🙂

  5. Wang says:

    I noticed in your faq (Below) you kept activity logs, how long? Indefinitely? Or a week like some other vpn providers. What about connection ip logs? It is good to clearly state what info you kept from customers.

    Do you keep logs?

    During normal operation we keep very limited logs:

    * time of login
    * time of logout
    * total MB used during that session

    We need this data for billing and planning purposes.

  6. A.C. says:

    I recently made the decision to get a VPN service, and my final choice came down to 4 well-known VPN services, one of which was 12VPN. To make my final decision, I sent emails and/or chatted online with representatives of the 4 services.

    For the first one, they didn’t know what they were talking about and almost talked me into buying a service I couldn’t use (I had to do the research on my own to find this out), the other was nice enough, but still seemed to be interested in making as much money off of me as possible. The third never responded.

    Then there was 12VPN. I told them my situation, and they seemed genuinely interested in helping me get the best value for my money. They could have easily gotten more money from me if they wanted, but they instead gave me instructions on how to make the service CHEAPER. They know what they are talking about, they had a ready answer for every single one of my questions, their emails were prompt (as in less than 30 minutes response time) and informative, and the service works like a charm: it is fast, reliable, and I never get disconnected. Plus, if you sign up for a year, you get a free Viscosity license ($10 value) and a 100GB transfer limit each month (I don’t know about you, but I’ll never come CLOSE to that) I researched for a week before I realized 12VPN was the best. Take it from someone who has been there, this is the VPN service you want.

    Thanks, 12VPN!!

  7. TigerTrader says:

    OK speed but spotty server coverage with frequent disconnects. They do appear to log and monitor you acitivity and customer service has become non-existant. No reply to emails. I would say a very strong case for AVOID!

  8. jeff says:

    I’ve been with 12VPN since 2009 and they’ve never let me down. E-mails to support get replied within a few hours in my experience.

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